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springers t/trees &forks frames suspension lighting handlebars &risers 40 80-s poke w heels 232-a80f gas&oil tanks wheels axles brakes 228-s40r sheet metal foot controls paughcoisproudtoannounceitsnewspokewheelprogramto helpyoubuildorenhanceyourperfectride!theseaffordable 40-spokeassembliesfeaturechromespokesandachrome steelhubwithcustomhubcapstohidethemountinghardware they redesignedforpre­2000applicationswithtimkenbearings.thebearingsarepre-setatthefactoryandreadyfor installation front wheels 231-s40f 21 x2.15 forsinglediscdynawideglides fxsoftailsexcepth-dspringermodelsand 4-speedfxwgmodelsfrom1984­1999,as wellasallpaughcospringers $206.95 225-s40f 16 x3.00 forsinglediscdynawideglides fxsoftailsexcepth-dspringermodelsand 4-speedfxwgmodelsfrom1984­1999,as wellasallpaughcospringers $206.95 rear wheels 225-s40r 16 x3.00 formost1973­1999sportsters andbigtwinsexcepttouringmodels $206.95 note:1986thru1999modelswillrequiretheuseofpulleyspacerpaughco

springers t/trees &forks handlebars &risers a xle k its f or p aughco s pringers 186a2 frames suspension lighting 186a2dd wheels axles brakes axle kits for paughco wide springers these3/4 diameteraxlekitsareintendedforusewithpaughco s181widespringersseepage13 andwillletyouadaptawidevarietyofwheelandcaliperpackagesseepages74-76andpage88 totheseforkassemblies.theyincludeallrequiredspacersandnuts 186a2 forusewithsingledisc1984­1999fxstsoftailhubswithoembearingspacers removedotherhubsmayrequiredifferentspacing usewithpaughco s184lk-11 or184rk-11caliperkitssoldseparately $115.95 186a2dd forusewith1973­19844-speedfl,and1980­1983dualdiscfxwghubswith oembearingspacersremovedotherhubsmayrequiredifferentspacing use withpaughco s184lk-11and184rk-11caliperkitssoldseparately $115.95 engine electrical sheet metal gas&oil tanks n187-1 foot controls primary drivetrain n187sd transmission axle kits for paughco narrow tapered rear leg springers these3/4

a xle k its f or p aughco s pringers n186-1 n186a1 n186a2dd sheet metal axle kits for paughco wide tapered rear leg springers to order these parts call us at 775-246-5738 or toll free at 800-423-2621 79 tools general exhaust n186b1 transmission these3/4 diameteraxlekitsareintendedforusewithpaughco spopularn181andns181springers seepages11-12 andwillletyouadaptawidevarietyofwheelandcaliperpackagesseepages74-76 and88totheseforkassemblies.theyincludeallrequiredspacersandnuts n186-1 forsingleordualflangewidehubwheelswhennobrakesorspeedometerdrive arerequired 73.95 n186a1 forsingleordualflangewidehubwheelswhenusedwithperformancemachine s 125x2calipersinsingleordualdiscapplications.thereisnoprovisonfora speedometerdrive 97.95 n186a2 forusewithsingledisc1984-1999fxstsoftailhubswithoembearingspacers removedotherhubsmayrequiredifferentspacing usewithpaughco s184lk-11 or184rk-11caliperkitssoldseparately $115.95 n186a2dd forusewith1973-19844-speedfl,and1980-1983dualdiscfxwghubswith

axle kits and spacers for hd front forks f ront a xle k its c omponents 28k kit 27bk kit 27k kit 27ck kit 27ak kit 29k kit frames suspension 28 27b 27 27c 27a 29 wheels axles brakes 33b 37 37a 32c 32c 32c2 37b 32d sheet metal 32c1 32a 32a 32c1 32a 32c 32b 32b1 32c 32b 32b1 32c 32b kit axle 28k 27k 27ak 27bk 27ck 29k 28 oem43872-36 27 oem43875-48 27a oem43875-67 27b oem43875-73 27c oem43346-83 29 oem43871-52 spacer 33b oem43884-36 sleeve includes these parts sleeve nut flat washer 32a oem43886-30 32a oem43886-30 32a oem43886-30 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw 32c oem6591&6590hw lock washer axle nut 32b oem7923 32b oem7923 32b oem7923 32b1 oem7845 32b1 oem7845 32d oem43886-52 32c1 oem7068 32c1 oem7068 32c2 oem7067 to order these parts call us at 775-246-5738 or toll free at 800-423-2621 81 tools general exhaust transmission 37a oem43882-36 37 oem43882-48 37b oem43882-67 foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical gas&oil tanks lighting

