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ag-ux90 memory card camera recorder 50 hz model the microphone shown in the photo is an optional accessory 4k uhd fhd camcorder with a wide-angle 24.5mm 15x optical zoom lens and 1.0-type mos sensor 35mm film camera equivalent in fhd mode 35.4mm in uhd

featuring a wide-angle 24.5mm1 15x optical zoom lens and 1.0-type mos sensor the ag-ux90 records high-quality 4k/fhd images with excellent cost-performance panasonic introduces the 4k camcorder ux series to meet professional 4k video production needs the ag-ux90 is the “ux standard model” for easy high-quality 4k/fhd recording it is equipped with a newly designed compact lens featuring a wide 24.5mm angle1 and 15x optical zoom its optical image stabilizer o.i.s intelligent af function and manual three rings are ideal for professional camera work the ag-ux90 is equipped with a 1.0-type high-sensitivity mos sensor it supports uhd 25p and fhd 50p/25p multi-format recording in addition to 4k uhd high resolution it provides high-quality fhd recording at 50 mbps two sd memory card slots enable relay/simultaneous recording the ag-ux90 also has a design and operating ease that will feel familiar to professional photographers and a variety of interfaces including hdmi output and

lens group 2 lens group 3 lens group 4 iris 9 feather iris contraction advanced optical image stabilizer and high-speed high-precision intelligent af versatile manual functions — manual three rings focus assist • advanced optical image stabilizer [uhd/fhd the correction area of the optical image stabilizer o.i.s has been expanded to approximately 900 over the conventional area as compared to the panasonic ag-ac160 this provides powerful correction even in unstable shooting situations such as low-angle or high-angle shots • 5-axis hybrid image stabilizer [fhd in hd shooting modes by using hand-shake correction that combines the effects of both optical and electronic image stabilization hand-shake in various directions including the rotary direction is detected and corrected • intelligent auto focus the microdrive focus unit achieves superior auto focusing with higher-speed tracking and stability even in 4k images the highest class5 of focusing speed

fhd vfr variable frame rate recording double sd memory card slots camera image adjustment functions including details and gamma modes • fhd vfr recording vfr recording can be set in 9 steps from 2 to 50 fps • unlimited relay recording by using double sd memory card slots automatically records continuously from slot 1 to slot 2 by changing the sd card images can be recorded continuously for many hours1 • simultaneous recording by using double sd memory card slots identical data is recorded onto cards in both slots in this dual recording mode • pre rec this function constantly caches approximately 4 seconds of video and audio data in mov/mp4 format or approximately 3 seconds in avchd format prior to rec start so the data can be recovered in case there is a delay in pressing rec start • interval rec records intermittently based on a set interval time of 1 sec 10 sec 30 sec 1 minute or 2 minutes • freeze frame images can be recorded as still images

functions and designs to support professional camera work professional interfaces for smooth system operation • user buttons any of the 40 functions can be allocated to the user buttons there are a total of 13 user buttons nine on the ag-ux90 body and four on the lcd touch panel • touch-panel lcd and evf the 3.5-type monitor lcd built into the handle section can be pulled out and turned 270 degrees in the vertical direction for use in high-angle low-angle or selfie shots the touch panel function can be used for menu setting and area functions the 0.24-type lcd colour viewfinder is also equipped • nd filters off 1/4 1/16 1/64 nd filters built-in • gain selector select from −3 db to 30 db gain for 3-position l/m h allocation • awb selector two-value a/b memory and presets 3200/5600 var can be selected atw auto-tracking white balance function is also equipped • zebra/marker y level two zebra patterns are integrated from 50 to 105 in 5 steps when

vw-led1 led light hdmi out stereo headphone ag-mc200g xlr microphone 3.5mm stereo mini-jack audio input 1/2 xlr-3p usb 2.0 ipad ag rop app hdmi input supported monitor/recorder2 video out (rca) aj-wm50/wm301 wireless module usb 3.0/2.0 host usb type-a a/v output audio out ch1/2 rca video monitor ag-ux90 usb storage wireless module usb 3.0 cam remote focus/iris zoom s/s wired remote controller commercial item usb 3.0 device usb type micro-b PC/MAC 1 not available in some areas 2 operation check models atomos shogun options ag-vbr118g 11,800 mah ag-vbr89g 8,850 mah ag-vbr59 5,900 mah as of june 2017 ag-brd50 vw-vbd58 5,800 mah battery charger battery pack ag-b23 battery charger ag-mc200g xlr microphone battery pack ux premium model aj-wm50 vw-led1 led video light aj-wm30 aj-wm50/wm30 wireless module not available in some areas bt-4lh310 787.4 mm 31 inches 4k lcd monitor ag-ux180 fz-y1cg 20-type 4k business rugged toughpad 5 sd/sdhc/sdxc memory

specifications as of june 2017 general power dc 7.28 v when the battery is used dc 12 v when the ac adaptor is used power consumption 12.2 w when the lcd monitor is used operating temperature 0 °c to 40 °c 32 °f to 104 °f operating humidity 10 to 80 no condensation weight body approx 1.9 kg 4.19 lb body only excluding lens hood battery and accessories shooting approx 2.3 kg 5.07 lb including lens hood battery and eye cup dimensions 169 mm w x 195 mm h x 340 mm d 6-21/32 inches x 7-11/16 inches x 13-3/8 inches excluding protrusion and eye cup 169 mm w x 195 mm h x 382 mmd 6-21/32 inches x 7-11/16 inches x 15-1/32 inches including eye cup excluding protrusion system format 50 hz recording format mov mp4 avchd recording mode please see page 1 for the recording format table recording time please see below for the recording time table 2 slot functions relay simultaneous still picture recording mode jpeg dcf/exif2.2 still picture recording motion picture playback 8.3 m 3840 x

please refer to the latest non-linear compatibilty information download and http service information etc at the following panasonic website avchd and the avchd logo are registered trademarks of sony corporation and panasonic corporation dolby dolby audio and the double-d symbol are trademarks of dolby laboratories the terms hdmi and hdmi high-definition multimedia interface and the hdmi logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of hdmi licensing administrator inc in the united states and other countries sd logo is a trademark sdxc/sdhc and sdhc logo marks are the registered trademarks quick time is trademarks of apple inc registered in the u.s and other countries specifications are subject to change without notice [countries and regions 2-15 matsuba-cho kadoma osaka 571-8503 japan http argentina +54 11 4122 7200 australia +61 0 2 9491 7400 brazil +55 11 3889 4035 canada +1 905 624 5010 china +86 10 6515 8828 hong kong +852 2313 0888 czech