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lcd monitor bt-4lh310 789 mm 31.1 inches a reference monitor supporting 4k image production and 2k/hd operation connector power sdi 3g 1/2/3/4 gpi rs-232c ac dc display port 1/2 rs-485 hdmi 1/2 headphone • supports both 4k 4096 x 2160 and qfhd 3840 x 2160 resolution • three types of 4k video input 3g-sdi 4 lines or 2 lines displayport 2 lines or 1 line and hdmi 2 lines or 1 line • lut look-up table upload function • hdr high dynamic range compatibility • compatibility with bt.2020 color space us only model wxga bt-lh910g full hd 230 mm 9 inches high-resolution meets the needs of acquisition ob van installation and live broadcasting connector power sdi 13g 1 sdi 2 video hdmi ypbpr gpi rs-485 headphone dc battery vf • wxga 1280 x 768 resolution ips panel • 15-pin viewfinder terminal can be used as a viewfinder for camera recorders • various professional functions including 3d2 shooting assist • dc operation anton bauer/dc in 63 1

bt-4lh310/lh910g lcd monitor features and functions for details see page 65 to 68 bt-lh910g 3d-lut 6-axis color correction ü ü 2 hdr high dynamic range compatibility ü − 3 compatibility with bt.2020 color space ü i/p conversion circuit for motion response latency less than 1 field − 4 ü ü 5 diagonal line compensation ü ü 6 gradation rgb manual control ü ü 7 high-speed response ü 8 wide viewing angle 9 varicam cine gamma compensation 178゜ ü 176゜ ü ü ü 11 calibration function ü ü 12 various markers ü ü 13 cross hatch overlay ü ü 14 waveform monitoring y/r/g/b y/r/g/b 15 vectorscope display ü ü 16 pixel-to-pixel display ü ü 17 zoom display ü − 18 focus-in-red display ü ü 19 y map display ü − 20 still frame display frame grab ü ü 21 quad display 2k/hd ü − 22 error indication display 23 audio level meter 24 time code display 26 hv delay display and b/w

bt-4lh310/lh910g lcd monitor features and functions when the luminance levels of input signal is 100 matrix two dimensions 3d-lut when the luminance levels of input signal is 10 when the luminance levels of input signal is 10 [1 3d-lut color correction and 6-axis color correction the color space on lcd displays tends to narrow when the luminance level drops and it s often accompanied by color phase shifts that cause colors to drift 3d-lut look up table color correction on the lh series lcd monitors includes a look up table for each luminance level and applies 10 bit image processing to each rgb color to balance the six coordinate axes of the three primary colors rgb and their complementary colors cmy this solves the problem of color drifting at low luminance levels and keeps colors natural in addition to enhancing low luminance areas 3d-lut color correction helps to produce finely nuanced intermediate hues based on color measurements in the intermediate color parts of the image this

as of november 2017 in order to optimize the lcd monitor for professional broadcasting applications compensation is conducted for each monitor in 256 discrete rgb steps rated gamma properties gamma 2.2 are reproduced and gradation suitable for broadcasting is achieved the bt-4lh310 s color temperature of 9300 k/6500 k/6300 k/6000 k 5600 k can be selected with the variable setting the bt-lh910g s color temperature of 9300 k/6500 k/5600 k and 3000 k to 9300 k can also be selected with the variable setting 200 panel gamma characteristics yr actual panel measurement value yg actual panel measurement value yb actual panel measurement value yr target value yg target value yb target value character variation of each panel compensation variation compensated compensation 100 50 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 input [7 high-speed response [8 wide viewing angle by using a high-intensity high-contrast ips lcd panel a wide viewing angle is achieved easy viewing is ensured by reducing color changes due