springers t/trees &forks rear axle spacers hardware 31 32 33d 33d1 33d2 handlebars &risers lighting 33a 33 33d3 33d4 33d5 frames suspension 34a1 34 34a 33d6 33d7 33d8 wheels axles brakes 33e1 34b 34c 39 40 gas&oil tanks 34b1 sheet metal 35 36 axle spacers and hardware for paughco axles engine electrical tools general aniceselectionofoemreproductionaxlecomponentsforhd orpaughcoaxles.soldeach 31 heattreated,chromerearaxlelockwasherfor1936­up bigtwinsoem41603-32 $5.95 32 rearaxlenutoem7980or7986 $5.95 33 chromerearaxlespacerfor1936­1957bigtwins oem41595-36 22.95 33a chromerearaxlespacerfor1958­1966bigtwins oem41595-58 22.95 33e1 chromerearaxlespacerfor1967­1972bigtwins oem41595-67 18.95 34 left-siderearaxlesleevefor1936­1957bigtwins withmechanicaldrumbrakeoem41600-36 31.95 34a left-siderearaxlesleevefor1958­1962bigtwins withhydraulicdrumbrakeoem41600-58 31.95 34a1 rearaxlesleevewasherfor1958­1962bigtwins oem41596-58 $8.95 34b left-siderearaxlesleevefor1963­1966bigtwins

springers t/trees &forks rear axle components for early hd frames swingarms 30k kit 1936­1957 30k1 kit 1958­1962 30k2 kit 1963­1966 30ak kit 1967­1972 lighting handlebars &risers frames suspension gas&oil tanks aniceselectionof3/4 diameteraxlesand componentsformanystockhdswingarms and1936­1957hdrigidframes for 1936­1957 rigid frames and wheels 30k completekit $124.95 30 axleoem41552-36 60.95 33 spaceroem41595-36 22.95 34 sleeveoem41600-36 31.95 35 collaroem41596-30 $9.95 36 sleevenutoem8095 $9.95 31 lockwasheroem41603-32 $5.95 32 nutoem7986or7980 $5.95 for 1958­1962 swingarms and wheels 30k1 completekit $124.95 30 axleoem41552-36 60.95 33a spaceroem41595-58 22.95 34a sleeveoem41600-58 31.95 34a1 spaceroem41596-58 $8.95 35 collaroem41596-30 $9.95 36 sleevenutoem8095 $9.95 31 lockwasheroem41603-32 $5.95 32 nutoem7986or7980 $5.95 for 1963­1966 swingarms and wheels 30k2 completekit $124.95 30 axleoem41552-36 60.95 33a spaceroem41595-58 22.95 34b

r ear a xle k its c omponents rear axle kits and components for paughco rigid frames aniceselectionof3/4 diameteraxlekitsandcomponentsformostpaughco sportsterandbigtwinrigidframes 26k fitspaughcorigidsportsterframeswithdiscbrakesandrigid bigtwinmechanicalbrakeframes1013/16 long $79.95 26ak fitspaughcorigidframeswithrearbeltdriveanddiscbrakes 12 long $94.95 26bk fitspaughcorigidbigtwinframeswithrearchaindrive9¼ between axleplatesisneeded1013/16 long $91.95 26swk fitspaughcoswedishwiderigidsportsterframeswithdiscbrakes 12 longnotshown 143.95 26wk fitspaughcocustomwiderigidframes12¾ long 123.95 26xk fitspaughcocustomextra-widerigidframes14¾ long 143.95 26k kit 26ak kit 26bk kit 26wk kit s pecial n otes 1 a xle lengths are measured from the bottom of the nut to the end of the threads 26xk kit 26b 26a 26b 26w 26x 33d 36 33d1 35 39 31 33d2 39 36 33d3 36 40 35 31 31 40 32 35 32 32 35 32 35 32 kit axle 26k 26ak 26bk 26swk 26wk 26xk 26b 26a 26b 26a 26w 26x l/s spacer 33d 33d1

