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t toc mobile antennas base loaded unity and gain antennas heavy duty low profile base gain antennas these antennas feature a heavy-duty low profile base with tapered loading coil jacket chrome plated brass fittings and an optional heavy-duty stainless steel spring available with either an open coil rod or our quiet closed coil rod design features · low profile double-sealed housing for maximum weather-proofing · plated fittings for superior performance and durability in the toughest environments · mates with all 1-1/8 18 thread mounts including 3/4 mounts antenna electrical specifications model muf3505s muf4065s muf4505s muf4705s muf4905s muf8105s muf8005s muf8103s muf8003s muf8325s muf9035s frequency range 350-400 mhz 406-430 mhz 450-470 mhz 470-490 mhz 490-512 mhz 806-866 mhz 806-866 mhz 806-896 mhz 806-896 mhz 825-896 mhz 896-940 mhz factory tuned frequency antennas are field tunable within the specified frequency range 815 mhz 815 mhz 815 mhz 815 mhz 835 mhz 898 mhz gain 5

t toc mobile antennas low profile whipless antennas antenna electrical specifications model mlpv380 mlpv406 mlpv430 mlpv450 mlpv698 mlpv700 mlpv800 bmlpv800hd bmlpvdb700/2500 mlpvdb800/1900 bmlpvdb800/1900hd mlpvdb800/1900s mlpvdb902/2400 mlpvdb902/2400s mlpv1700 mlpvdb2458 mlpv4900 frequency range 380-410 mhz 406-440 mhz 430-480 mhz 450-512 mhz 698-806 mhz 740-870 mhz 806-960 mhz 806-960 mhz 698-960 mhz and 1710-2500 mhz 806-960 mhz and 1710-1990 mhz 806-960 mhz and 1710-1990 mhz 806-960 mhz and 1710-2500 mhz 902-928 mhz and 2400-2500 mhz 902-928 mhz and 2400-2500 mhz 1700-2700 mhz 2.4-2.5 ghz and 4.9-5.9 ghz 4.9-5.9 ghz bandwidth 30 mhz 34 mhz 50 mhz 62 mhz 108 mhz 130 mhz 154 mhz 154 mhz 262 mhz and 790 mhz 154 mhz and 280 mhz 154 mhz and 280 mhz 154 mhz and 790 mhz 26 mhz and 100 mhz 26 mhz and 100 mhz 1000 mhz 100 mhz 1000 mhz 1000 mhz gain unity unity unity unity unity 3 dbi 3 dbi 3 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 3 dbi/4 dbi 4 dbi 3 dbi/4

t toc mobile antennas covert antennas agps26gmmsma 26 db gain gps l1 glass mount antenna the agps26gmmsma glass mount global positioning system gps antenna utilizes an electrically shielded lna pcb assembly and ceramic filter designed to to provide high out-of-band rejection for optimal integration in multi-band installations the assembly is permanently encased in a compact uv-stable radome making it ideal for concealed vehicle tracking applications features · · · · · outstanding interference rejection high bond tape for vehicle windshield glass installation rugged low profile housing for minimum visibility 26 db gain esd protection electrical specifications patch center frequency 1575.42 mhz gps l1 polarization right hand circular nominal impedance 50 ohm vswr 1.5:1 typical gain at zenith 3 dbic nominal axial ratio 3 db boresight electrical specifications filter/lna center frequency 1575.42 1 mhz gps l1 amplifier gain without antenna element and cable 26 db 3 nominal

t toc mobile antennas molded base antennas mechanical specifications model bmaxmfts bmax150ds bmax150/450s maxscan1000s bmaxscan1000 max455 bmax7603s bmax7633s bmax7635s bmax8055s bmax8033s bmax8053s bmax8155s bmax824/1850 max8375 bmax9105s max9105 bmax9155s max9053 max9075s max9085s bmaxc24503 bmaxc24505 bmaxc233805 antenna height at lowest frequency approximately 26 approximately 17 approximately 20 approximately 21 approximately 21 approximately 33 approximately 14 approximately 14 approximately 25 approximately 24 approximately 13 approximately 13 approximately 13 approximately 12 approximately 13 approximately 23 approximately 23 approximately 13 approximately 11 approximately 23 approximately 23 5.25 133.35 mm 7.50 190.50 mm 4.75 12.06 cm antenna type 1/4 wave 1/4 wave 1/4 wave/collinear array 1/4 wave or collinear array 1/4 wave or collinear array 5/8 wave over a 1/2 wave wideband collinear wideband collinear dual 1/2 wave over a 1/4 wave dual 1/2 wave

t toc mobile antennas elevated feed point antennas elevated feed point antenna with n female termination the aspg918 elevated feed point antenna provides omnidirectional coverage without a ground plane allowing maximum installation flexibility on various parts of the vehicle this model is terminated with an n female bulkhead for maximum connection flexibility when used with a separate cable assembly features · black dura-coattm finish complements new vehicle styling · high performance elevated feed point design provides omnidirectional coverage when off-roof mounting is required · versatile ground plane independent design allow installation where necessary for both mobile or fixed applications · problem solver corrects coverage problems caused by the wrong positioning of rooftop antennas · built-in n female bulkhead allows connection to various cable types for maximum installation flexibility and greater performance optimization cable assemblies must be purchased separately

