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bushings hardware 233 clutch release components 230 kicker covers parts 232 lock tabs 234 mounting plates 231 shifter components

trike kits handlebars risers springers forks shifter clutch release components 224 frames accessories lighting 210-2 224a 210-4 wheels brakes 210-1 219g gas oil tanks 203f 503 engine electrical sheet metal 219h 210-3 ratchet top dust cover parts and shift rod 210-1 tools general exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain 210-2 210-3 210-4 203f 503 230 chrome dust shield for 1952–early 1979 fl model ratchet shift covers oem 34555-52 $25.95 chrome dust shield for 1974–early 1979 fx model ratchet shift covers oem 34555-79 $25.95 shifter shaft lever for 1952–early 1979 4-speed ratchet lid oem 34447-52 $31.95 10-24 x 1/2 screws for shifter shaft lever set of 3 oem 1767w $11.95 complete shift rod with clevis and shoulder bolt oem’s 33851-52a 33870-51 33878-51 $68.95 clevis pin hardware kit with cotter pin for shift rod clevis ends oem 42269-30 $11.95 visit mainshaft support and clutch release arms 224 transmission shaft support prevents

218aw 218a 218ax e218ax e218as e218aw to 217a order these parts call us at or toll free at b217a 217b 775-246-5738 800-423-2621 217 231 trike kits wheels brakes gas oil tanks sheet metal 218-4 engine electrical 218-3a a wide selection of mounting plates that will accommodate most big twins with four or five-speed transmissions from stock knuckleheads to modern customs 218 for 4-speed transmissions in paughco standard width swingarm and rigid frames not easyride frames or stock hd swingarm and rigid frames oem’s 47698-36 and 47698-65 $121.95 b218 same as paughco #218 but gloss black not shown $128.95 218-1 for paughco easyride or stock softail frames when using 4-speed transmissions $121.95 218-2 for paughco wide easyride frames when using 4-speed transmissions 1/2 offset $157.95 218-2a for paughco wide easyride frames when using 4-speed transmissions 1 offset $157.95 e218x for paughco extra-wide easyride frames when using 4-speed transmissions 1½ offset $157.95

trike kits springers forks kick start covers parts handlebars risers frames accessories lighting wheels brakes gas oil tanks sheet metal engine electrical primary drivetrain foot controls tools general exhaust transmission 221f 221a 221 kick starter parts and accessories for big twins and sportsters a nice selection of these important components for use as replacement parts kicker covers the heavily-reinforced bushing area and super-strong 356t6 aluminum construction solves the problem of broken kick starter covers fits all ohv and flathead big twins natural finish only 221 finned 167.95 222 smooth oem 33277-36a 167.95 accessories and hardware 219 kick starter shaft for 1936–1986 big twins oem 33096-54b $61.95 220 highly-polished late kick arm with offset to clear exhaust pipes oem 33068-54 108.95 220a round solid kick pedal $35.95 220b kick starter lever return spring for big twins oem 33085-36 $35.95 220b1 kick start return spring stud for big twins oem 33090-36

1174 transmission bushings 223 1173 1174 1175 1200 1201 1175 1200 1201 bushing kit for all hd and paughco kicker covers oem 33288-37 $25.95 countershaft bushing low or reverse for 1936–1984 big twins oem 35789-36 $31.95 countershaft low and second gear bushing for 1938–1984 big twins oem 35791-36 $31.95 second gear mainshaft bushing for 1936–1957 big twins oem 35322-38 $31.95 ratchet gear bushing for 1957–early 1973 sportsters oem 33442-57a $31.95 kicker shaft bushings for 1954–1979 sportsters oem 33099-52a sold in pairs $31.95 trike kits frames lighting accessories 1173 wheels brakes 223 handlebars risers springers forks transmission bushings hardware gas oil tanks 50 50a ratchet top mounting hardware 50b stf001b ‘old-stf’ brass “kick” pedals stf001 these solid brass kicker pedals are made by old-stf cycles and offered thru paughco the solid brass cast pedal was specially designed with the kick lettering for

trike kits tools general exhaust transmission foot controls primary drivetrain engine electrical sheet metal gas oil tanks wheels brakes frames accessories lighting handlebars risers springers forks lock tabs 33082-16 25448-84 lock tabs a large selection of lock tabs for a wide variety of applications clutch lock tab fits 1984–1994 sportsters 25448-84 pack of 10 $31.95 countershaft lock tab fits 1937–1986 4-speed big twins 33082-16 pack of 10 $31.95 33125-89 33197-79 starter shaft bolt lock tab fits 1989 big twins only 33125-89 pack of 10 $31.95 33318-85 transmission plunger body bolt lock tab fits 1979–1986 big twins 33197-79 pack of 10 $31.95 inner primary lock tab fits 1985–up big twins 33318-85 pack of 10 $21.95 starter lock tab fits 1936–1986 4-speed big twins 33396-39 pack of 10 $31.95 34066-52 33396-39 cam follower lock tab fits 1952–early 1979 big twins 34066-52 pack of 10 $31.95 34180-33 35216-26 shifter fork lock tab