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16 pin to 16 pin connecter remote control remote switch remote mount to direct mount shielded twisted pair cable connector 1 pair shielded twisted pair cable 3 pair shielded twisted pair cable 2 pair shielded twisted pair cable power on off switch wire to wire connector 24 pin to 32 pin connector 8 pin to 14 pin connector 25 pin to 25 pin connector 15 pin to 25 pin connector 5 inch to 4 inch switch to switch cabling in lb to ft lb 3 wire to 2 wire 2 wire to 3 wire camera camera up to 100 g ceiling mount bracket 8 pin connector rs 422 din cable rs 232c 3 pin mic mini din mini din 5 pin a usb mini din 8 pin connector 4 pin connector mini din mini din 7 pin connector mini din 4 pin connector mini din 6 pin 8 pin male mini din connector micro sd card connector mini din 6 pin jack sd card slot twisted pair cable 2 twisted pair cable shielded twisted pair sd memory card connector mini din 8 pin connector to usb flat twisted pair cable flat twisted pair cable 6 rj 45 connector 8 pin connector rs 422 to usb 5 pin din to a stereo mini jack 8 pin male mini din to usb mini din 13 pin dc dc power connectors usb microphone on off switch dc power cable 8 pin to 4 pin connector 5 pin to 4 pin connector dc dc power supply 3 pin connector cable to cable 4 pin connector cable to cable 6 s video inputs and 2 outputs

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free software new ptz control center controls multiple ptz cameras from pc •centralized management of multiple ptz cameras •pan/tilt/zoom by button slider or a touch on a screen •camera preset buttons with thumbnails register/recall/delete of up to 9 points •camera picture quality adjustment •simultaneous control of multiple cameras focus iris/gain/white balance/shutter/nd filter •camera sd recording start/stop only for cameras that support sd card recording •limits functions by administrator authentication •copies setting data between multiple pc •automatic camera discovery and network setting view screen supported cameras aw-ue70w/k aw-un70w/k aw-he130w/k awhn130w/k aw-he40 series aw-hn40hw/hk awhe38hw/hk aw-hn38hw/hk aw-hr140 control assist camera aw-hea10w/k povcam ag-umr20 ag-uck20gj/ag-mdr25/ag-mdc20gj ptz virtual usb driver 360-degree live camera base unit •this system can stitch video from 4 cameras by itself without

4k hd integrated camera application examples application 03 lecture capture flexible lecture recording and streaming with a lecture capturing system install a high-image-quality hd integrated camera such as the aw-he130 to capture the delicate nuances of the instructor as well as the overall atmosphere of the lecture room with a flexible link to an ip-based lecture capturing system it is possible to perform everything from recording to distribution poe+hub wireless ap mic control assist camera aw-hea10w/k +aw-he38hw/hk cat5elan sdi hdmi audio line ipad audio system hdmi-sdi presentation pc encoder aw-he38hw/hk aw-rp50 mic aw-he40 series lecture capturing system streaming aw-he130w/k network switch server with aw-sf200 ptz auto tracking software application 04 telepresence an extensive lineup of units that can be used as tv conferencing cameras for tv conferencing cameras customers can select from an extensive lineup that includes the compact and high-imagequality hd

4k hd integrated camera ip serial connection diagram 4k/hd remote camera 4k integrated camera aw-ue70w/k1 controller remote operation panel ak-hrp200g3 hd integrated camera aw-he130w/k1 remote camera controller aw-rp120g3 4 aw-rp503 4 hd integrated camera aw-he40sw sk/hw/hk1 control from a web browser hub hd integrated camera aw-he38hw/hk1 operations and settings are possible from the web browser screen of a pc or tablet ip video display wireless ap ipad using application ptz cntrl wireless connection control assist camera aw-hea10w/k2 controls 4k/hd integrated camera with control assist camera5 auto tracking software7 ptz control center free software lan cable of cat5e or higher 6 1 when connected to a hub that supports poe the provided ac adaptor is not required 2 when connected to a hub that supports poe/poe the provided ac adaptor is not required 3 ac adaptor aw-ps551 is required for aw-rp120g bundled ac adaptor is required for aw-rp50 4 the aw-hea10w/k is not supported

