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selecting the right hose continued stamp size temperature application media pressure before you spec it it what will the hose convey some applications require the use of specialized oils or chemicals consequently the hose you order must be compatible with the medium being conveyed compatibility must cover not just the inner tube but the cover hose fittings and o-rings as well use the chemical resistance chart found in section e to select the correct components of the hose assembly that will be compatible with your system s media the chart contains the chemical resistance rating of a variety of fluids m edia hose hint for long service life and leak-free functionality it is vital that the hose assembly be chemically compatible with both the fluid being conveyed through the hose as well as the environment of the hose

hose overview chart hose size 601 422 424 421wc 426 ax 482tc/st bxx 431 436 304 301lt 451tc/st 341 302 hydraulic 471tc/st 472tc 351tc/st 721/721tc 721st 772tc/st 774 711 781 p35 782tc/st 701 731 f42 791tc 792tc/st 761 jk suction return 881 with hc hose reinforcement 2-braids fiber 1-braid wire 1-braid wire 1-braid wire 1-braid wire 1-braid wire 1-braid wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 1-braid wire 4-spiral wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 2-braids wire 4-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4/6-spiral wire 4/6-spiral wire 4/6-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4-spiral wire 4/6 spiral steel wire 4/6-spiral wire 4/6-spiral wire 6-spiral wire 2-braids wire 2-braids 1-spiral wire 10500 1000 100 100 300 300 150 250 250 350 350 150 250 250 300 300 225 350 350 500 500 350 350 500 500 150 250 250 300 300 225 350 350 500 500 350 350 450 500 350 350 450 500 750 450 500 400 400 300 300 625 625 625 400 300 250 500 500

hose specifics parker hose built to be better the more we put into our hoses the more you get out it s all in the family at parker we believe the best hose for your operation is the one that gets the job done right that s why we offer you a comprehensive line of hoses as well as all the options that go with it worried about price we ve got rubber hoses that are an exceptional value need hose that can take the heat we ve designed hoses for high temperatures looking for hose to handle the most demanding conditions no problem we have hoses made specifically for tight bending abrasive environments and more not sure what hose you need talk to our experts they re trained to know and they re happy to help no-skive shave time not hose parker offers more noskive hose than any other manufacturer its advantage you don t have to remove the cover or inner tube to attach the crimped fitting directly to the hose reinforcement no-skive hose not only speeds assembly it eliminates needing skiving

hose specifics continued parker hose built to solve problems the best hose for your operation the one that gets the job done right bendable you bet looking for flexible hose that can be routed in tight spaces parker has a full line of compacttm hoses designed for one-half sae bend radius at full sae pressure these hoses plumb and bend tighter than other sae 100r1 100r2 100r4 and 100r12 type hoses reducing hose length requirements by up to 47 percent the tighter bend radius means fewer bent tube fittings and longer life in applications where machinery movement causes hoses to bend sharply it also means reduced inventory requirements for you in addition to maximum flexibility and excellent bendability parker compact hoses offer smaller outer diameters and abrasion resistant cover choices characteristics that make them the hoses of choice for mobile hydraulic systems agricultural machinery forestry equipment fork lifts construction machinery injection molding automotive and the paper

fittings information parker fittings the products of choice for custom and standard applications parker hose offers you more fitting sizes and configurations than any other manufacturer crimpable fittings parker parkrimp assemblies consist of no-skive hose and fittings permanently joined by one of our seven parkrimp machines the teeth in parker s crimped fittings bite down to the hose wire for a metal-to-metal grip with maximum integrity our one-piece fittings can be combined with more than 40 no-skive hose types to cover low medium and high-pressure applications as well as special application categories that can also be used with permanent crimped fittings we offer steel brass and stainless steel fittings from 3/16 to 3 with our steel fittings featuring a corrosion resistant plating that exceeds sae standards styles include o-ring face seal flare male pipe metric designs and many more all are compatible with the easyto-use parkrimp system of crimping machines when combined with our

