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how to hot rod vw or air cooled engines main causes broken timing belts or oil starvation it can be done without removing the alternator before buying how to keep your volkswagen alive vw vr6 spark plug wire removal tool do it yourself strut rebuilding kit volkswagen power steering pump rebuild kits how to hot rod volkswagen engines zf power steering pump rebuild kits vr6 power steering pump rebuild kits spark plug wire removing tool vw vr6 two speed radiator fan switch 12 point allen star wrench how to rebuild your vw engine the inside of the golf 4 gti the inside of the golf 5 gti power steering pump rebuild kits how to volkswagen corrado vr6 wheel bearings volkswagen tdi high volume oil pump vw bus parts 1971 bus exhaust vw bus parts 1971 bus vw bus parts 1971 bus engine vw jetta engine parts engine volkswagen manual transmission repair manual 1969 volkswagen air cooled engine air conditioning parts vw air cooled engine how to rebuild your volkswagen air cooled engine how to rebuild your volkswagen type 4 engine parts for the hood release under the hood of a vw bug constant velocity joints cv joints vw passat timeing belt belt tensioner heater blower motor resistor 1993 heater blower motor resistor location vw jetta front strut assembly turn signal switches beetle passat rear wiper arm cap vw golf jetta passat shift lever 93 99 vr6 spark plug wires 01 vw passat timing belt rabbit rear wiper arm cap cold start valve 93 vw golf vw 98 jetta front strut assembly vw beetle air cooled engine bosch diesel injection pump special tools hydraulic clutch slave cyl vw diesel tdi injection pump power steering rack rebuild kits zf vw magnetic oil drain plug vw vanagon rear window glass side window glass power steering rack rebuild kits trw 5 cylinder diesel engine rebuild kits trw rack and pinion steering vw engine push rod tubes vw jetta cat back exhaust systems vw golf owners manual golf iv

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bentley service manuals manuals official volkswagen ® parts that are common to multiple cars jetta /golf 93-99.5 cabriolet 95-02 ® ® ® bentley manuals rule robert manuals are official vw® these are the best damn manuals you will ever find short of talking to the engineers who designed your car the bentley manual is written in a readable understandable way yet treats you as if you were working as a mechanic at a volkswagen® dealership the money you can save by buying and using one of these is truly incredible many of the answers for your tech calls that we take day-in and day-out come directly from the pages of the bentley manual some people read novels off the best-seller list for enjoyment well i have every bentley manual printed for the water-cooled vws® at home and i read them in much the same way for enjoyment but also for profit over the years i have saved thousands of dollars fixing my car myself and i would not have been able to do it without the procedures torque

project special offers tdi glow plugs bosch as cheap as others sell aftermarket bosch set of 4 new #sn19392 $89.95 ·starter ·injectors ·alternator ·glow plugs plugs parts that are common to multiple cars help your starter and your battery with new glow 4 new vw® audi® diesels from `77-95 all non tdi bosch fast plugs #sn20747 69.95 these will fit all golf® jetta® `85-92 gas 8v not 16v with or without ac they are 90o mounts sold without pulley these are brand new bosch units new not bosch remanufactured these should last 250,000 miles sold without pulley these are new bosch 14v/65a 90o mount short these will fit all golf® jetta® `85-92 diesels with ac they are 90o mounts sold without pulley these are brand new bosch units new not bosch remanufactured these should last 250,000 miles sold without pulley alt 1 dealer price $294.00 our reg price #sn18658 $179.95 special discount -30.00 if asked for by this code

shift into gear a shifter rod bushing this is the bushing that supports the main shift rod as it comes through its support bracket the dealer sells the whole bracket assembly only not just the bushing if this bushing is worn out most 10 year old plus cars your shifter will not operate properly or feel right replace it above with the other small bushings in our shifter bushing kit golf/jetta 4 cyl gas 93-99.5 cab 80-93 main shifter rod bushing #sn12787 $5.95 shifter bushing kit w above bushing #sn10664 .14.95 1 2 b worn relay ball we couldn t believe the car could actually shift with this ball the owner said he could do it but no one else relay shaft the relay shaft is what is used to get the transmission into gear if the ball either sticks or wears down shifting is either a battle to get it into first or reverse or it s just not smooth our solution is either replace the ball or replace the entire relay shaft we had the balls manufactured out

s diesel cam belt installing tools tech tip these speciality vw tools were designed to solve a specific problem on your vw® study them in some cases they just make the job easier other times it is impossible to do the job without the tool fo specialty vw tools parts common to rabbit jetta golf fox scirocco `77-92 daily driver section e o ly® to ar di r t r for volkswagen and audi ® ® fo 19.95 #3506 vw® audi® strut shock nut socket for golf®/jetta® `85-92 this tool is necessary for disassembling reassembling a strut assembly after it s off the car to change springs inserts or bearings #3507 #3503 9 95 this tool has been designed to aid in the changing of the camshaft drive belt in operation it locks the bosch diesel injection pump sprocket in position this allows the drive belt to be removed without the injector loosing its general timing position if the drive belt has been broken or is missing this tool will locate the general timing position of the pump as called for in

