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achieve your vision a new vision and revolution in filmmaking — cinema varicam 35 the cinema varicam line of cameras has been used on a wide variety of movies commercials and tv programs and is renowned for its color reproduction look and for bringing progressive workflows to the production industry this technology and know-how are now invigorating a new lineup varicam 35 boasts the highest-quality images of the new varicam series it features a dynamic range with 14 stops of latitude and a wide color gamut acquisition functions that support 4k/120fps uncompressed raw recording with codex v-raw recorder to bring form to the vision of today s image creators it s part of a revolution a highly innovative workflow led by dual codec recording in-camera color grading and a modular design with superlative durability system expandability and operating ease experience what it can do to achieve your vision and join in the ultimate revolution — with the varicam 35 codex v-raw

varicam look sample image upper super 35 mm pl lens mount/lower hdr high dynamic range image cinematic images at 4k resolution super 35 mm 4k mos sensor the varicam 35 is equipped with the super 35 mm format full-size single-chip mos sensor developed especially for this model it offers 4k 4096 x 2160 and uhd 3840 x 2160 resolution and boasts high sensitivity low noise wide dynamic range and cinematic depth of field 14 stops of latitude the dynamic range is 14 stops the wide dynamic range assures accurate image rendering over the entire image area from dark parts to highlights even in dimly lit scenes which are particularly important in movie production the varicam 35 provides low-noise images without any compromise in picture quality 4 the varicam look with evolved color gamut and dynamic range the varicam 35 is equipped with the newly developed v-gamut giving it a wider color gamut than that of film the gamma curve has evolved to v-log further extending the dynamic range it

shooting with iso 5000 upper shot on native iso 800 lower shot on native iso 5000 dual native iso of 800/5000 the varicam 35 has two native iso settings 800 and 5000 this means the varicam 35 achieves very high sensitivity while maintaining a low noise level at 5000 iso the noise level at 5000 iso is nearly identical to that seen at 800 iso in order to achieve this function two dedicated analog circuits are implemented on each pixel of the imager of the varicam 35 for two native iso before gain processing this allows the camera to achieve much higher sensitivity without increased noise normally noise is introduced in the gain process of rating iso in digital cameras this functionality is revolutionary for low light scene shooting especially this iso 5000 enables the camera to capture with very low available light maintaining a realistic mood

multiple codec 4k recording control panel side 4k camera module recording module 4k-optimized internal optical filter 4k avc-ultra codec recording the varicam 35 has a high-precision internal optical filter made by bonding an optical low-pass filter and ir glass and providing it with a uv/ir-cut coating membrane the low-pass filter is tuned for 4k so it eliminates aliasing and provides optimum resolution the uv/ir-cut filter prevents ghosts and reddening in dark areas inside the camera unit for frequently used nd filters the compact body houses a rotary filter system with four filters 0.6nd 1.2nd 1.8nd clear for easy switching avc-intra4k is a 4k-compatible version of the avc-intra intraframe compression codec suitable for video production using this the varicam 35 can record with 4k 4096 x 2160 or uhd 3840 x 2160 resolution by avc-intra4k444/422/lt codecs the varicam 35 supports avc-intra2k444/422 for 2k recording and avc-intra444/422/200/100 for hd recording in addition to this

revolutionary varicam workflows “dailies in camera” in camera color grading v-raw master remote operation by control panel or 3rd party software v-log pc/mac v-log v-709 grading preview 4k/uhd codex v-raw recorder1 cdl/3d lut avc-intra master v-log main recorder 4k/uhd cdl/3d lut non-destructive image avc-intra4k varicam 35 avc-intra v-709 this chart shows an example of the workflow using varicam 35 grading and mastering non-destructive image v-raw proxy expressp2 card sub recorder 2k/hd offline editing proxy baked-in image avc-intra/avc-proxy microp2 card 1 codex v-raw recorder is a product of codex in-camera color grading double-recorder and double-codec recording the varicam 35 also features an in-camera color grading function 3d lut/cdl this enables color tuning in the field using the control panel of the varicam or 3rd party software dailies that had been created after shooting can now be produced on-set and with only the camera grading information such as a 3d lut

