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outer primary covers for early big twins fits all 1965–1984 big twins with 4-speed transmissions and rear chain drives except 1983–1984 fl models 60516-65a includes o-ring $21.95 760 s pecial n otes 1 n ot recommended for installation with stock unless spaced cover instead 3/16 1955–1964 hd inner primaries p aughco #753l inner from the engine case or use a 2 t he outer primary covers on this page will work with the 3 s ee page primary cover when a belt drive unit is being installed to 212 p aughco #754 inner for derby and inspection covers to fit these covers order these parts call us at or toll free at 775-246-5738 800-423-2621 209 trike kits tools exhaust transmission general foot controls primary drivetrain 751 engine electrical oil deflector plate sheet metal gas oil tanks stock replacement chrome covers for 1936-1964 knuckleheads and panheads 750 fits 1936–1954 4-speed big twins without compensating sprockets oem 60505-36 $197.95 751 fits 1955–1964 4-speed big twins with compensating sprockets also fits 1936–1954 models if a paughco #752 inner primary cover is used oem 60505-55 $197.95 760 smooth custom cover for 1936–1964 big twins with or without a compensating sprocket $189.95 wheels brakes 750 frames lighting accessories handlebars risers springers forks outer primary covers