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pull out keyboard shelf male pipe thread to male pipe thread gas shut off valve parker 15mm id tubing oxygen flow meter full face mask blow off valve pop off valve blow off valves oxygen shut off valve back lit lcd li ion battery sales adjustable pressure relief valves hose shut off valve supply shut off valve gas shut off valve air supply shut off valve gas shut off valves air hose assemblies quick release clips male female pipe threads stainless steel shelves air shut off valve air shut off valves uninterruptible power supply national pipe thread female to female pipe thread elbow male to female pipe thread elbow back lit lcd display air release valve wet and dry vac national pipe threads high flow air kit 9 16 unf thread 5 16 unf thread railing mounting bracket one way valve plastic plastic one way valve wet and dry filter 1 in tube x 1 in female cutter blade 40 x 12 x 15 parker reusable parker tube connector parker tube connector tube parker pressure gauge valve repair kit parker flow control parker parker flow controllers parker flow control parker o ring kit 7 parker quick disconnect parker seal kits parker needle valve 2 parker stainless steel tubing parker air regulators

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e l fi orpynapmoc parker healthcare pty ltd is an australian owned and operated medical supply company with offices located in all main states of australia and international offices in both new zealand and malaysia parker is dedicated to designing and supplying the latest and most innovative medical equipment of the highest quality accredited to australian and international standards where meticulous quality monitoring is a standard practice at all stages of production and supply we ensure that the relationship between customer and supplier is maintained and developed and that we work together towards continual improvement in the quality of care given to all patients our products and services hold a very high standard within australian and international hospitals covering various departments such as anaesthesia respiratory care maternity infant care emergency icu and cssd understanding our customers needs and expectations enables us to develop techniques and equipment to

anaesthesia anaesthesia respiratory filtration high efficiency particulate air hepa filter ph51050947 high efficiency particulate air hepa filter with gas sampling port 22f/15m to 22m/15f filter specifications filter efficiency filter type pressure drop compressible volume weight hepa>99.97 airborne particles 0.3mm in diameter naci filtration efficiency 99.97 per iso23328-1 hydrophobic pleated membrane 1.6cm h20 30l/min 65ml 48g heat and moisture exchange filters hmef series ph50497100 ph50400216 ph50400218 ph50400217 description hmef straight hmef midi straight hmef angled hmef midi angled part number ph50497100 ph50400216 ph50400218 ph50400217 connector 22f/15m-22m/15f 22f/15m-22m/15f 22f/15m-22m/15f 15m-22m/15f dead space 33.5ml 20ml 35ml 24ml tidal volume range 150~1200ml 60~500ml 150~1200ml 60~500ml pressure drop 0.15kpa@30l/min 0.21kpa@30l/min 0.14kpa@30l/min 0.23kpa@30l/min moisture output 38mgh2o/l 39mgh2o/l 38mgh2o/l 39mgh2o/l bacterial filtration

anaesthesia anaesthesia smooth-bor reusable tubing 22mm adult cuff reusable part number 22mm f 22mm f 22mm f blue cuff sb403-6 sb403-12 sb403-16 sb403-24 sb403-36 sb403-48 sb403-48bc sb403-52 sb403-60 sb403-60bc sb403-72 sb403-72-bc sb403-84 sb403-84bc sb403-96 sb403-96-bc sb403-108 sb403-120 sb403-120-bc length 150mm 6” 300mm 12” 400mm 16” 600mm 24” 900mm 36” 1.2m 48” 1.2m 48” 1.3m 52” 1.5m 60” 1.5m 60” 1.8m 72” 1.8m 72” 2.1m 84” 2.1m 84” 2.4m 96” 2.4m 96” 2.7m 108” 3.0m 120” 3.0m 120” bc blue cuff 15mm child cuff reusable 15mm f sb405-15-12 sb405-15-12he sb405-15-18 sb405-15-24 sb405-15-24he sb405-15-28 sb405-15-42he sb405-15-48 sb405-15-60 sb405-15-72 15mm f 15mm m part number hard end male end length 300mm 12” 300mm 12” 400mm 18” 600mm 24” 600mm 24” 700mm 28” 1.05m 42” 1.2m 48” 1.5m 60” 1.8m 72” he hard

anaesthesia anaesthesia endotracheal tubes oral preformed et tube high volume low pressure cuff with murphy eye epoc116-030 size id 3.0mm epoc116-035 size id 3.5mm epoc116-040 size id 4.0mm epoc116-045 size id 4.5mm epoc116-050 size id 5.0mm epoc116-055 size id 5.5mm epoc116-060 size id 6.0mm epoc116-065 size id 6.5mm epoc116-070 size id 7.0mm epoc116-075 size id 7.5mm Πhigh volume low pressure cuffs epoc116-080 size id 8.0mm Πresponsive pilot balloons epoc116-085 size id 8.5mm epoc116-090 size id 9.0mm epoc116-095 size id 9.5mm epoc116-100 size id 10.0mm Πsplit resistant radiopaque lines Πsmooth murphy eyes Πkink resistant thermo-sensitive tubes oral preformed et tube uncuffed with murphy eye epou115-020 size id 3.0mm epou115-025 size id 3.0mm epou115-030 size id 3.0mm epou115-035 size id 3.5mm epou115-040 size id 4.0mm epou115-045 size id 4.5mm epou115-050 size id 5.0mm epou115-055 size id 5.5mm epou115-060 size id 6.0mm epou115-065 size id 6.5mm epou115-070 size

