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12 volt sealed beam bulb high beam indicator light high beam indicator light bulb 6 volt sealed beam headlights engine mounts and brackets 6 volt sealed beam headlight 6 volt halogen sealed beam headlight 6 volt halogen sealed beam 6 volt sealed beam lamp 6 volt sealed beam bulb headlight trim ring sealed beam 4 12 wide glide triple tree fork lower triple tree custom chrome black headlight 6 volt to 12 volt old school parts headlight mounts fork headlight mounts sealed beam mounts bottom headlight mounts side mounts shock absorber mounts engine mounts and bracket headlight assemblies springer headlight sealed beam fxsts headlight bracket springer triple trees headlight assembly dual headlight springer forks black triple trees wide glide trees halogen sealed beams 12 volt halogen headlight bulb triple tree fork v twin narrow glide triple trees mounting brackets springer front ends parts 12 volt bullet light wide glide fork kits 12 volt light bulb 5 sealed beam indicator lamp old school headlight wide glide brakes 12 volt light bulb h4 indicator light bracket trim ring 6 trim ring fender mounting brackets wide glide kits chrome fork covers wide glide front forks indicator side mount

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brass headlights 67 headlight assemblies 66-67 headlight mounts 67-69 led taillights

1304 chrome black headlight assemblies a nice selection of contemporary and retro headlight assemblies in 5¾ and 7 sizes each one includes a 6-volt or 12-volt sealed beam 7 bullet-style assemblies similar to the much sought after early springer headlight includes high beam indicator light mounts on bottom with paughco #526f bracket not included 1304 chrome 12-volt headlight $158.95 1305 chrome 6-volt headlight $143.95 5¾ custom bullet-style assemblies these assemblies have ears for use with the paughco 527 series of bottom mounts not included 1310 chrome 12-volt headlight $146.95 1310b gloss black 12-volt headlight $146.95 1311 chrome 6-volt headlight $190.95 replacement sealed beams 1302 12-volt 5¾ sealed beam 1302h 12-volt 5¾ halogen sealed beam 1303 6-volt 5¾ sealed beam 1308 12-volt 7 sealed beam 1309 6-volt 7 sealed beam $41.95 1300 $41.95 $88.95 $41.95 $41.95 new trike kits foot controls tools general exhaust transmission 1310 5¾ bottom

chrome billet tri-bar headlight assembly with h4 bulb these new headlights are the latest old school parts from your friends at paughco they’re deep drawn and formed from solid brass sheet not cheaply plated like others… so they can be polished as often as you like or allowed to age and acquire a nice patina they have high beam indicator light a 12-volt sealed beam and include a bottom stud mount 1300brb brass headlight assembly with black ring $263.95 1300brc brass headlight assembly with chrome ring $263.95 1300brb 1300brc to order these parts call us at or toll free at 775-246-5738 800-423-2621 67 trike kits tools exhaust transmission general paughco solid brass 5¾ headlights foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical • 5¾ diameter • frenched-in headlight trim ring • classic tri-bar look • chrome headlight mount included • replaceable h4 bulb • wiring included 03-150h complete assembly $173.95 frames lighting

trike kits springers forks taillights headlight mounting brackets handlebars risers paughco shield led taillights tools general exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical sheet metal gas oil tanks wheels brakes frames accessories lighting these great-looking chrome led taillights feature 30 individual super-bright high-intensity bulbs and a cnc billet aluminum outer ring with custom beveled edge they’re available with a curved back for most stock rear fender fitments and a flat back for custom applications the wires are 30 long and include protective sheathing for an easy installation 03-155 curved back $98.95 03-156 flat back $98.95 chrome headlight mounting brackets a variety of chrome-plated bottom mounts and brackets for use with our paughco headlight assemblies on pages 66-68 or other aftermarket headlights low and high mount headlight brackets these brackets will permit you to install stacked 5¾ headlights on wide glide forks

springers forks 526a 526f 526d 526e 526g 526e 526f 526g 526h 526i 526h 526i early-style springer headlamp mounts for models without shock absorbers 526j chrome oem 4966-36c $71.95 526j-1 gloss black oem 4966-36 $71.95 526j-2 raw steel not shown $68.95 late-style springer headlamp and horn mounts fit 45 twins from 1936–1952 and big twin springers from 1936–1948 526k chrome oem 67810-36 $71.95 526k-1 gloss black oem 67810-36 $71.95 526k-2 raw steel not shown $68.95 526k-1 526k 526j to order these parts call us at or toll free at 775-246-5738 800-423-2621 526j-1 69 frames lighting accessories wheels brakes 526c gas oil tanks 526b sheet metal 526d fits extended sportsters or fx’­s $25.95 fits wide glides and early sportsters with 2½ center-to-center mounting slots $41.95 fits late sportsters super glides and custom narrow triple trees with 5 center-to-center mounting slots $41.95 single bracket for springer-style front ends with 5¾ headlights