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trike kits springers forks inner primary covers 752 752e inner primary covers and hardware for 45’s and big twins chrome pieces for use as stock replacement covers or for custom applications 503a hardware kit with cotter pin for chain guard to oil tank bolts through inner primary oem 60640-29 $17.95 752 hd replacement for 1936–1954 4-speed big twins oem 60620-36 $149.95 752e hd replacement for 1936–1964 45 models oem 60621-41 $98.95 753e hd replacement for 1955–1964 4-speed big twins oem 60620-55 $149.95 753l custom inner cover to replace aluminum inner on 1965–1969 kickstart models only cover is approximately 3/16 deeper than paughco #753e where it bolts to the case $149.95 754 for the ‘old school’ look on 1970–early 1984 engines when no electric start is used some spacing may be required between motor and inner primary takes the place of aluminum inner primary for rigid frame use but may also be used on swingarm $171.95 759a screws to mount inner and outer primaries together 10-32 x 5/8 pack of 10 $18.95 60-2080 locktab for attaching inner primary to the transmission on 1970–1984 big twins pack of 10 $8.95 753e 753l s pecial n otes 1 p aughco #754 will work with the outer primary covers on the facing page when used in conjunction with a belt drive tools general exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical sheet metal gas oil tanks wheels brakes frames accessories lighting handlebars risers 503a 754 60-2080 208 visit us on the internet at www.paughco.com or e-mail us at info@paughco.com 759a