4k multiple output and modularity   au-vext1g extension module and au-vcbl05g extension cable side connector panel of the recorder 8 example of another employment which uses the crane 4k-compatible input/output terminals modular structure separate location operation varicam 35 has flexible connection to external recorder and monitor • hd/3g sdi 4k quad output bnc x 4 • hd/3g sdi monitor output bnc x 2 • hd/3g sdi vf sdi output bnc x 1 • audio input xlr x 2 3-pin • mic input xlr x 1 5-pin the varicam 35 is comprised of the au-v35c1g 4k camera module with pl lens mount and the au-vrec1g recording module this recording module is the same as that of the varicam hs featuring the au-v23hs1g hd camera module with 2/3-type lens mount the two camera heads are interchangeable to suit a variety of applications the camera head docks to the recorder without any cable connection and the rugged docking mechanism allows easy docking and undocking in the field

operability durability and reliability detachable control panel installation of control panel flat top body and handle with screw holes large-diameter oled viewfinder detachable control panel with monitor toughness durability and reliability large-diameter oled viewfinder au-vcvf1g control panel on the recording module has a built-in 3.5-type lcd display panel it can be used as the display for menu operation and also can be used as a live/preview monitor the keys and dials are laid out around the display for quick and accurate operation so frequently used settings can be accessed directly gui is developed to suit those in filmmaking but the menu suitable for video system users are also available the detachable structure allows the camera to be operated from a distant location with 90cm extension cable the varicam 35 supports a variety of shooting styles and adds flexibility • the lens mount section is made of stainless steel and designed to prevent flange back deviation due to

varicam 35 modular system  aj-wm30g/aj-wm50g wireless module lan au-vcvf1g electronic hd color view finder pc/mac au-vext1g extension module pl mount lens aj-mc900g stereo microphone as of april 2016 au-vcbl05g 5 m au-vcbl020g 20 m extension cable battery pack au-vrec1g recording module au-v35c1g 4k camera module codex v-raw recorder aj-mh800g microphone holder au-vshl1g shoulder mount module 15 mm rod support au-vshl2g shoulder mount module 15 mm rod support shan-tm700 tripod adapter adapter plate 15 mm rod support 4k quad link hd/3g sdi x 4 bt-4lh310 4k lcd monitor bridge plate 19 mm rod support monitor output hd/3g sdi x 2 lcd monitor codex v-raw recorder is a product of codex module and accessory  au-v35c1g 4k camera module au-v23hs1g 2/3 type hd camera module as of april 2016 au-vrec1g au-vcvf1g recording module electronic hd color view finder au-vext1g extension module au-vcbl05g extension cable 5 m au-vcbl20g extension cable 20 m aj-wm30g au-vshl1g shoulder mount module 10

varicam 35 specifications1 as of april 2016 general combination of au-v35c1g and au-vrec1g power dc 12 v 11.0 v – 17.0 v power consumption 69 w body only 99 w with all optional accessories connected and maximum power supplied from each output terminal operating temperature 0 °c to 40 °c 32°f to 104°f operating humidity 10 to 85 relative humidity storage temperature –20 °c to 60 °c –4°f to 140°f weight approx 5.0 kg 11.02 lb excluding accessories dimensions w xhxd 179 mm x 230.5 mm x 347 mm 7-1/16 inches x 9-3/32 inches x 13-21/32 inches body only excluding protrusions and accessories ensure that the total current from the dc out terminal vf terminal and lens terminal of the camera module and the dc out/rs terminal and usb host terminal of the recording module does not exceed 30 w camera module au-v35c1g recording time2 main codec when using 256 gb expressp2 card avc-intra4k444 24p  approx 45 min avc-intra4k422 vfr on 50fps/60fps

varicam series 4k line-up 4k camera recorder au-v35lt1g cinem 4k camera recorder a the 4k camera recorder enables highly flexible camera work installed the same super 35 mm image sensor with varicam 35 a dynamic range with 14 stops of latitude and dual native iso 800/5000 are integrated into this compact and lightweight approx 2.7 kg 6.0 lb camera recorder this invites flexibility in the form of shoulder mounting gimbal and drone applications an ef lens mount comes as standard equipment and can be exchanged with a pl mount optional panasonic does not guarantee the compatibility or performance of all ef lenses details will be updated on the panasonic website ag-dvx200 this 4k camera recorder with integrated lens offers excellent mobility its large 4/3-type image sensor produces superb bokeh effects and a dynamic range with 12 stops of latitude and the 4k/24p uhd/60p fhd/60p multi-codec renders high-quality images a built-in 13x zoom lens combines with a high-speed high-precision