t toc mobile antennas gps l1 antennas parts number guide pctel s gps mobile antennas can be configured with several connector options please refer to this template to determine your configurator part number gps mobile antenna configurator part number guide gps only 3910d gps l1 series low noise magnet mount 50cm cable length 50 centimeters mcxr/a connector type mcx right angle male gps l1 embedded antenna series 1357d 13mm ultra compact 1857d 18mm very compact 3951d low noise no ground plane 3957d value option no ground plane 3961d low noise ground plane 3967d value option ground plane cable length cable length can be ordered in inches centimeters or meters note that longer cable lengths will result in added gain loss not all models are available with longer cable lengths cable type used with all gps only antennas is rg-174/u ex 18in 18 inches 1 ft 6 in ex 150cm 150 centimeters 1.5m ex 3m 3 meters 300 cm gps l1 housed antenna series gps l1 housed antennas may only be

t toc mobile antennas gps l1 antennas 3978d high gain permanent mount gps antenna the 3978d high gain permanent mount gps antenna provides 40 db gain and great high out-of-band rejection performance and is the optimum choice for gps tracking and timing applications with long cable runs and stand alone gps applications it features a precision tuned custom ceramic patch element for maximum signal reception 15 kv esd circuit protection a very low noise 0.5 db 3 stage lna circuit and a saw filter this enables the 3978d to provide a reliable and clear gps signal while minimizing loss-of-lock even when conditions are less than ideal available in an all-plastic non-corrosive low profile package for vehicle mounting features · · · · · weather proof all-plastic non-corrosive low profile enclosure ¾ inch thru-hole or bracket mount voltage range 2.7 to 5.5 v high gain 40 db typical low noise figure 0.5db rf/electrical specifications center frequency 1575.42 mhz ± 10 mhz nominal gain 3

t toc mobile antennas gps l1 multi-band antennas gps high performance platform the gpshpsm high performance gps multi-band antenna platform is pctel s most durable and versatile design for vehicular applications this platform offers multi-band coverage superior gps lna technology easy to install design and top shelf materials to provide maximum durability and performance for mission critical communications features · no tune multi-band coverage 700/800 mhz public safety 800 mhz cellular smr 900 mhz gsm/ism 1800-2100 mhz gsm/pcs 3g 4g 2.4/5.8 ghz wifi and 2.3-5.8 ghz public safety and wimax broadband wireless frequencies · metal 3/4-inch stud mount with slotted jam nut provides single cable exit for easier installation and/or antenna replacement · attractive low profile design for maximum installation flexibility without antenna orientation restrictions · ip67 compliant design with custom overmolded gasket provides maximum protection against water or dust ingress under severe

t toc mobile antennas gps l1 multi-band antennas 3947d gps/cellular/3g/2.4 ghz combined covert/dash antenna the 3947d gps quad cellular 3g 2.4 ghz ism band antenna is an excellent choice for telematics systems requiring dependable and highly accurate positioning data it is also ideal for clear and consistent host-to-vehicle communications features · · · · · gps quad-band cellular 2.4 ghz band reception semi-flexible for covert installations excellent out-of-band signal rejection high gain active gps antenna easy to install antenna response gps frequency range 1575.42 mhz nominal gain 28 db noise figure typical 1.5 db polarization right hand circular vswr 1.5:1 antenna electrical specifications cellular 3g/2.4 ghz frequencies 824-960 mhz 1710-2200 mhz 2400-2500 mhz nominal impedance 50 ohm vswr antenna electrical specifications gps voltage 3 ­ 5 vdc current draw 9.0 ma 3.5v mechanical specifications antenna dimensions 5.2 x 2.3 x .3 132.1 x 58.9 x 8.5mm housing lexan®

t toc mobile antennas permanent mounts high frequency mounts 3/4 hole 1-1/8 18 thread crimp on model mount type coax connector mmf permanent microwave mount for frequencies none from 800 mhz to 3.0 ghz for up to .06 thick roof surfaces permanent microwave mount for frequencies 17 ft pro-flextm from 3.0 ghz to 5.8 ghz plus 195 for up to 0.046 thick roof surfaces magnetic base microwave mount for frequencies from 3.0 ghz 12 ft pro-flextm plus 195 mmf male sma mhfml195c loose tnc male standard other connector options nf nm rpc are available attached tnc male standard contact factory for other connector options mhfml195c gmhfml195c mlfml195c loose tnc male permanent mount for frequencies from 800 17 ft pro-flextm standard contact plus 195 factory for other mhz to 3.0 ghz for up to connector options 0.046 thick roof surfaces permanent mount for loose tnc male frequencies from 800 17 ft pro-flextm standard contact mhz to 3.0 ghz for up to plus 240 factory for other 0.046 thick roof

t toc mobile antennas antenna parts and accessories miscellaneous mobile accessories part number bmmb34 bnut 20pck cnut 20pck manut 100pck orng 100pck btgb34 max 5pck mmb34 mmgsk mrc 25pck tgb34 mab 100pck mnfa 5pck k35/25 k37/25 k39/25 k332 description 3/4 mirror mount black 3/4 brass nut 20 pack set bright chrome mount nut for 1/4 wave 20 pack set nut and o-ring for 3/8 mounts 100 pack set o-ring for 3/4 mounts 100 pack set 3/4 l bracket black max base contact washer 5 pack set 3/4 mirror mount chrome seal gaskets fit around 3/4 mount nut 6 pack set chrome rain cap 25 pack set 3/4 hole l bracket chrome antenna ball/set screw for mft120 package of 100 m mount to n female adapter package of 5 1.5 38.1 mm diameter rubber plug for covering 3/4 19.1 mm hole after antenna removal 1.25 31.8 mm diameter rubber plug for covering 3/8 9.5 mm hole after antenna removal 1.5 38.1 mm diameter rubber plug for covering 7/8 22.2 mm hole after antenna removal ground plane disk