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dayton audio omnimic precision measurement system catalog audio video and speaker building components wiremaster xr 5 lan cable test sets 6mm hex to square drive adapter parts express cbt line array speaker system 8 pin mini din female plug 20 amp fast blowing fuse 9 pin miniature pc mount gold plated socket 8 pin mini din male to jack plug right angle 8 pin mini din plug right angle 5 pin mini din plug right angle 9 pin mini din plug right angle 13 pin mini din plug ato in line holder 26 awg stranded hook up wire switch mode power supply price list motorola type antenna plug 300 ohm to 75 ohm adapter testing 12 volt 20 amp plug ins cigarette plug in pioneer car audio video 5k audio taper potentiometer speaker dust caps 20k audio taper potentiometer audio taper potentiometer speaker grill cloth spring post speaker terminal pioneer car audio speakers pioneer car audio connectors pioneer car audio pioneer car audio 95 pioneer car audio 2011 speaker wire 9 conductor stranded 10 pin mini din video plug pioneer car audio setting audio grade resistor fender guitars and basses pioneer car audio time setting car audio installation price list digital home theater 2011 audio speaker aluminum dust caps 16 pins car audio instaling identifications in wall speaker frame and grille kits 300 ohm to 75 ohm end of line video latch and release industrial soft dome midrange hollow wall anchor hollow wall anchors carbon fiber cone woofer female pl 259 female n 5 sealed back midrange delta pro 12a vga gender changers keystone wall plates pioneer ts t110 carbon monoxide detectors

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new at parts express dayton audio dta-100a class-t digital amplifier dayton audio tt25-16 puck tactile transducer shake it a lot for a little the audio fidelity of a class ab amplifier combined with the efficiency of class d page 24 page 199 dayton audio ps series point source neo drivers who says a single driver can t do it all dayton audio pa series pro audio woofers bass punch durability accuracy and bangfor-the-buck page 173 page 215 talos surveillance systems presonus studiolive digital mixers once you ve gone digital there s no going back protection for your family your home and all of your cool stuff page 72 page 251 rcf precision transducers sure electronics class d class t amplifier boards gourmet class d class t audio is now available at fast-food prices made in italy used by audio professionals around the world page 144 page 208 other new and expanded product lines at parts express page page page page 113 high quality tools iphone/ipod/ipad accessories 44 surveillance

home audio video cables adapters dayton audio hdmi to dvi cables ·supportsresolutionsupto1920x1080p ·greatforconnectinghigh-endpcstohdtvs ·shieldedtwistedpairconstruction ·lowsignalloss dayton audio cables have the value and performance you demand and the quality of construction that you expect for your dollar dayton audio high-speed cl3-rated hdmi cables ·supportsresolutionsupto1600p,refresh ratesupto120hz,and48-bitdeepcolor ·cl3-ratedjacketforpermanentin-wallinstallations ·atccertifiedhdmiv1.3bcategory2 forspeedsupto340mhz10.2gbps ·hdcpcompliant 28 awg part mfg length list price price 1-3 price 4-up 181-740 181-741 181-742 hddv-1m hddv-2m hddv-3m 1m3.3ft 2m6.6ft 3m9.9ft $22.99 27.99 32.99 $17.60 21.17 24.86 $16.76 20.16 23.68 dayton audio hdtv adapters #181-752 part mfg #181-756 description #181-762 list price price 1-3 price 4-up 24 awg list price price 1-3 price 4-up 181-752 181-754 181-756 181-758 181-760 181-762 ehdf-dvm edvf-hdm hdf-f dvf-f dvm-hd15f dvi part