parkrimp crimpers hose assemblies are easy with the parkrimp system since its introduction in 1980 the parkrimp family of crimping machines has led the industry in ease of use and rugged durability when it comes to hose assemblies no one puts it all together like parker from high-volume productivity to portable on-site assembly we offer a variety of crimping machines no-skive hoses and no-skive fittings to meet your needs with parkrimp equipment with parkrimp you benefit from a full length crimp our low profile design makes routing hose assemblies easy no-skive hoses and fittings combine with the parkrimp system to create high quality reliable hydraulic hose assemblies every time anyone can make factoryquality hose assemblies quickly easily and cost effectively parkrimp machines are simple to operate and they re built to provide years of dependable service seven parkrimp models ­ an entire family of crimpers ­ are available to meet your hose hint the parkrimp system is designed to

eight segment crimp dies provide a smooth even 360-degree crimp our linked crimp dies keep die segments together no loose parts to mismatch or misplace dies are color-coded by size for easy identification and reduced set-up time parker hose products division also offers a full line of crimping accessories including conversion kits cabinets cutoff saws push-on tables die racks and mandrel tool kits bottom-loading operation makes it easy to handle long hose assemblies parker s exclusive parkaligntm feature positions the fitting in the dies perfectly every time bench/floor mounted crimpers parkrimp 1 superkrimp phastkrimp parkrimp 2

parkrimp 2 · full cycle time 30 seconds without adapter bowl 20 seconds with adapter bowl · dimensions 28 wide 22 deep 70 high · main features a do all floor-mounted machine that will produce hose assemblies through 2 i.d six-spiral hose sae 100r13 and up to 1-1/2 i.d sae 100r15 · power options 230/460vac three phase 50/60 hz power unit or 230vac one phase 60 hz power unit parkrimp selection chart hose ax bxx ss23cg 201 206 213 221fr 225 244 266 271 285 293 302/301 301lt 304 341 351tc/st 381 422/421 421wc 424 426 431 436 451tc/st 471tc/st 472tc 482tc/st 601 701 711 721 721tc 721st 731 761 772tc/st 774 781 782tc 782st p35 791tc 792tc/st 811/811ht 881 spec sae/iso 100r2at 100r5 100r5 j1402 ai 100r3/j1942 j2064 type b class 1 j1402 aii karrykrimp phastkrimp superkrimp 2 parkrimp crimpers -4 16 -4 16 -6 10 -4 16 -4 16 -4 16 -5 16 -4 16 -16 -4 16 -6 8 -4 12 -4 16 -4 20 -4 16 -4 20 -6 20 -4 12 -4 20 -4 20 -4 16 -16 20 -4 16 -6 16 -4 20 -4 16 -20 -4 16 -4 16 -6 12 -6 20 -6 20

of parker products and meet specialized needs in addition we certify products for compliance with the latest u.s and european governmental and agency standards downloadable cad drawings downloadable cad drawings of parker fittings are available online at parkerhose.com they will allow you to check the form fit and function of the fitting before specifying the actual part state-of-the-art lab testing our world-class lab can assure you of world-class quality parker engineers recreate a whole host of physical and environmental conditions to accurately evaluate hose and fitting performance multiple test stations and the latest testing technology combine to assure the integrity custom manufacturing capabilities markets are shifting to replacing sections of hose with hard plumbing these custom projects can include tube fabrication and fittings not found anywhere else using custom tube and compound assemblies can reduce your overall costs and eliminate warranty issues completely custom

parkerstores parkerstores provide walk-in customers with the ability to select the parts they need in a retail environment customers can see and touch the parts they re considering and talk directly with professionallytrained sales staff when advice is needed with more than 1,200 locations in 58 countries parkerstores are yet another way customers can get back up and running again quickly and easily custom kits want to speed up assembly on the factory floor parker custom kits might be just what you re looking for from fittings and adapters to pre-made assemblies custom kits can hold a wide range of materials in the exact order and quantities you need what s the advantage streamlined procedures quicker assembly lower costs and a single part number for easier processing technical support education and training need help don t hesitate to ask our technicians and market-specific engineers can be found across the u.s and throughout the world to offer you engineering support fluid connector