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dp’s experience on varicam “m y initial interest in the varicam 35 was the claim of 5000 asa equivalent being a usable proposition with the aid of a few friends i was able to do comparison tests with the potential alternatives these tests verified the claim of a totally usable result that was able to be intercut with the 800 asa standard these tests also produced another advantage of the varicam it was obvious to all of us doing these tests that the varicam sustained better color rendition in the lowlight conditions also when viewing the more normal 800 result i assessed the varicam appeared to have a wider and more acceptable color response i believe using this camera enabled me to achieve a very professional result enhanced by the cameras true 14 stop latitude it’s amazing color response and of course the 2.6 stops of speed amazingly enhanced by shooting in 4k raw i have done some test timing and i am exhilarated with what is available .” don mcalpine acs

natural organic filmic look cinematic varicam look “i super 35mm native 4k sensor natural color pallet the super 35mm sensor is developed especially for the color separation filter is well optimized to get cinematic cinematic varicam look all models of cinema varicam varicam look it offers natural color accurate color linearity series are equipped with the same sensor new color space v-gamut encompasses the entire bt 2020 this sensor won the hollywood post alliance color space engineering excellence award 2015 14 stops of wide latitude v-log with v-gamut has enough latitude and color space the dynamic range is 14 stops on v-log this wide for hdr hdr and bt.2020 grading output is dynamic range assures accurate image rendering particularly available for post production from the critical shadow to highlight areas transition into highlights is remarkable 6 hdr and bt.2020 compatible v-log/v-gamut reference manual https

simple color management in-camera color grading v-log recording contents .mxf varicam wired lan wireless lan graded sdi-out .cdl .vlt grading control onset grading preview in-camera color grading in-camera color grading function enables color decision on set with 3rd party application grading information such as 3d lut files and cdl files can be recorded together with the master clip allowing you to provide the same vision you created on set to the post-production this process does not require an external box in addition the applied cdl/lut will be recorded in the recording media for each clip with same name as master clip this easy to manage in the post-production 8 master clip v-log a005c031_170422_i40b.mxf a005c032_170422_i40b.mxf … cdl a005c031_170422_i40b.cdl a005c032_170422_i40b.cdl … 3dlut a005c031_170422_i40b.vlt a005c032_170422_i40b.vlt … simple data management 4k master and hd graded simultaneous recording in addition to main recorder up to 4k you can have

your choice multi codec 4k recording 4k/uhd/2k/hd 4k/uhd/2k/hd 4k/uhd/2k/hd 2k/hd performance of prores flexibility of raw high picture quality manageable file size industry standard codec uncompressed raw best quality best capability uncompressed raw prores raw avc-ultra prores varicam has uncompressed raw option for apple prores raw is a powerful new tool for avc-intra 4k is h.264 base codec and apple prores is industry standard codec best quality best capability in post recording and creating stunning images that 4k-compatible version of the avc-intra and works well with your current workflow v-raw for varicam pure preserves quality while maintaining avc-intra 4k offers high picture quality and prores 4444xq/4444/422hq/422/422lt the codex v-raw2.0 recorder supports performance manageable file size and is suitable for is supported uncompressed 4k resolution raw recording prores raw for varicam lt cinema production prores is licensed from apple inc with a frame rate up to 120

remote operation varicam remote control app incredibly fast offload expressp2 x thunderboltâ„¢ 3 au-xpd3 expressp2 drive and expressp2 card b series varicam rop app varicam rop is a control application that enables the remote control of varicam series it can provide a gui that is close to the control panel on the camera it is designed the users to control the camera without feeling uncomfortable incredible fast offload expressp2 x thunderboltâ„¢ 3 the expressp2 card b series has 10 gbps data offload speed the au-xpd3 expressp2 drive equipped with thunderboltâ„¢ 3 interface brings out the best of expressp2 card b series single drive performance note for wireless lan connection with the camera aj-wm30 or aj-wm50 wireless module needs to be purchased separately thunderboltâ„¢ 3 512 gb 3 hours thunderboltâ„¢ 3 file copy avc-intra4k 422 24p daisy-chain performance 10 gbps 1 thunderboltâ„¢ 3 1 tb 1024 gb 6 hours avc-intra4k 422 24p app store is a service mark of

