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211 204a 211 kickstand leg stop for use with paughco #203 oem 50094-36 18.95 b211 same as paughco #211 but gloss black 18.95 203 kickstand mounting bracket for 1936–1999 big twins oem 50049-36 49.95 b203 same as paughco #203 but gloss black 49.95 204 kickstand return spring bracket for use with paughco #203 oem 50036-36 21.95 b204 same as paughco #204 but gloss black 21.95 204a kickstand spring for big twins oem 50011-30 21.95 b204a same as paughco #204a but gloss black 21.95 204b kickstand spring for 45 models oem 50012-30 21.95 b204b same as paughco #204b but gloss black 21.95 203 204 328b handlebar grip ferrules trike kits primary drivetrain engine electrical sheet metal decorative tapered or radiused grip ‘ferrules’ or ‘cones’ used to trim off the grips on 1 handlebars when internal throttles are used without switch housings they are available with chrome-plated or brushed brass finishes and install on the handlebars with silicone sold in pairs 328b brass radiused 69.95 328c chrome radiused not shown 75.95 329b brass tapered not shown 69.95 329c chrome tapered 68.95 1938 harley-davidson 61 knucklehead from the robert paugh sr vintage bike collection foot controls tools general exhaust transmission 204b kickstand parts for 45 and big twin models gas oil tanks wheels brakes frames accessories lighting handlebars risers springers forks kickstand throttle control 228 visit us on the internet at www.paughco.com or e-mail us at info@paughco.com 329c