home audio video wall plates wired home rj45 network/telephone splitter/combiner kit ·allowssignalstobesentoverasinglecategorycable ·designedtoexpandexistingnetworkinstallations wiredhometel/netlinesplittersaretheperfectwayto maximizethesignalcapacityofyourinstalled network.onlytwoofthefourpairsona categorynetworkcableareusedforstandard 10/100ethernetapplications,allowingyouto piggybacksignalsontotheunusedpairfora singlecablerunfortwoadditionalsystems;especially usefulforexpandingexistingnetworkruns.soldinpairs,thetel/netline splittersfeaturetworj45portsforsysteminput/outputononeside,anda singlecat5eoutput/inputplugontheotherforconnectingtoanetworkjack platinum tools ez-rj connectors ·thruholesallowwirepairs tobeinsertedthrufrontof connector ·workswithsolidor strandedwire ·simpleonepiecedesign nobarsorliners ·fcccompliant,ulrated ·useincategory3,5,5e,and 6compliantdatanetworks ·eztoverifywiresequence ·fasterterminations stopwastingtimeandmoneyusingstandard

cyanoacrylate adhesives cyanoacrylates have become the adhesive of choice for most hobby and household applications when properly used cyanoacrylates feature fast setting times long shelf life and form bonds that in some cases are stronger than the original material itself parts accessories tools tech aids speaker repair glue speciallyformulatedforgluingsur ounds r todriverbasketsandmanytypesof conematerialsexcludingpolycones alsorecommendedforgluingspeaker dustcaps.plasticbottlecontains1oz ofadhesive spray adhesives hi-strength 90 spray adhesive hi-strength90provideshighcontactbondstrengthandisideal forbondingdecorativelaminate totablesandshelves,adhering polyethyleneandpolypropyleneto woodandmetal,orattachingplastic signletteringtowood.oneminute dryingtime.featuresavariable widthspraypatternwithlowmisting spraycontrol.24fl.oz.aerosol super glue curesin1-3seconds,thiswater-thin visco itycyanoacrylateadhesive s wicksdeepintojointsbycapillary action.achievesfullstrengthinjust1

parts accessories made in canada vacuum tubes audio amp parts hammond output and power transformers are well known for producing an audiophile quality amplifier these designs feature x type bell end mounts with a black matte finish end bells include knockouts for above chassis wiring units include 40 screen grid tap for ultra-linear operation and 4 8 and 16 ohm secondary taps plus 8 insulated flexible leads frequency response is 30-30,000 hz ±1 db max ref 1 khz at full output power push-pull classic ultra-linear audio output transformers designed for push-pull tube out put circuits these transformers include 40 screen grid taps for ultra-linear operation black matte finish enclosed filter chokes enclosed 4-hole mounted chokes are perfect for high voltage power supply filtering tolerance of 15 on both inductance and resistance inductances measured at rated dc current minimum 8 long leads units will exhibit less inductance at slightly higher currents or more at lower currents

speaker building drivers reference series woofers the reference series woofers set a new standard of value in high-performance loudspeaker drivers they deliver exceptional clarity detail and dynamics ·oneofthelowestdistortion,highest resolution driver series available ·4ohmversionisidealforhigh-end car audio applications ·low-distortionhigh-excursionmotor system with two short-circuit paths ·compliantsuspensionandrigidblackanodized aluminum cone for strong bass performance ·heavy-duty6-holecastframe,low-lossrubber surround and solid aluminum phase plug rs100-4 4 full-range driver 4 ohm wattsmax·vcdia:1 ·le:0.41mh·impedance 4ohms·re:3.0ohms·frequencyrange:80-20,000hz ·fs:80hz·spl:84.2db1w/1m·vas:0.07cu.ft ·qms:3.10·qes:0.57·qts:0.48·xmax:4mm ·dimensions:a:3-7/8 b:2-7/8 c:2-1/16 specifications ·powerhandling:30wattsrms/45 #295-378 $34 .99 list $26.71 1-3 $25.44 4-up rs125-4 5 woofer 4 ohm

