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sterilisation cassette autoclaves a level of interactivity never seen before statim 2000 g4 touch a large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages current cycle information and customizable colours all with extraordinary clarity fully adjustable contrast levels let you optimize the screen to the lighting in your steri-centre g4-152314 autoclave statim 5000 g4 g4-222313 autoclave connect through your networked portal you can view not only your statim’s current operations in real time you can also access cycle history printing and validation information and also sterilisation records capable of sending emails with cycle information errors directly to your dealer your statim g4 will let qualified technicians know when service is imminent sterilisation protect patient safety relies on attention to detail the statim g4 supports verifiable processes that are pin protected with user-defined ids so that staff members can be required to

sterilisation cassette autoclaves statim ultra slim large capacity 5000s with drying cycle statim 5000s benchtop cassette steam steriliser w with thermal printer series 5000s with large capacity multi-purpose cassette s Πrapid 9 minute sterilisation cycle Πintegrated thermal printer for accurate recording Πlarge capacity cassette tray Πeasy one touch cycle start Πchoice of 4 cycles Πdrying available on all cycles Πultra-thin wall cassettes which allow for rapid heating and cooling Πsafe gentle and fast Πconforms to european s standard specification en13060 statim 5000s the statim cassette autoclave features an automatic forced-air cool to eliminate post 01-222318 statim 5000s cassette autoclave cycle corrosion the use of fresh distilled water guarantees no baked-on residue anywhere sterilisation the most efficient sterilising process available today the statim s cycle has been approved and passes the new

sterilisation cassette autoclaves statim 7000 the chamber alternative the newest member of the statim family features the most exciting innovations in the industry the statim 7000 is built for the highest turn-around efficiency and is the ultimate in speed and capacity it exceeds the overall statim 7000 series autoclave features throughput of most conventional autoclaves making it a perfect choice for any business practice sican’s unique dri-tecs drying technology produces outstanding drying performance through the use of super-heated steam an industry first unlike many common conventional autoclaves that utilise open Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ Œ 12 minute unwrapped cycle 15 minute wrapped cycle 12 minute dri-tecs drying technology operates on tap water sterilises up to 10 pouched packages holds two 200mm x 280mm instrument management cassettes rfid seal technology easy serviceability removable water reservoir 01-722001 statim

sterilisation cassette autoclave accessories 01-2oz473s stat-dri 59 ml 2 oz spray bottle 01-8oz473t stat-dri 237 ml 8 oz bottle t473 trigger for stat-dri 237 ml 8 oz bottle 01-32oz473 stat-dry 950 ml 32 oz refill bottle replacement biological filter 0.042 micron suit statim 2000 5000 series 01-100008a statim 2000 series complete cassette 01-100028s statim 2000 cassette seal replacement kit 01-101613s statim 5000 series cassette 01-101649s statim 5000 cassette seal replacement kit sterilisation 01-102119s parker healthcare pty ltd australia ph +61 3 9872 0222 fax +61 3 9873 5911 email parker healthcare sdn bhd malaysia ph +60 3 6243 5848 fax +60 3 6242 7625 email parker healthcare nz ltd new zealand ph +64 9 415 8542 fax +64 9 415 9672 email page

sterilisation cassette autoclave accessories 01-104104 statim l 5000 series extended cassette 01-104337s statim l 5000 series extended evaluation cassette examination size cassette for 5 instruments eg exam set-up size 60mmw x 178mml x 15mmd sys-tm2 handpiece surgical size cassette for 7 instruments eg prophy set-up size 60mmw x 178mml x 28mmd sys-tm3 hygene size cassette for 12 instruments eg root planning set-up size 120mmw x 178mml x 15mmd sys-tm4 operative set-up cassette for 15 instruments eg amalgam set-up size 170mmw x 268mml x 28mmd sterilisation sys-tm1 page 202 parker healthcare pty ltd australia ph +61 3 9872 0222 fax +61 3 9873 5911 email parker healthcare sdn bhd malaysia ph +60 3 6243 5848 fax +60 3 6242 7625 email parker healthcare nz ltd new zealand ph +64 9 415 8542 fax +64 9 415 9672 email

sterilisation cassette autoclave accessories secur-a-tag security ties ΠΠΠΠΠΠideal for sealing containers contains writable contents tag tamper-evident design assortment of colours easy to use loop insert pull write-on identification tag secures up to 45mm diameter hundreds of uses 73287-50/a security ties assorted colours 10 of each colour box of 50 73287-50/b security ties blue only box of 50 73287-50/g security ties green only box of 50 73287-50/p security ties pink only box of 50 73287-50/r security ties red only box of 50 73287-50/y security ties yellow only box of 50 blue while traveling note colours may vary slightly from pictured items green in the home pink sterilisation at the office yellow secur-a-tag the essential traveling companion in the garden page 204 red parker healthcare pty ltd australia ph +61 3 9872 0222 fax +61 3 9873 5911 email parker healthcare sdn bhd

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