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paughco stock-style and custom fxr frames new custom fxr-style frames for touring model drivelines these custom frames are designed to accept all 1993­2011 evolution or twin cam touring model drivelines with the oil tank located under the transmission they include fxr-style mounts for the gas tank side covers seat and battery they also include a special sheetmetal plate that covers the area where the oil tank would normally reside these frames are configured for forward controls and have a three-point mount on the left-side that will accept a forward shifter bracket and conventional kickstand mounting bracket r147fxrtd stock-style fxr frame for touring driveline only $1,574.95 r147fxrtdw wide custom fxr frame for touring driveline only $1,574.95 25fxrwk swingarms and axles use these components with the stock-style or custom fxr frames on this page 153r stock swingarm ­ raw steel $289.95 153rc stock swingarm ­ chrome $339.95 153fxrw wide swingarm ­ raw steel $362.95 153fxrcw wide swingarm ­ chrome $408.95 25ak axle kit for 153r and 153rc swingarms 72.95 25fxrwk axle kit for 153fxrw and 153fxrcw swingarms $106.95 to order these parts call us at 775-246-5738 or toll free at 800-423-2621 67 tools exhaust transmission general 153fxrw stock-style fxr frames these replacement frames for fxr models accept all 1982­2000 shovelhead and evolution fxr drivelines as well as 1980­1992 touring model drivelines no oil pan under the transmission all of the stock mounts for the gas and oil tanks seat battery kickstand and side panels are already installed r147fxr stock-style fxr frame only $1,574.95 r147fxrw wide custom fxr frame only $1,574.95 foot controls primary drivetrain r147fxrtdw wide custom frame engine electrical sheet metal gas oil tanks r147fxrtdw wide custom frame for touring model drivelines shown wheels brakes frames lighting trike kits these all-new fxr-style frames are an easy way to build a cool looking custom with the great handling the original fxr s were famous for they re available in stock and 180/200 tire versions that will accept a variety of drivelines the backbones are made from 1¾ o.d steel tubing with .250 wall thickness and the frame rails are made from 1¼ diameter tubing the stock-width frames will accept a 130-series tire with a 1½ wide belt the wide frames accept 180-series tires with a 1½ wide belt or 200-series tires with a 11/8 wide belt or a chain the stock-width frames will accept oem or paughco standard-width swingarms while the wide tire frames require a custom paughco swingarm and a 9 wide fender sold separately the swingarm pivot blocks and shaft are not included but are available separately handlebars risers springers forks stockreplacement custom fxr frames