4k hd integrated camera output format function comparison 4k integrated camera model no full-hd outdoor integrated camera hd integrated camera aw-ue70w/k aw-un70w/k aw-he130w/k aw-hn130w/k aw-he40 series aw-hn40hw/hk aw-he38hw/hk aw-hn38hw/hk aw-hr140 hdmi output only output signal format 2160/29.97p 25p 1080/59.94p hdmi model only 1080/29.97p 1080/23.98p 1 2 1080/50p 1 2 hdmi model only 1080/25p 1 1 1080/29.97psf 3 3 1080/25psf 3 1080/59.94i 1080/50i 1080/23.98psf 3 3 3 720/59.94p 720/50p 576/50p 4 576/50i 4 480/59.94p 4 480/59.94i 4 combine images combine images function cineganma drs hybrid dnr hdr mode combine images optical image stabilization ois dynamic image stabilizing system d.i.s.s digital image stabilization digital extender zoom i.zoom independent color correction function color temperature adjustment mode scene files 16-axis color 12-axis color 3-axis skin tone 16-axis color 16-axis color 12-axis color 3-axis skin tone 4 files 4

operation-verified 3rd party devices poe compatible hub/injector list geovision poe netgear inc allied telesis prosafe® 8-port 10/100/1000 poe smart switch with 2 gigabit sfp ports gs510tp poe adapter gv-pa901 operation-verified on mar/2017 operation-verified on sep/2015 gigabit poe injector at-6101gp studio camera system as of april 2018 operation-verified on sep/2015 •geovision inc tel +886-2-8797-8376 email •netgear inc http north americahttp emea asia/pacific central south america panasonic does not guarantee the quality performance or the operation of the 3rd party devices compatibility overview for remote cameras pan-tilt heads1 and remote camera controller aw-rp120g 4k multi purpose camera ak-ub300gj 4k integrated camera aw-ue70w/k aw-un70w/k aw-rp50 ak-hrp200g ak-hrp1000gj

remote camera system – specifications aw-he130w/k dimensions aw-hn130w/k output general power requirements dc 12 v ac adaptor supplied dc 42 57 v poe power supply 1.8 a ac adaptor supplied 0.6 a poe power supply ambient operating temperature 0 °c to 40 °c 32 °f to 104 °f allowable humidity ranges 20 to 90 no condensation storage temperature –20 °c to 50 °c –4 °f to 122 °f mass approx 3.1 kg 6.83 lb [including mount bracket 180 mm x 228 mm x 234 mm dimensions w xhxd 7-3/32 inches x 9 inches x 9-3/16 inches excluding protrusions cable cover direct ceiling mount bracket finish [aw‑he130wp/aw-he130we/aw-hn130w pearl white [aw‑he130kp/aw-he130ke/aw-hn130k metallic black controller supported1 aw-rp120g aw‑rp50 ak-hrp200g hdmi video output 3g/hd smpte424/smpte292 sd-sdi out smpte259 standards 75 Ω bnc x 1 video out ntsc/pal 1.0 v [p-p 75 Ω bnc x 1 input/output lan lan connector for ip control rj‑45 poe rs-422

sd card recording sd card type micro sdhc 4 gb to 32 gb micro sdxc 64 gb to 128 gb speed class 10 or higher system frequency 59.94 hz/50 hz usb audio class ver1.0 sd card recording mpeg-4 avc file standard compliant mp4 recording format 1920 x 1080/59.94p 1920 x 1080/50p 1920 x 1080/29.97p,1920 x 1080/25p 1280 x 720/59.94p 1280 x 720/50p 1280 x 720/29.97p 1280 x 720/25p network jpeg image display vga 640 x 360 qvga 320 x 180 max.30 fps 1920 x 1080 1280 x 720 640 x 360 320 x 180 max.30 fps h.264 1920 x 1080 1280 x 720 640 x 360 320 x 180 max.60 fps dimensions mount bracket for installation surface hanging7 desktop 1 drop-prevention wire mounting screw already attached to the unit 1 bracket mounting screws bind-head m4 x 10 mm 4 main unit mounting screw with flat washer spring washer m3 x 6 mm 1 power cable 1.8 m [5.9 ft 1 ac adaptor 1 cd-rom 1 it may be necessary to upgrade the version of the controller in order to support the unit 2 during auto 6 db to 48 db 6 db step are

