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i-pro smarthd vertical market catalog series no.3 “i-pro smarthd solutions” smart investment with more than just video surveillance… better identification with more evidence smart investments lower your tco more than just video surveillance i-pro smarthd solutions for distinctive and versatile industry product solutions trademarks and registered trademarks – hdmi the hdmi logo and high-definition multimedia interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of hdmi licensing llc – super dynamic i-pro and i-pro smarthd logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of panasonic corporation – android is a trademark of google inc – all other trademarks identified herein are the property of their respective owners – onvif and the onvif logo are trademarks of onvif inc important – safety precaution carefully read the important information installation guide and operating instructions before using this product –

what are the current problems loss prevention solutions shoplifting unauthorized operation of self-checkout burglary pranks and tampering of products damage to or destruction of store equipment customer complaints such as trouble with change panasonic systems solve all of these problems and provide you with solutions to suit your needs work attitude of employees ignoring work rules slacking off parking lot trouble car contact theft intrusion by suspicious individuals graffiti during night hours and on outer walls etc » shoplifting damages by monitoring without »reduce blind spots » recognition matching and searching to detect »face repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals store management multiple stores are not centrally managed variation in employee quality and service across stores time and costs incurred in patrolling multiple stores sales opportunities lost due to lack of understanding regarding customer segments and trends existing analog equipment poor

entrance sales floor information such as faces clothing and entry times of customers needs to be accurately identified at the store entrance when damage such as shoplifting is confirmed at a later time a variety of information related to the criminal can be obtained from the video captured at the entrance the face information of customers can also be used to immediately detect the entry of repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals to prevent damage in advance by enhancing the store security system sales floors require a wide range of monitoring without blind spots shoplifting needs to be able to be viewed from any position of the sales floor and have video evidence recorded tampering of products also needs to be immediately discovered to ensure the safety of products and customers products missing from shelves can also be checked from camera video to enable products to be accurately restocked to prevent lost sales providing smooth images with a high image quality 360-degree monitoring

cashier backyard problems may occur at cash registers because employees and customers exchange cash and credit cards by recording clear video and audio evidence of these interactions the cause of problems can be identified to implement countermeasures unauthorized use of cash registers can also be captured with certainty and checked via the recorded video installing cameras also deters crime in backyard locations people other than store personnel such as distributors move in and out of the store outside business hours it is necessary to accurately monitor the movements of people and objects the camera can automatically adjust its brightness with flexibility whether the lights are on or off to provide the optimal image for the current conditions able to identify even types of banknotes strong low light performance in color i-pro smarthd series network cameras can capture high resolution images a camera installed above a cash register enables not only the interaction between employees

parking lots rain wash coating coated areas are resistant to water droplets water droplets from rain can adhere to the dome cover of the camera and hinder the shooting of clear images in our rain-wash coated models a special coating is applied so that water droplets are repelled allowing clear images to be recorded even during rainfall this coating is also effective at repelling dirt so that cleaning of the dome cover is required less frequently many stores have an adjacent parking lot and it is necessary to obtain information relating to trouble that occurs in it situations such as car crashes pedestrian accidents and non-customer cars parking for extended periods of time can be checked at any time via the captured video suspicious persons can be detected before they enter the store when they are in the parking lot or in the vicinity to send notifications and the parking lot video can be checked to obtain information on the car of a shoplifter vehicle type model color number plate

example store installation in out entrance 1 cashier 1 cashier 2 cashier 3 cashier 4 wv-spv781l hd network camera for face recognition system entrance 2 wv-spn311 full hd network camera full hd network camera wv-spn531 wv-spn531 weatherproof 4k network camera wv-spn311 hd network camera for face recognition system 360-degree network camera network microphone parking lot wv-sf438+wv-smr10 wv-sw598 9 mega pixel 360-degree network camera wv-sfn480 hd network camera ptz network camera wv-spn531 expensive liquor corner wv-spw631lt weatherproof network camera wv-sf138 wv-sfr611 wv-sf138 backyard 10

lineup software panasonic can provide a one-stop solution that includes management software in addition to cameras and recorders face recognition system running in the video surveillance system face recognition system network cameras wv-asf900 • add-on face matching function add the face matching function by simply adding the necessary devices and the software • can be connected up to 20 cameras on a server for entrances/exits capture customers faces and clothing in detail with hd resolution super dynamic hd network camera wv-spn311 lens optional face search face matching • face images that camera detected are stored and it can be searched later • by searching the face db you can display the result of each cameras in chronological order and find movement locus of persons • specify camera or date in detected face images and display the result in the list in similarity order for sales floor ceilings capture 360-degree video at 4k level resolution

system example case study example of simple configuration network cable cat5e or cat6 cable sub monitor sales floor project outline and solution needed for customer multi screen store entrance box camera x 4 wv-spn311 x 4 install ip cameras in store and monitor at the store and control room at the tricot hq the purpose of the system is for security and marketing such as product arrangement and price and whether the store follows instructions or not counts the number of visitors detects the age and gender of visitors using a face recognition system wv-asf900 and makes use of the results for marketing strategy the first stage project is for 20 locations in santiago 4 port sales floor ceiling camera x13 microphone x 1 wv-sfn480 x 1 wv-sf438 x 2 wv-smr10 x 1 wv-sc588 x 1 wv-spn611 x 3 wv-sfn311 x 6 backyard camera x 6 system-diagram control room 14 port tricot clothing retail store chile hdmi tricot store-a tricot hq wv-asm200 in tricot monitoring room main monitor main display hdmi