shake shimmy rattle and roll clunk time to change your struts it s quick and easy parts common to rabbit jetta golf fox scirocco `77-92 daily driver section no mystery you can do-ityourself a very common repair for all rabbits® golfs ® jettas® and sciroccos® is replacing the front struts springs and or bearings don t be suckered in discount muffler shops advertise new struts for $149.95 but when you finally drive out the bill is $800 if your car has any miles on it particularly if over 75,000 you ll need more than strut inserts and while the inserts are listed for a low price if you re charged $200 for springs and $187 for a top bearing more for snubbers etc your $149.95 strut job is now $657 or more your car s apart what can you do torque the nuts twist and pull down the strut so that it aligns with the bottom holes you may have to move the control arm for proper alignment put the 17mm bolts in make sure the eccentric one is on top and that the washer is aligned with the

vw engines 1100cc all aluminum including block new 20 to choose from in various configurations engine no 01208 engine no 01209 engine no 01209 engine no 01207 engine no 01204 engine no 01203 brand new we purchased these from vw s industrial engine division when they closed we believe they were approximately 2003 5 polo engines from europe we have approximately 20 engines some are in the crate from the assembly plant some made into but never run prototypes of various industrial applications some propane will sell one or all or some price for one from $1500 $1999.95 price of 3 or all would be less what do you want to build -car -airplane very light -project we have 20 in various configurations no we do not have technical data we can t get if you know what they are we would like the info call jack 248 373-2300 t-90

golf iii ®/jetta iii ® cabriolet® 1993-99.5 1995-02 cooling system piston and rings 2.0 l 4 cylinder 1.9 td diesel and tdi each vr6® pist o n ri ng sets standard #sn10862 .79.95 #sn17823 .39.95 #sn13367 .189.95 these occasionally fail and fool you into thinking you have a blown head gasket by mixing oil and antifreeze together if you find oil in your coolant or vice-versa but no other symptoms of a blown head gasket you oil cooler may be bad also if you spin a bearing or chew up a piston and get metal shavings in you oil you should definitely replace the cooler as there is no 100 effective way to flush all the shavings out fits all 2.0 l gas and 1.9 l diesel and tdi® new #sn1535 109.95 recycled #sn33346 .45.00 1 2 oil coolers 4 cylinder gas and diesel `93 `94-99.5 vr6® `93-99.5 radiators #sn11378 .139.95 #sn13099 .119.95 #sn15406 .239.92 v a-3®jetta® golf® gti® cabrio® `93-99.5 4 4 cylinder gas and diesel `93-99.5#sn14654 139.95 vr6® `93-99.5#sn18020

tail lights golf/jetta /new beetle 99.5-08 98-08 starter select your engine and transmission from the chart below to find the correct starter for your application 5 spd manual 4 spd auto 5 spd auto jetta® driver passenger #sn16408 .79.95 #sn16409 79.95 window regulators boy have we seen a lot of these go bad usually what happens is the window falls down in the door and won t roll back up which is o.k if it s warm outbut not hot dry and you can park the car in a closed garage everywhere you go otherwise it might be a little inconvenient manual windows front left golf ®/jetta® 4 dr #sn17999 99.95 golf ® 2dr #sn19448 .109.95 new beetle® #sn19394 .89.95 right ® ® golf /jetta 4 dr #sn18000 99.95 golf ® 2dr #sn19449 .109.95 new beetle® #sn19395 .89.95 manual windows rear left golf ®/jetta® #sn16642 .124.94 right ® ® golf /jetta #sn16643 .124.95 power windows front left golf ®/jetta® 4 dr

248 373-2300 fax 248 373-5950 don t be such a clutch beetle thing super beetle ghia ® ® ® ® carburetor kits rebuild it yourself there are a couple of things to do to make your carb rebuilding successful after dismantling the carb soak the body in a cleaning solvent and then blow and clean with compressed air otherwise you are wasting your time and money because all of those little fuel passages must be clean taking the new kit and putting the carb back together won t solve your problem otherwise carburetor rebuild kit bug® all #sn1611 14.95 rebuilding a carburetor without installing or replacing an inline fuel filter between the fuel pump and the carb is fuelishness any vw® used only in the summer should also have an inline fuel filter to collect winter fuel tank crud inline fuel filter all carbureted vw® #sn1633 2.95 carburetor spring all beetles® #sn1403 2.00 carburetor base

v anagon mini catalog this mini catalog lists 2315 of the approximately 7500 things we carry for `79 92 vanagons® it s divided into parts partsplaceinc ® · · · · · · common parts all years air-cooled diesel 1.9 `83 85 vanagon® 2.1 `86 92 vanagon® syncro® the world as seen from the inside of a vanagon® camper 248 373-2300 many other items from spark plugs to diesel fuel filters are listed in our base or cover catalogs look for them there also if you can t find it just ask plumbing vanagon® camper parts note camper stuff is final sale not returnable original equipment manufacturer and distributor of volkswagen ® bus ® and vanagon ®/westfalia camper parts a flourescent light b incandescent light #sn17182 $38.80 #sn17183 $25.00 a single water faucet #sn17191 b double water faucet #sn17192 86.60 c switch plate #sn17193 c 12 v display panel #sn17184 251.00 d faucet #sn17189 e.s-trap #sn17190 $58.08 64.95 bus vanagon eurovan ® section d breathpipe e