bt-4lh310/lh910g lcd monitor features and functions [16 pixel-to-pixel display this function displays video pixels without any resizing • bt-4lh310 displays images with the same number of pixels as the source images • bt-lh910g with 1080/60i input signals you can check the zoom-in image with a screen width equivalent to 342.9 mm 13.5 inches [17 zoom [bt-4lh310 bt-lh910g pixel-to-pixel display image enlarges the center section of the image or one of the quarter sections and displays it on the full screen for accurate easy focusing [21 quad display 2k/hd [bt-4lh310 the quad display function displays a waveform monitor wfm and a vector scope vsc as well as one of the focus-in-red y map and zebra assist functions simultaneously with a fullpixel image from a 2k 2048 x 1080 or hd input source this function also allows a single monitor to be used as four 2k/hd monitors it displays fullpixel images without resizing input source image upper left focus-in-red lower left wfm upper

as of november 2017 in the bt-4lh310 this function is supported only in the 2k/hd mode closed caption display [26 hv delay display and mono mode in the bt-4lh310 this function is supported only in the mono mode [27 function keys each of the function keys on the front panel can be assigned a function selected from various display and switchover functions to enable one-touch display on off or mode change assignable functions vary depending on the model [28 diverse 3d camera assist functions [bt-lh910g [30 tally lamps the front panel has red green and amber tally lamps the bt-lh910g also has a rear tally lamp [31 power save mode when no signal is received for 60 continuous seconds the bt-4lh310’s power save mode is activated to minimize power consumption [32 key lock function this disables front panel operation/control functions except for the power switch menu operation gpi control and sound level adjustment [33 rugged frame structure the bt-4lh310 features an aluminum frame

lcd monitor specifications/dimensions bt-4lh310 general connectors video input sdi input bnc x 4 smpte st424/425-1/372/274/296 compliant embedded audio supported 3g-sdi smpte st299 compliant 48 khz 16 ch synchronous supported hd sdi smpte st299 compliant 48 khz 8 ch synchronous supported hdmi hdmi x 2 typea hdcp supported embedded audio supported viera link not supported displayport displayport x 2 hdcp supported embedded audio supported video output sdi bnc x 4 with active through-out external dc power input speaker output 0.5 w monaural head phone output 32 Ω variable level headphone output m3 stereo mini jack x 1 remote gpi d-sub 9-pin rs-232c d-sub 9-pin rs-485 rj-45 x 2 input output external dc power input xlr 4 pin power requirement ac 100 v – 240 v 50 hz/60 hz 1.71 a – 0.67 a dc 28 v 23.4 v – 30.0 v 4.59 a operating temperature 5 ºc to 35 ºc 41 ºf to 95 ºf up to 2 000 m above sea level operating humidity 20 to 80 non-condensing storage

as of november 2017 cinema camera ■ dimensions 4-m6 p=1.0 depth 30 max 438.8 mm 17-5/16 inches 148 mm 142 mm 5-7/8 inches 5-5/8 inches 6 mm 1/4 inches 3mm 1/8 inches 15.7 mm 5/8 inches 470 mm 18-9/16 inches 200 mm 7-7/8 inches hd camcorder 200 mm 7-7/8 inches 23mm 15/16 inches 50mm 2 inches lcd center 368.064 mm 14-1/2 inches 697.958 mm 27-1/2 inches 19.5 mm 13/16 inches 65 mm 2-5/8 inches 64 mm 2-9/16 inches 746 mm 29-3/8 inches p2 20.95 mm 7/8 inches 474 mm 18-11/16 inches 250 mm 210.5 mm 9-7/8 inches 8-5/16 inches 5 mm 2-1/16 inches 160 mm 150 mm 6-5/16 inches 5-15/16 inches 342 mm 13-1/2 inches 758 mm 29-13/16 inches 4k camcorder 44 mm 57 mm 1-3/4 inches 2-1/4 inches 5 4 4-m3 p=0.5 depth 6 for protective panel 51mm 2-1/16 inches 7mm 5/16 inches Ø 12-m5 both sides p=0.8 depth 6 utility hole 439 mm 17 inches 459 mm 18-1/16 inches 4 10 mm 238 mm 7/16 inches 9-3/8 inches 54 mm 2-1/8 inches 57 mm 2-1/4 inches 258 mm 10-3/16 inches 147.5 mm 225.5 mm 10.5 mm 213.5 mm 5-13/16

