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199 200b late-model hydraulic brake parts for 1970-1979 big twins most of the required parts for the rear hydraulic drum brake or disc brake on 1970–1979 big twins with wagner lockheed master cylinders the backing plate plunger brake pedal and the pedal stop are ideal for most aftermarket frames with nose cone bottom ends 200b brake pedal backing plate for 1973–early 1979 fl models oem 42480-73 $98.95 b200b same as paughco #200b but gloss black $98.95 200c1 master cylinder plunger 1970–early 1979 big twins oem 42333-70 $27.95 201b brake pedal for 1973–early 1979 fl models oem 42402-73a $92.95 b201b same as paughco #201b but gloss black $92.95 201c brake pedal return spring oem 41835-69 $25.95 201d brake pedal stop for 1970–early 1979 big twins oem 42411-70 $21.95 199 master cylinder spacers 1/4 thick sold in pairs oem 50668-35 $17.95 199a master cylinder spacers 5/16 thick sold in pairs not shown $17.95 503 clevis pin hardware kit for brake rod clevis ends oem 42269-30 $119.95 200c1 201b trike kits engine electrical sheet metal gas oil tanks wheels brakes frames accessories lighting handlebars risers springers forks late hydraulic brake parts 201c tools general exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain 201d 224 visit us on the internet at www.paughco.com or e-mail us at info@paughco.com 503