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brains brains who s got the brains electrical these control modules engine management and anti-lock brakes electronic transmissions on-board computers collect information and respond with output in a pre-programmed manner this pre-programming has given the engineers very precise control over vehicle systems changing this programming after-market performance chips has given the modern hot -rodder a unique way to improve the vehicle s performance but not necessarily its longevity all the water-cooled gaspowered vw cars from `81-up use a coolanttemp sensor to tell the fuel-injection computer what temperature the engine is running at the sensor does this by sending the computer a resistance signal in ohms that changes with temperature the computer then adjusts the amount of fuel sent to the engine based on this signal the symptoms of a bad coolant temp sensor can be an engine that starts hard or misses when cold but runs fine when warm another symptom is an engine that loads up the spark plugs and runs rich for no apparent reason ignition good you can easily test these sensors with a simple ohm meter the resistance values ohms are in the bentley manual and a new coolant temp sensor is relatively inexpensive you can even install it yourself we have them new the electronic control modules ecm or electronic control units ecu are the gathering point for electrical signals that come from a variety of on-board sensors these sensors detect everything engine rpm to temperature wheel speed throttle position to electrical load etc you get the idea note electronic control module if a control module is malfunctioning it can be a serious problem we take the electronic components out of good-running vehicles and sell them guaranteed to perform as new if you or your mechanic have diagnosed a faulty unit call us with the part number right off the part and we ll get you a replacement quick and at a great price and used give us a call sensor 16v `86-92 #sn15519 29.95 sensor water neck g/j `83-84 #sn37818 $39.95 on hose connector rabbit `81-84 and others pipe with red connector #sn3057 $31.95 golf /jetta /passat `93-99.5 4 pin black/yellow #sn16802 $19.95 sensor blue plastic 2 pin most `88-94 golf/jetta/passat #sn13313 $19.95 golf/jetta/new beetle/passat `99 05 4 pin blue #sn18309 19.95 4 pin brown sn17961 $call electronic control module your engine gas or tdi has a control module and if you have an automatic transmission then your transmission has one too these are a little tricky to diagnose and they re not returnable so make sure that the ecm is actually your problem before you call while you re testing it note the part we will need it to ensure we get you the correct one prices vary but are generally between $250 and $450 coolant temperature sensors any number of poor running conditions can be caused by a bad coolant temp sensor sometimes it s easy to diagnose if the car runs poorly when cold but fine when it s warm or vice versa it s probably the temp sensor likewise if your temperature gauge on the dash stops working but everything else works fine it s probably a sensor sometimes though it s harder to diagnose the car won t start poor fuel economy rough running these can all be caused by a bad temp sensor temp sensors are held in by a single clip and are easy to replace since all the sensors are the same size the easiest way to identify the sensor when ordering is to pull the plug and note the color of the sensor and the number of pins on the connector and then match it up from the list below color pins part our price 15.95 grey white 2 #sn13315 black yellow 4 #sn16802 19.95 blue white 4 #sn18804 24.95 blue 2 #sn13313 19.95 black and white 2 #sn18805 29.95 brown 4 #sn18806 19.95 black green 2 #sn18807 39.95 don t forget clips and o-rings 1.95 clips #sn19686 o-ring #sn16285 1.95 beetle `75 79 #sn32373 $250.95 vanagon `80 83 aircooled bus 79 only w manual trans #sn32373 $250.95 rabbit/scirocco `80 81 #sn32353 $100.95 rabbit/jetta/pickup `82 84 gti `83`84 #sn32354 $135.95 quantum `82 84 scirocco `82 86 cis w black fuel dist #sn32783 $150.95 rabbit gti/jetta/golf `83 87 only works w csi fuel systems w/black fuel dist #sn36803 $135.95 golf/jetta `85 87 std csi-e w/silver dist fox `87 93 #sn32919 $200.95 golf/gti/jetta/gli 8v `85 88 #sn32920 $99.95 golf/jetta `88 92 digifant w/digifant fuel injection non-16 valve #sn32358 $300.95 golf/jetta/scirocco 16v 1.8l `86 90 16v only #sn35922 $300.95 jetta `89 92 w/1.8l 5 spd manual trans ac #sn16125 $495.95 golf/jetta/passat `89 92 16v eng #sn16124 $499.95 gli 16v abs w/o elec diff lock `89 92 passat 16v `90 94 #sn33840 $300.95 golf/jetta `93 98 2.0 8v #sn38072 $350.95 corrado `93.5 94 vr6 manual trans only coil pack ignition only #sn18174 $400.95 passat auto trans `90 93 #sn38191 $300.95 corraddo abs w/electonic diff lock vr6 `92`95 passat vr6 `93 94 #sn38847 $385.95 passat vr6 `96 97 #sn38885 $350.95 euro-spec tdi afn code golf/jetta iii `96 99 w/immobilizer #sn18376 $699.95 248 373 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