springers t/trees &forks m echanical b rake p arts 501a b501a 500a b500a 501b lighting frames suspension handlebars &risers mechanical brake parts for rigid frames from 1936-1957 faithfulreproductionsofthestockhard-to-findparts.available withchrome-platedorglossblackfinishes.soldeach 501b mechanicalbrakecrossshaftfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42550-31 $44.95 chrome-plated 500 customfrontmechanicalbrakerodfor1936­1957 rigidframeswithoutfloorboards $14.95 500-2 stockreplacementbrakerodfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42326-37 $14.95 500a frontbrakerodclevisendsfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42333-30 $11.95 500b mechanicalbrakelightswitchspringbrakerodlockfor 1936­1947sportstersandrigidsoems42280-35 and42284-35 $17.95 500c brakelightswitchkitfor1939­1957bigtwins includeseverythingshownoem72003-34t $55.95 500d brakelightswitchonlyfor1939­1957bigtwins oem72004-39 $46.95 501 rearmechanicalbrakerodfor1936­1957rigid framesoem42257-36 $16.95 501a

springers t/trees &forks lighting handlebars &risers b rake c aliper k its 184lk-11 caliper kit 184rk-11 caliper kit wheels axles brakes frames suspension gas&oil tanks 184lc caliper 184lrb support bracket sheet metal engine electrical 184rc caliper 184d-11 disc rotor 184lrh hardware kit 184aa brake anchor primary drivetrain front brake caliper kits for paughco springers thesecaliperkitsandcomponentsfeaturehigh-performancepolishedaluminumperformance machine125x2calipers,andareintendedforusewithpaughcospringersseepages9-14 specialaxlekitsmayberequiredseepages78-80 184lk-11 completeperformancemachinecaliperkitforleft-sideapplications $346.95 184rk-11 completeperformancemachinecaliperkitforright-sideapplications $346.95 184lc left-sideperformancemachine125x2caliperonly $230.95 184rc right-sideperformancemachine125x2caliperonly $230.95 184lrb supportbracketonlyforperformancemachine125x2caliper leftorright-side $111.95 184lrh mountinghardwarekitonlyforpaughco#184aabrakeanchor

d rum b rake c omponents 206a 206e 206f 206g 123a 206 206d 123 500sp 206b 206c 209a 501a 500c1 front drum brake components for springer front ends s pecial n otes 1 b rake on hand drums are limited to stock will not warranty brake hard-to-findpiecesforusewithearlyhdspringers.soldeach 188 frontbrakeshackleboltoem44226-36 $19.95 189 frontbrakeshacklestudoem44225-30 $19.95 2 p aughco drums if the procedure has not been followed 500 mile break in to order these parts call us at 775-246-5738 or toll free at 800-423-2621 89 tools general exhaust transmission gloss black backing plate and brake drums b206 mechanicalbrakedrumbackingplateforrigidmodels thru1957oem41650-37 $142.95 b206b mechanicalbrakedrumwithsprocketanddustcover for1937­1957rigidoem41400-37 $181.95 b206c hydraulicbrakedrumwithsprocketanddustcoverfor 1958­1962swingarmsoem41400-58c $181.95 188 189 foot controls chrome-plated backing plate and brake drums 206 mechanicalbrakedrumbackingplateforrigidmodels

springers t/trees &forks lighting handlebars &risers d isc b rake r otors 06-132 frames suspension polished disc brake rotors availableinsuperspokeormeshstyleswith polishedfinishes fit the front of 1984-up big twins and sportsters except buells v-rods and 2006-up dyna glides with cast wheels 06-130 superspokerotor $114.95 06-132 meshrotor $114.95 fit the rear of 1981-up big twins and sportsters except buells v-rods and 1981-1999 touring models 06-131 superspokerotor $114.95 06-133 meshrotor $114.95 06-130 exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical sheet metal gas&oil tanks wheels axles brakes easyriders captain america panhead from the ron paugh collection tools general 90 visit us on the internet at www.paughco.com or e-mail us at