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i-pro smarthd vertical market catalog series no.4 “i-pro smarthd solutions” smart investment with more than just video surveillance… better identification with more evidence smart investments lower your tco more than just video surveillance i-pro smarthd solutions for distinctive and versatile industry product solutions trademarks and registered trademarks – super dynamic i-pro and i-pro smarthd logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of panasonic corporation – android is a trademark of google inc – all other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners – onvif and the onvif logo are trademarks of onvif inc important – safety precaution carefully read the important information installation guide and operating instructions before using this product – panasonic cannot be responsible for the performance of the network and/or other manufacturers products used on the network – the

what are the current problems »loss of goods goods not where they should be goods-related »damage to goods stacked goods collapsing falling colliding with forklifts etc »goods placed in prohibited areas such as passages or emergency exits accidents and problems »collisions between forklifts and other forklifts people or goods solutions panasonic systems solve all of these problems and provide you with solutions to suit your needs »damage to equipment »problems and stops in logistics sorting line ❱ high resolution data to perform detailed checks for detecting problems system management »management of each distribution site is handled separately and not centralized »high-resolution data is stored enlarging data size and shortening data retention period »takes time to find video of problems that occurred ❱ monitor without blind spots and record problems that occur ❱ manage people entering and exiting warehouse by video in addition to entry and

warehouse strong low light performance in color day night automatic mode switching even in dark locations color images with low noise can be reproduced to clearly view the movement of people this is effective for not only parts of the warehouse that are constantly dim but also normal locations after the lights are turned off in locations where it is bright during the day but dark at night the camera can automatically determine the brightness of the area and record video under the optimum conditions during nighttime hours the camera automatically switches to black-and-white video for providing footage with high visibility 360-degree monitoring without blind spots normal shooting the 360-degree network camera can capture images in all directions available modes include fisheye double panorama panorama quad ptz and 4-stream and the camera can output video images based on the selected video mode for reduced loads on the viewing system fisheye mode double panorama mode day night on 3 4 0

outside rain wash coating fog and smoke reduction water droplets from rain can adhere to the dome cover of the camera and hinder the shooting of clear images in our rain-wash coated models a special coating is applied so that water droplets are repelled allowing clear images to be recorded even during rainfall this coating is also effective at repelling dirt so that cleaning of the dome cover is required less frequently high resolution/wide range 4k camera video can be corrected to provide clearer images by removing elements that obstruct the camera s field of vision such as fog or sandstorms fog wv-sfv781l wv-spv781l wv-sw598a a single 4k camera can capture video of a wide area such as a parking lot a part of the image can be zoomed in as necessary to check an area in detail a 4k camera has 27 times the resolution of an analog vga camera 9 times that of an hd 1,280 x 720 camera and 4 times that of a full hd 1,920 x 1,080 camera coated areas are resistant to water droplets coated

intelligent function intelligent video motion detection i-vmd 1 the camera itself features intelligent functionality for notifying the administrator about changes to situations or dangers using a variety of methods this eliminates the need to constantly watch the screen in the control room for reducing the tco heat-map1 privacy protection for the employees the mor moving object removal 1 function masks moving objects and lets you black out areas that you definitely want to conceal in contrast you can remove the mor function for areas you want to monitor with high precision in addition you can protect privacy in scenes that you want to monitor allowing the monitored area to be captured while protecting the privacy of employees this provides visualization of the traffic patterns by people and how long they stay in one place for example you can analyze the movements of employees and forklifts and consider repositioning objects and passages to make it easier to perform work intruder

usage examples warehouse entrance/exit closely monitor people entering/exiting entrances/exits wv-spn311a closely monitor vehicles and people entering/exiting wv-spw631l central monitoring room office monitor various areas inside the warehouse and those at other sites goods sorting line management software recorder closely monitor the status of the goods sorting line wv-spn631 goods loading area monitor the loading status of goods wv-spn531a goods sorting line monitor the goods sorting line in all directions from the ceiling wv-sfn480 parking lot monitor the status of the parking lot wv-sfv781l site-a te-a site si te-b b site-c c area surrounding warehouse monitor the area surrounding the warehouse to detect and follow intruders wv-sw598a 10

lineup for gates/passages that trucks/people enter and exit full hd resolution camera for outdoor installation with ir led super dynamic full hd network camera network cameras wv-spw631l for warehouse ceilings omnidirectional 9 megapixel camera captures a detailed wide range without blind spots 360-degree indoor dome 9 megapixel network camera wv-sfn480 for parking lots wv-sfv481 high-quality 4k camera covers a wide range wv-sfv481 wv-sfv481 4k fixed dome network camera 4k vandal resistant weatherproof network camera wv-sfv781l wv-spv781l for warehouse entrances/exits clearly captures the faces and clothing of people entering and exiting super dynamic hd network camera wv-spn311a for monitoring outer periphery lens optional full hd ptz camera can be installed outdoors such as at the outer periphery of a site and 30x zoom enables shooting in detail from a distance for checking the status of sorting lines super dynamic weather resistant full hd ptz dome network cam mer a clearly

lineup case study network disk recorder recorder that can be expanded to 6tb from simple configurations high performance network disk recorder for i-pro network cameras with 9 serial ata hdd slots network disk recorder network disk recorder wj-nv300 wj-nd400 tosu center kyusyu branch nittsu panasonic logistics co ltd delivery of whole warehouse facility deliver whole warehouse facility including i-pro entry/exit management system hand-held terminals wireless access points speakers and everything system outline/features coaxial-lan converter receiver side unit receiver side unit delivered whole warehouse facility including i-pro entry/exit management system hand-held terminals wireless access points speakers and everything to tosu center of kyusyu branch nittsu panasonic logistics co ltd while kyusyu branch of nittsu panasonic logistics co ltd is being operated as the center of delivery and storage management of panasonic products in whole kyusyu area tosu center is established in