oxygen therapy respiratory “vented” cpap full face and nasal masks “vented” reusable ‘comfo’ full face cpap mask s ps one piece shaping lightweight easy cleaning free loading made with medical liquid silicone odourless soft comfortable ergonomic design totally air-tight swivel connector design direction turn untrammeled mask integral floatable design quiet comfortable snug fitting in and out one-way valve design high safety carbon dioxide co2 easily discharged ph10243 ‘comfo’ full face mask small ph10244 ‘comfo’ full face mask medium ph10245 ‘comfo’ full face mask large oxygen therapy respiratory Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ “vented” reusable ‘comfo’ nasal face cpap mask s ps Œ headgear buckle with quick snap design easy and quick to fasten and Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ unfasten headgear soft comfortable easy to wear adjust clean

oxygen therapy respiratory 3 way adaptors and entonox administration 3-way adaptors ‘y’ body 551140/y 551141 551140/y 551141/y 3-way oxygen adaptor white 3-way air adaptor black oxygen therapy respiratory ‘t’ body 551140 551141 551142 551139/s 3-way oxygen adaptor white 3-way air adaptor black 3-way nitrous oxide adaptor blue 3-way suction adaptor yellow 551139/s 3-way adaptors with on/off valve on inlet handwheel side ‘y’ body g0188-s-oxy 3-way oxygen adaptor c/w on/off valve g0188-s-air 3-way air adaptor c/w on/off valve ‘t’ body ‘y’ body ‘t’ body g0187-s-oxy 3-way oxygen adaptor c/w on/off valve g0187-s-air 3-way air adaptor c/w on/off valve entonox analgesic administration system the system is a rugged demand inhalation unit for the administration of 50 nitrous oxide 50 oxygen analgesic gas mixture entonox the system is ideal for the relief of pain in a wide range of situations Œ Œ

infant care maternity atom infant incubator microfilters 60317 atom microfilter incubator filters protect the infant from airborne bacteria and other impurities which otherwise would be drawn into the incubator with the ambient air on inspecting the filter weekly when incubators are cleaned or an infant discharged it becomes apparent how much debris is captured even in a spotless nicu the microfilter core bacterial filtration efficiency 99 is fully sealed in a water repellent hypoallergenic membrane this locks-in all loose fibres but is permeable to air oxygen all atom microfilters are clearly labelled for easy identification infant care maternity 60317 filter elements fits atom v-80tr v-808 pkt 5 60332 f4e atom microfilter fits atom v-80 v-850 and v-85 prior to year 2000 pkt 5 60322 f6e atom microfilter fits atom v-2200 v-2100g and v-85 after year 2000 pkt 5 60269 pneumoclean electrostatic filter fits atom v-707 incu i rabee incu i

infant care maternity infant nasal cpap cpap kit in blister pack pp pe c pvc kit consists of nasal prong 1.2m x natural 10mm id tubing 1.2m x blue 10mm id tubing co2 line bonnet velcro strips and 2 x 10mm connectors part no size description ph12000 0 complete cpap kit in blister case ph12001 1 complete cpap kit in blister case ph12002 2 complete cpap kit in blister case ph12003 3 complete cpap kit in blister case ph12004 4 complete cpap kit in blister case ph12005 5 complete cpap kit in blister case equin supplied in poly bag pp pvc part no size description infant care maternity ph12000-2 0 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag ph12001-2 1 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag ph12002-2 2 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag ph12003-2 3 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag ph12004-2 4 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag ph12005-2 5 prong with adaptor x4 in poly bag cpap kit with bonnet and velcro in blister case pp c pe part no patient weight suggested size size description ph12000-3 0 prong with


hospital furniture hospital furniture and accessories stoo0267 stoo0267 surgeon stool foot operated height 530 710mm no backrest stoo0262 surgeon stool hand operated height 530 710mm no backrest stoo0270 surgeon stool foot operated height 530 710mm backrest stoo0265 surgeon stool hand operated height 530 710mm backrest clea0147 clearing trolley 900 x 490 x 900mm 2 shelf stainless steel construction clea0150 clearing trolley 900 x 490 x 900mm 3 shelf stainless steel construction stoo0262 stoo0270 stoo0265 clea0150 parker healthcare pty ltd australia ph +61 3 9872 0222 fax +61 3 9873 5911 email parker healthcare sdn bhd malaysia ph +60 3 6243 5848 fax +60 3 6242 7625 email parker healthcare nz ltd new zealand ph +64 9 415 8542 fax +64 9 415 9672 email page 217 hospital furniture

sales and sevice australia malaysia new zealand wide some products and services may not be available to malaysian and new zealand customers due to distribution agreements all content subject to change without prior notification parker healthcare pty ltd parker healthcare sdn bhd parker healthcare nz ltd 16 redland drive mitcham vic 3132 australia phone +61 3 9872 0222 facsimile +61 3 9873 5911 e-mail no 22 jalan udang harimau 2 medan niaga kepong 51200 kuala lumpur malaysia phone +60 3 6243 5848 facsimilie +60 3 6242 7848 e-mail po box 101042 nsmc north shore city 0745 auckland nz phone +64 9 415 8524 facsimile +64 9 415 9672 e-mail