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2008 Wheels, Axles & Brakes by Paughco

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Catalogue: Paughco 2008 Wheels, Axles & Brakes
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Paughco, Inc.
30 Cowee Drive
Carson City, NV 89706-7734

Toll Free 800-423-2621
Local (775) 246-5738

Toll Free 800-538-7916
Local (775) 246-0372

Office Hours
7:00AM - 3:30PM Pacific Time
Monday thru Friday

2008 Wheels, Axles & Brakes is listed here

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2008 rear axle 21 80 spoke wheel 40 spoke wheels 80 spoke wheel axle kit axle kits axle nut axle nut kit axle nuts front wheel brake front wheel sheet metal hydraulic brake parts paughco brakes paughco springer axle rear axle rear axle kit rear axles riser springer sheet metal brake spoke wheel spoke wheels spoked wheels springer axle springer axle spacer springer front forks brake

Selected page of 2008 Wheels, Axles & Brakes

springers t/trees &forks frames suspension lighting handlebars &risers 40 80-s poke w heels 232-a80f gas&oil tanks wheels axles brakes 228-s40r sheet metal foot controls paughcoisproudtoannounceitsnewspokewheelprogramto helpyoubuildorenhanceyourperfectride!theseaffordable 40-spokeassembliesfeaturechromespokesandachrome steelhubwithcustomhubcapstohidethemountinghardware they redesignedforpre­2000applicationswithtimkenbearings.thebearingsarepre-setatthefactoryandreadyfor installation front wheels 231-s40f 21 x2.15 forsinglediscdynawideglides fxsoftailsexcepth-dspringermodelsand 4-speedfxwgmodelsfrom1984­1999,as wellasallpaughcospringers $206.95 225-s40f 16 x3.00 forsinglediscdynawideglides fxsoftailsexcepth-dspringermodelsand 4-speedfxwgmodelsfrom1984­1999,as wellasallpaughcospringers $206.95 rear wheels 225-s40r 16 x3.00 formost1973­1999sportsters andbigtwinsexcepttouringmodels $206.95 note:1986thru1999modelswillrequiretheuseofpulleyspacerpaughco #225-sproem40932-81whichmustbepurcha

axle kits and spacers for hd front forks f ront a xle k its c omponents 28k kit 27bk kit 27k kit 27ck kit 27ak kit 29k kit frames suspension 28 27b 27 27c 27a 29 wheels axles brakes 33b 37 37a 32c 32c 32c2 37b 32d sheet metal 32c1 32a 32a 32c1 32a 32c 32b 32b1 32c 32b 32b1 32c 32b kit axle 28k 27k 27ak 27bk 27ck 29k 28 oem43872-36 27 oem43875-48 27a oem43875-67 27b oem43875-73 27c oem43346-83 29 oem43871-52 spacer 33b oem43884-36 sleeve includes these parts sleeve nut flat washer 32a oem43886-30 32a oem43886-30 32a oem43886-30 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw lock washer axle nut 32b oem7923 32b oem7923 32b oem7923 32b1 oem7845 32b1 oem7845 32d oem43886-52 32c1 oem7068 32c1 oem7068 32c2 oem7067 to order these parts call us at 775-246-5738 or toll free at 800-423-2621 81 tools general exhaust transmission 37a oem43882-36 37 oem43882-48 37b oem43882-67 foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical gas&oil tanks lighting

springers t/trees &forks m echanical b rake p arts 501a b501a 500a b500a 501b lighting frames suspension handlebars &risers mechanical brake parts for rigid frames from 1936-1957 faithfulreproductionsofthestockhard-to-findparts.available withchrome-platedorglossblackfinishes.soldeach 501b mechanicalbrakecrossshaftfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42550-31 $44.95 chrome-plated 500 customfrontmechanicalbrakerodfor1936­1957 rigidframeswithoutfloorboards $14.95 500-2 stockreplacementbrakerodfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42326-37 $14.95 500a frontbrakerodclevisendsfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42333-30 $11.95 500b mechanicalbrakelightswitchspringbrakerodlockfor 1936­1947sportstersandrigidsoems42280-35 and42284-35 $17.95 500c brakelightswitchkitfor1939­1957bigtwins includeseverythingshownoem72003-34t $55.95 500d brakelightswitchonlyfor1939­1957bigtwins oem72004-39 $46.95 501 rearmechanicalbrakerodfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42257-36 $16.95 501a rearbrakerodclevisendfor1936­1957rigidframes oem42 is not a reseller or dealer of Paughco.

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