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its easy to use just plug in your 8 pin microphone rotator replacement pot for ham ii iii mfj weather proof window feedthrough panels hf vhf uhf mobile antennas cw reader with built in keyer convert sq feet to sq meters bnc male to so 239 connector 600 ohm open wire line 300 ohm tv twin lead 12 gauge silver plated copper wire vhf uhf ham radio antenna all mode vhf uhf ham radio ham radio license guide ham radio high current dc outlets 50 ohm ham dummy load mfj 868 swr wattmeter mfj noise canceling filters dual band vhf uhf antenna mfj enterprises in starkville ms 20 meter dipole antenna dual band vhf uhf tv antenna dual band yagi antenna 2 meter dual band yagi antenna vhf uhf dual band hy gain 8 band vertical antenna stainless steel antenna whips dual band whip antenna dual band vhf uhf antenna for mobile 450 ohm ladder line vhf uhf mobile antennas 10 meter antenna tuner 50 ohm dummy load dual band vhf uhf antenna for base 450 ohm ladder line loss 2 element 40 meter beam hy gain dual band 2 meter 440 450 ohm ladder line stranded copper boom to mast clamp dual band magnetic mount antenna mfj all band ground radial kit dual band antenna no ground plane 450 ohm ladder line solid stranded copper 3 inch cross needle meter cross needle meter movement 50 ohm non inductive resistor 450 ohm ladder line mounting reverse sma male reverse tnc female adapter sma male to uhf female adapter nmo to so 239 12 volt 15 amp cigarette lighter cross needle panel meter 2 element 40 meter beam so 239 to bnc convert sq meters to sq feet 80 meter receiver kits

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automatically tunes any unbalanced antenna ultra fast 20,000 virtualantennatm memories antenna switch efficient l-network matches 6-1600 ohms at 200 watts 1.8-30 mhz digital swr/wattmeter audio swr meter radio interface gives you an auto-rangmfj weather protected 95 ing 20/200 watt power remote intellitunertm meter you get 60 ship code b segments each for forward and reflected power and 36 segmfj-927 ments for swr try that with an 8 seg 25995 ment bargraph that makes you change ship code c power ranges and doesn t even give you reflected power you can read inductance and capacitance directly in uhy and pf this turns you into an expert l-network designer match your load read the resulting l/c values then use them to build your fixed l-network or knowing the l/c values you can determine r and x of the load impedance mfj compact 200 watt intellitunerstm 219 mfj-929 the mfj-929 intellituner-compacttm lets you automatically tune any coax fed or random wire

feedpoint impedance for comparing antennas and tuners for trouble shooting checking for changes mfj in-line calibrated power for determining antenna rf ammeters for tuning your antenna tuner/xmtr/amp for maximum radiated your antenna can change mfj-836 when you apply power insula $13995 ship code a tors break down traps heat up ship code a connect the mfj-834 coax incapacitors leak and your feedline rf ammeter between your antenna point impedance may be drastically different and tuner transmitter/amplifier and measfrom your swr analyzer measurements ure antenna feedline current in 3 calibrated mfj rf ammeters are rugged read accranges urately over 1-30mhz in three linear ranges use it for tuning your antenna tuner transmitter/amplifier for maximum radiated 3 1 3 amps and barely perturb the antenna large 3-inch lighted meter use 12 vdc power for determining antenna feedpoint or 110 vac with mfj-1312d $15.95 impedance for comparing antennas and so-239 connectors

power your hf transceiver 2-meter/440 mhz mobile/base and accessories with these 25 or 45 amp mfj mightylitetm switching power supplies no rf hash super lightweight,volt/amp meters no rf hash mfj s new adjustable voltage switching mfj-4225mv no rf hash power supplies do it all power hf/2m/440 mhz rigs and accessories no more hauling around bulky supplies that cause a hernia mfj s 25 amp mightylitetm weighs just 3.7 lbs 5 times lighter than an equivalent conventional power supply measures a super compact 51/4wx41/2hx6d mfj s 45 amp is even more dramatic 8 times lighter weighs just 5.5 lbs just 71/2wx43/4hx9d no rf hash these babies are clean your buddies won t hear any rf hash on your signal none in your receiver either some competing switching power supplies generate objectionable rf hash in your transmitted and received signal these super clean mfj mightylitestm meet all fcc class b regulations low ripple highly regulated less than 35 mv peak-to-peak ripple under 25 or

mfj invented the tunable active antenna new technology uses cascode fet/bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer mfj-1020c tuned circuitry minimizes intermod mfj invented the tunable active antenwith the mfj-1020c tuned na numerous copies have been made with indoor active antenna you ll 9995 improves selectivity and reduces noise outship code a side the tuned band you can also use it as out success including most recent ones rival reception of outside wire why because mfj has made continu antennas hundreds of feet long a tuned preselector with an external antenous improvements where others have not and pick up signals loud and na the mfj-1020c has been completely clear from all over the world covers 0.3 to 40 mhz including vlf redesigned with new technology world radio tv handbook am broadcast all shortwave and all amanew technology uses a cascode fet says mfj-1020 is a teur radio bands bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth fine value has tune band gain