remote camera system – specifications dimensions aw-hr140 specifications are subject to change without notice synchronization system general dc 12 v to 21.8 v dc in connector dc 42 v to 57 v poe power supply 3.1 a to 5.5 a dc in connector current consumption 1.2 a poe power supply –15 °c to 45 °c 5 °f to 113 °f ambient operating temperature preheating is required when –5 °c 23 °f or less ambient operating humidity 10 to 100 no condensation storage temperature –20 °c to 55 °c –4 °f to 131 °f storage humidity 10 to 95 no condensation mass approx 9.0 kg 19.84 lb 258 mm x 357 mm x 397 mm dimensions w xhxd 10-5/32 inches x 14-1/16 inches x 15-5/8 inches including protrusions and cable cover finish silver salt resistant coating waterproof and dust proof ip65 compliant 15 m/sec operates normally maximum permissible 50 m/sec operation possible wind speed 60 m/sec no damage wiper installed as standard heater installed as

bottom view unit mminches through-hole for cable ø 40 mm ø 1-9/16 inches reference 320 12-19/32 or more space for the wires 160 6-5/16 space for the wires from the rear panel mounting hole for bracket mounting screw b 114 4-1/2 83.5 3 hole for checking the positioning 46 1-13/16 156 6-1/8 183 7-3/16 remote camera system holes for mounting the mount bracket b ø 4.5 mm x 4 78 3-1/16 mount bracket b 100 3-15/16 unit mounting area 139 5-1/2 hook for mounting the drop-prevention wire hole for installing the wv-q105a direct ceiling mount bracket ø 60 mm ø 2-3/8 inches approx 20° the front panel of the unit on this side ceiling installation view studio camera system as of april 2018 dropprevention wire optimal for both hanging and desktop installation the mounting bracket and drop-preventation wire are standard accessories ceiling and desktop installation are both possible mount the bracket onto the installation surface and then put and turn the main unit on the bracket to

multi-purpose camera •equipped with intelligent automatic adjustment functions for white balance gain etc •serial/ip control possible from ak-hrp200g/akhrp1000gj/ak-hrp1005gj remote operation panels rop and aw-rp50/aw-rp120g remote camera controller 11 option boards million pixels 12g output board 4k multi purpose camera ak-ub300gj ak-uhd12g output uhd 2 outputs 12g or 1 output 3g x 4 hd 2 outputs 4k multi purpose camera supporting simultaneous output in uhd and hd and equipped with a 2/3 type lens mount •two sensitivity modes can be selected high sensitivity mode/standard mode •equipped with cropping function for selecting up to three setting areas and capturing the desired locations •equipped with a newly developed haze reduction function •transmission with a single cable is possible when an existing output board 3g x 4 is replaced with a 12g or 3g tico uhd output board •equipped with 4k focus assist function and hd cropping marker

pin configuration iris connector zoom/focus connector the r tally and g tally signals are output from this connector used to connect the iris control cables of the lens used to connect the zoom/focus control cables of the lens 1 hr10a-10r-12sc 71 hirose electric co hr10a-10r-12pc 71 hirose electric co signal pin no signal return control rec-start/stop gnd iris manual switching iris control unreg +12 v max 0.75 a iris-posi iris-g-max ext-posi zoom position information lens‑rxd lens‑txd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 focus control switching zoom control switching gnd not used not used not used not used focus control zoom control not used com+v voltage com-v voltage 4 2 3 ha16ra-4p77 hirose electric co pin no 1 2 3 4 4 1 3 2 hr10a-7r-4sc 73 hirose electric co signal pin no signal pin no unreg gnd not used not used +12 v 1 2 3 4 gnd r tally open collector g tally open collector unreg+12 v max 0.5 a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 use the external power supply with correct