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i-pro smarthd vertical market catalog series no.1 “i-pro smarthd solutions” smart investment with more than just video surveillance… better identification with more evidence smart investments lower your tco more than just video surveillance distinctive and versatile industry product solutions trademarks and registered trademarks – hdmi the hdmi logo and high-definition multimedia interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of hdmi licensing llc – super dynamic i-pro and i-pro smarthd logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of panasonic corporation – ipad iphone and ipod touch are registered trademarks of apple inc – android is a trademark of google inc – all other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners – onvif and the onvif logo are trademarks of onvif inc important – safety precaution carefully read the important information installation guide and operating

panasonic security sys tems support safe urban development for your town are you thinking about installing a security system to protect your precious town and its citizens from illegal acts such as theft and vandalism or do you have problems with your current security system panasonic offers a wide range of security systems that include high performance high definition and high quality video technology using its many years of experience panasonic has created a line-up of security systems that meet customer needs for safe urban development installing a new security system solutions goals maintaining security investigative cooperation preventing crime vandalism identifying criminals when a crime occurs providing data preventing accidents panasonic security systems offer a wide range of products with various functions to meet diverse customer needs we provide optimal products for various purposes and applications to help create safe urban environments high quality no blind spots the

view images clearly without blind spots with panasonic video technology high image quality monitoring without blind spots providing smooth images with high image qualit y exceeding 4k omni directional cameras for 360 degree monitoring without blind spots full hd 1080p panasonic network cameras use the newly developed lsi platform and highly sensitive mos sensors to provide video with high image quality and smooth and natural color tones clear and easy to view images of the location you want to monitor can be provided in various locations both indoors and outdoors the maximum resolution is 4,000 x 3,000 pixels wv-sfv781l wv-spv781l a frame rate of 60 fps at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels can be captured to support locations where fast cars and trains pass by jpeg h.264 multiple streaming transmission is also supported hd 720p an omni directional camera offers monitoring of a 360 degree area below the camera with just a single unit this enables the area below the camera to be completely

panasonic security systems can be inst alled in the locations you need to view support for various installation environments support for various installation environments even when installed in locations subject to direct rain the field of vision is secured with measures against water leakage and humidity waterproof and dustproof day night function dehumidifier waterproofing and dustproofing function compliant with ip66 can be installed outside in an area that receives direct wind and rain without special housing compliant with ip66 iec60529 cameras can also be installed in locations that are normally completely dark the day/night function automatically switches the camera from color to b/w and vice versa depending on the illumination which is ideal for 24hour surveillance with moving ir cut filter and abf auto back focus both high sensitivity and accurate focus are ensured the camera is equipped with a dehumidifier that keeps the internal moisture level low preventing condensation

cameras move automatically and intell igently and can be centrally managed intelligent functions monitoring environment cameras inform you of changes without constant monitoring monitor from various devices and various locations video motion detection management sof t ware cameras c ameras detect dete t ctt the th movement movementt off objects obj bjectts andd people peoplle in in the the captured th capttured d range range andd pperform erform f va various rious i acti actions tions such as displaying warnings and sending notification via e-mail even if you do not keep a constant eye on the camera image the camera notifies you of changes places that do not normally have people moving around such as areas that are off limits can be specified as the target for detection set the locations where you want to detect movements on the administrator configuration screen in advance detection area configuration screen intelligent vmd software for performing batch management can also be

city surveillance enabled by panasonic security systems example usage night • graffiti rain and snow • illegal dumping making images clear when rain directly hits the camera • illegal entry fence jumping etc • rain-wash coating • camera vandalism • ip66 water and dust resistant • installation near mercury lamps • ir-led illumination 0 lux support • fog compensation • visibility enhancement • car headlights hlc day • super dynamic areas with a difference in illumination • intelligent functions cars reversing in one-way streets loitering and entering prohibited areas 10

panasonic security systems in use around the world case study papudo municipalit y chile panasonic security product lineup for ensuring safety lineup ptz network cameras dome network cameras wv-sw598 wv-sw397a wv-sfv781l ● background b k d wv-sfv631l the municipality was considering adopting a security system to maintain security and safety in remote locations such as beaches and residential areas ● system adoption method a security system including cameras was connected to a separately installed optical fiber network costs for wiring etc were not incurred because the system could be directly connected to the existing network box type fixed network camera wv-spv781l ● effects the status of remote locations can now be immediately checked from a monitoring room since images are recorded the situation can be checked later on if a problem occurs long term recording is possible because the capacity of recording devices can be increased centralized control is made possible

one-stop system construction including cameras recorders and integrated management software lineup lineup network video recorders wv-asr500 series i-pro management software open platform and high performance server based recording and video management platform wv-asm200 series i-pro management software for multi-recorder multi-site systems • integrated control of multi-recorder multi-site systems • ideal solution for a wide range of applications to maximize the advantage of an i-pro smarthd network surveillance system • open platform support for network cameras from panasonic and 51 other manufacturers • up to 64 network cameras can be connected and recorded • up to 16 clients can monitor images and control the wv-asr500 simultaneously depending on the system structure and environment extension software wj-nd400 wv-ase201 supports multi-monitor displays ethernet system controller wv-cu950 wv-ase202 max 64 split-screen display wv-ase203 expands the number