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vw bus tow bar in Volkswagen Parts by PartsPlace Inc.

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don t exceed the hitch or the vehicle s towing capacity you can t tow a 30 boat with ... any vw® read the hitch manufacturers ... instructions bus® `73-79 sn3755 . ... 139.95 bus® `73-79 recycled sn35180 ... receiver type hitch golf® 85-90 a tow bar is what you attach to the front of a ... car if you want to tow it a trailer hitch is what you bolt on ... to the back of the car to tow a trailer with never use a tow bar ... safety chains an extra cost option a a tow bar attaches to the lower front axle ... ball #sn10753 2 ball 97.43 64.95 74.95 tow bars on the super beetle® the tow bar ... car and can be permanently attached the tow bar mounts to the plate with easily ... others call z b this semi-universal tow bar will bolt through the front bumper ...
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