lcd monitor specifications/dimensions bt-lh910g general lcd monitor specifications/dimensions power requirement dc 12 v 11.0 v – 17.0 v 1.9 a operating temperature 0 °c to 40 °c 32 °f to 104 °f operating humidity 10 to 85 no condensation storage temperature –20 °c to 60 °c –4 °f to 140 °f weight approx 2.4 kg 5.3 lbs including stand approx 1.7 kg 3.7 lbs unit only not including stand dimensions 230 mm w x 214.5 mm h x 170 mm d including stand 9-1/16 inches x 8-7/16 inches x 7-11/16 inches 230 mm w x 183 mm h x 78.5 mm d unit only not including stand 9-1/16 inches x 7-13/64 inches x 3-1/16 inches lcd panel panel size aspect ratio resolution display colors viewing angle connectors video input 230 mm 9 inches of effective display area 15:9 1280 pixels x 768 pixels wxga approx 16,770,000 colors 176° both of horizontal and vertical video input hd sdi smpte299m compliant 48 khz 8 ch synchronous/asynchronous supported sd sdi smpte272m

as of november 2017 4 m 3 1.5 37.4mm 2-m3 9.7mm 34.1mm 30.9mm 88mm 6mm 60.5mm 13.7mm 25.5mm 3 157.5mm 2-3/8-16unc p2 20.2mm 17.55mm 46mm 210mm 2-m 1.5° 2-m3 118.2mm 195.7mm 127.5mm 98.5mm 183mm 3 2-m 209mm ° 4-m3 ■ optional accessories for bt-lh910g aw-ps550n ac adaptor ac adaptor bt-cs910g vf cable hd camcorder optional accessories aw-ps551 4k camcorder 230mm 210.5mm 31.4mm 48.5mm 100mm 214.5mm stand turning angle 15° 20° 1.5° 60.5mm 88mm 1.5° 78.5mm 65.5mm 48.3mm 11.5mm 17.7mm 2 46mm 150mm 20.2mm c n 6u -1 8 3 170mm 204mm 184mm 4-Ø4 3/8-16unc 1/4-20unc can remove conversion adapter cinema camera ■ dimensions not available in some areas hytron 50 dionic hc anton/bauer battery e-hl9 idx li-ion battery endura lcd monitor ■ operation-verified 3rd party devices for bt-lh910g

lcd monitor specifications/dimensions bt-lh1770p general us only model power supply ac 100 v—120 v 50 hz/60 hz ac 200 v—240 v 50 hz/60 hz dc 12v 10.5 v—18 v power consumption ac input 40 w dc 12v input 36 w operating temperature 0 °c to 40 °c 32 °f to 104 °f operating humidity 20 to 85 no condensation storage temperature –20 °c to 60 °c –4 °f to 140 °f storage humidity 5 to 85 no condensation weight approx 5.8 kg 12.8 lbs unit only not including stand dimensions 428 mm w x 301 mm h x 80 mm d 16-7/8 inches x 11-7/8 inches x 3-1/8 inches unit only not including stand lcd panel panel size aspect ratio resolution display colors viewing angle ■ supported video input formats video input signal sdi hdmi 480/59.94i ü ü7 576/50i ü 720/23.98p ü ntsc pal video ü ü 480/59.94p ü7 ü 720/24p ü 720/25p 720/29.97p 720/30p 42 cm 16.5 v inches of effective display area 16:9 1920 dots x 1080 dots 1000.7

as of november 2017 15 mm 173 m 9/16 inches 6-13/16 inches 205 mm 8 1/16 inches 40 mm 1-9/16 inches 4-Ø4.8 314 mm 12-3/8 inches ■ optional accessories for bt-lh1770p us only model tilt stand bt-ma1773g rack mount bracket bt-ma1774g rack mount bracket with tilt fanction lcd monitor bt-ma1772g hd camcorder optional accessories p2 13 mm 1/2 inches 301 mm 11-7/8 inches 179 mm 7-1/16 inches 428 mm 16-7/8 inches 4k camcorder 80 mm 18 mm 11/16 inches 3-1/8 inches 220 mm 8-11/16 inches 260 mm 10-1/4 inches cinema camera ■ dimensions