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panasonic video production lineup covering all kinds of video production needs including cinema broadcast professional video and business use 1 cinema camera 4k camcorder varicam/cinema camera 03 major features of the varicam series 05 varicam camera module recording module/memory card drive 07 optional accessories 08 4k work flow partners 09 specifications 10 4k camcorder 17 comparison table 18 features and functions 19 specifications 21 optional accessories

cinema camera 4k camcorder p2 hd camcorder memory card camera recorder 29 memory card recorder 31 memory card drive/memory card 32 camera recorder comparison table 33 feature and technology 35 other p2hd equipment/software 39 professional archive system 39 optional accessories 40 partners 44 recording codecs and proxy modes 45 specifications 47 avchd memory card camera recorder 57 optional accessories 57 portable recorder system 58 specifications��������������������������������������������59 hd camcorder p2 lcd monitor lcd monitor lcd monitor 63 bt-4lh310/lh910g lcd monitor features and functions 64 specifications/dimensions optional accessories 69

notes regarding the handling of p2 files using a pc mounting and transferring files the pc must be installed with the included p2 driver in order to recognize copy and transfer p2 files this driver is also necessary when using the pc card slot and when handling p2 files stored on a hard-disk device such as p2 store for other operating requirements refer to the p2 installation manual the p2 driver and the p2 installation manual can be downloaded free from a panasonic website visit