varicam line-up three varicam models are available to meet user needs these models fully cover the diverse applications required for cinema production whichever one you choose you ll receive the varicam look of high-quality images based on the super 35mm image sensor varicam pure uncompressed 4k v-raw cinema camera with codex varicam 35 excellent system expansion and operating ease uncompressed raw offers best possible images today and this high-end model provides the highest level of picture future-proofing their content you can capture pure image of quality combining the 4k camera module featuring a pl lens varicam look mount and super 35mm image sensor with the recording varicam pure outputs v-raw files to codex’s ultra-reliable module enables avc-intra4k444/30p 4k422/60p 4k-lt/120p capture drives and that’s just the gateway to a complete acquisition varicam lt ready for live compact all rounder cinematic varicam look is integrated into compact and lightweight

varicam 35 super 35mm 4k mos sensor with 4k/120-fps compatibility in a 4k cinema camera 4k camera recorder au-v35c1g/au-vrec1g super 35mm native 4k sensor brings varicam look double recorder other features in addition to main recorder up to 4k/120p you can have one • dailies in camera more recorder up to 2k/60p this feature lets you record an in-camera color grading function ungraded 4k master with v-log while simultaneously color baked in sub recording • dual native iso iso 800/iso 5000 recording graded hd files the file name and time code of • best vfau-vcvf1 is available multiple codec recording up to 4k/120p each file will match exactly you can use hd files for viewing or • separate operation off-line editing extension module • native 4k resolution • cinematic varicam look • avc-ultra 4k/uhd up to 120p 4:4:4 up to 30p 2k/hd up to 120p 4:4:4 up to 30p • apple prores 2k/hd up to 120p 4:4:4 up to 60p prores is licensed from

specifications model varicam pure varicam 35 varicam lt camera module au-v35c1g au-v35c1g au-v35lt1g integrated recording module au-vcxraw2 au-vrec1g au-v35lt1g integrated viewfinder au-vcvf2gj au-vcvf2gj au-vcvf20gj hd-sdi input type extension module au-vext1g au-vext1g — weight approx 5.15 kg 11.35 lb excluding accessories approx 5.0 kg 11.02 lb excluding accessories approx 2.7 kg 6.0 lb excluding handle and accessories dimensions w xhxd 180.2 mm x 236.3 mm x 314 mm 7-3/32 inches x 9-19/64 inches x 12-23/64 inches excluding protrusion and accessories 179 mm x 230.5 mm x 347 mm 7-1/16 inches x 9-3/32 inches x 13-21/32 inches excluding protrusion and accessories 184.0 mm x 230.5 mm x 247.0 mm 7-1/4 inches x 9-3/32 inches x 9-3/4 inches excluding protrusion and accessories lens mount super 35mm pl mount super 35mm pl mount super 35mm ef mount exchangeable to pl mount image sensor super35 mm mos 8.9 megapixels super35 mm mos 8.9 megapixels super35 mm mos 8.9 megapixels

what s more on varicam varicam camera simulator panasonic varicam web site varicam social network facebook varicam https twitter panasonic varicam https instagram cinemavaricam https cinemavaricam https https vimeo cinema varicam â„¢ https varicam camera simulator is the simulator program designed to support users to simulate the control using control panel youtube varicam eva1 https varicameva1

don t stop your vision and revolution panasonic service policy europe north america japan middle east africa asia the purpose of panasonic worldwide cinema camera service network is to support the dps and crews using the varicam all over the world latin america we won t let anything gets in your way of your vision oceania with varicam north america latin america europe los angeles new jersey mississauga montreal richmond puerto rico mexico guatemala costa rica panama city caracas colombia guayaquil lima sao paulo montevideo buenos aires santiago dominican republic cardiff wiesbaden hilversum brussels paris barcelona lisbon milan vienna copenhagen oslo kungens kurva helsinki prague warszawa krakow krasnik istanbul athens budapest zagreb bratislava moscow kiev kishinev tbilisi almaty middle east africa kuwait karachi islamabad lahore dubai johannesburg cape town cairo asia japan singapore malaysia bangkok jakarta chennai delhi mumbai kolkata thiruvananthapuram hyderabad ho chi minh

2-15 matsuba-cho kadoma osaka 571-8503 japan https sp-varilinepe5 5k201808zp-1 printed in