pro audio speakers drivers horns eminence gamma series ·ferritemagnet ·pressedsteelbasket ·papercone,cloth coneedge ·forallhighpowerbass applicationsincluding bassguitar eminence delta series ·ferritemagnet ·pressedsteelbasket ·papercone,clothconeedge ·solidcompositionpaperdustcap the art science of sound delta-10 350w drivers performanceoptimizedformidrangein3-way systemsandmid-bassin2-waysystems.also suitableforbassguitar,keyboards,clubmusic systems,andstagemonitors rms·vcdia:2.5 ·le:0.74/0.79mh·impedance 8/16ohms·re:5.42/11.6ohms·frequencyrange:63-3,700/71-3,700hz ·magnetweight:56oz.·fs:66/65hz·spl:98.8/98db1w/1m·vas 1.1/1.27cu.ft.·qms:6.53/8.34·qes:0.35·qts:0.33·xmax:3.5/1.8mm ·dimensions:a:10.09 b:9.05 c:4.25 specifications ·powerhandling:350watts gamma-15a-2 300w driver recommendedforventedprofessionalaudioenclosuresasamid/hiorfullrangeandmonitor;alsoforbassguitar mh·impedance:8ohms·re:5.98ohms·frequencyrange:48-3,300

pro audio 70v commercial atlas sound fap40t 4 ceiling system pair ·tuned&porteddesignfor extended bass response ·16wattinternaltransformer with 8 ohm transformer bypass setting ·lowprofile,ul1480plastic enclosure ·inputvia2poleterminalstrip ·press-fitgrillblendsperfectly into contemporary architecture ·lightweightconstructionmakes use of additional support in drywall ceilings unnecessary ·easyinstallationvia dogleg mountingsystemand included tile bridges ·perfectcompanionwiththefapsubsubwoofersystem pyle pro 2-way ceiling speakers ·greatentrylevelspeakers ·installationhardwareincluded ·1 dometweeteroneachmodel ·industry-standarddog-earmountingsystem pyle pro ceiling speakers create immediate gratifying results from a small investment each speaker is made of industry standard materials and features a pivoting tweeter 70v versions facilitate distributed audio installations where long runs and multiple speakers are necessary part description list price price price 1-3 4-up

pro audio case cabinet hardware 3mtm super 77 spray adhesive a high-tack fast-drying transparent adhesive to permanently attach carpeting cloth foils foams etc to wood metal painted orunpaintedsurfaces.highinitialgrabwithsufficienttimeto position materials 3 spray pattern head actuator 16.75 oz net wt contains 24 fl oz acoustic wall tile ul 94 acoustic wall tiles are designed to trap and deflect sound energy they are made of open cell polyester foam that s flame retardant in accordance with ul 94 hf-1 flammability testing the design is very pleasing to the eye while offering outstanding sound absorption qualities making them the perfect solution for rehearsal studios auditoriums home theaters broadcast booths and more practical one square foot tile size can be easily installed in any size room with spray adhesive double sided tape contact cement or glue/caulk sold in cases of 16 12 x 12 x 2 tiles 16 sq ft 4 ft x 4 ft coverage area per case charcoal gray color #340-255

pyramid marine speaker pairs · designed for marine/outdoor use · dual cone speaker · abs basket with built-in grill · magnet assembly is completely enclosed making it water resistant · includes wire and mounting hardware car audio marine electronics dual mxdm70 am/fm/cd/mp3 wma weather band marine receiver with iplugtm interface $15.96 4 prs-up · mp3/wma encoded cd-r/rw playback · displays mp3 wma tags · 7-channel weather band · cd-r compatible · random/repeat/intro · 30 station presets · detachable face · uv resistant face and trim ring · conformal coated circuit boards · electronic volume bass treble balance fader · rca preamp outputs · rca auxiliary inputs · iplugtm interface · positive liquid crystal display · power output 50 watts x 4 max · optional wired remote control model mwr30 available mdc6 specifications 5-1/4 woofer · impedance 4 ohms · frequency response 50-16,000 hz · mounting depth 1-7/8 · power handling 50 watts rms/100 watts max #265-288