mfj deluxe headset microphonetm adds professionalism mfj-288 k i y r gives hams the 2495 this deluxe headset microphone great for public service professional look they deserve -ship code a this mfj deluxe headset microphonetm lets you carry on a private qso while in a noisy environment the microphone can pick up your voice whether booming or at a quiet whisper when placed appropriately near your mouth the earphone gives superb tonal quality so even distant stations will come in loud and clear made of sturdy black plastic and strong metal sliders one size fits all superb speaker and mic foaming make it super comfortable for long ragchews small ptt switch attaches to your shirt or pants pocket six foot cord mfj-288i fits icom radio shack older yaesus adi alinco other compatible hts mfj-288k fits kenwood and compatible handheld radios mfj-288y fits vx-5r series ic-q7a compatibles mfj-288r fits new yaesu vx-7r series handheld transceivers features rubber flex earloop design for security

mfj hang playtm collinear array antennas 2-elements 2 db gain 4-elements 4.5 db gain handle 1500 watts very quiet collinear array gives you a whopping 4.5 db gain about 300 power gain you get four times the receiving capture area of a half-wave dipole you ll hear dx you ve never heard before they require a balanced line tuner or a tuner with balun you can virtually hang and playtm when you receive them no cutting soldering tuning or trimming is required just follow the easy installation instructions and you ll be up and running in no time they are completely assembled and include super strong custom fiberglass center insulators authentic glazed ceramic end insulators heavy duty 7-strand 14 gauge hard copper element wire and extremely strong solderless crimped construction with larger capture area and power gain you ll hear work more dx than ever before ½ ½ë mfj reached back into time when radio was king and brought back to life some of the most popular classic

select mfj hard-to-find connectors plugs adaptors ughfjmn price $4.95 ea $4.95 ea $4.95 ea $3.95 ea $4.95 ea $4.95 ea $4.95 ea $4.95 ea $10.95 ea $5.95 ea $5.95 ea fig abcdefghijka part no mfj-7705 mfj-7730 mfj-7731 mfj-7702 mfj-7703 mfj-7733 mfj-7734 mfj-7732 mfj-7727 mfj-7717 mfj-7737 b c price $5.95 ea $5.95 ea $5.95 ea $3.95 ea $7.95 ea $6.95 ea $4.95 ea $3.95 ea $5.95 ea $5.95 ea $5.95 ea d description n-male to so-239 adaptor n-male to sma female adaptor n-male to bnc female adaptor pl-259 to pl-259 adaptor pl-259 to bnc female right angle adaptor pl-259 to t so-239 2 adaptor pl-259 right angle adaptor pl-259 to rca phono jack pl-259 to sma female adaptor pl-259 to sma male adaptor pl-259 to bnc female adaptor eikl fig lmnopqrstuv part no mfj-7701 mfj-7719 mfj-7729 mfj-7708 mfj-7716 mfj-7736 mfj-7718 mfj-7728 mfj-7706 mfj-7738 mfj-7739 vopq description so-239 to so-239 adaptor 13/4 long so-239 to sma male adaptor so-239 to sma female adaptor so-239 to bnc male adaptor bnc

1.2 kw 3.5-30 mhz continuous 1.5:1 vswr more new lexan cover is super durable and protects your ameritron screwdriver for years of trouble-free service the decoupler we use is cnc machined for tight tolerances with custom fingerstock designed to contact 3 turns of coil all the time with over 25 pounds of combined contact pressure with this design you can run up to 1.2 kilowatts pep trouble free it s so superior to anything else on the market that we put our outstanding ameritron warranty behind it we use a new heavy duty pittman commercial 12 volt gear motor which is very durable and quiet while receive tuning this motor is super heavy duty for years of trouble-free service antennas come with sensors already installed so if you add an auto controller everything is ready the ameritron sda-100 includes up/down switch 5 feet of motor dc cable with detachable weather sealed connector decoupling toroid matching coils sda-100 comes in a handsome black using dupont basecoat/clearcoat

cushcraft multiband hf yagis a-4s four element beam 10 15 20 meters a-4s is the true high performance tribander precisely tuned high-power traps carefully selected element lengths and proper spacing combine to make the a-4s the preferred antenna for your hf work this is the premium antenna with all the features that you want high gain low swr and wide bandwidth keep the contacts coming in all u-bolts clamps and hardware are stainless steel a-4s has pinned boom sections and formed aluminum brackets to keep elements straight in all conditions our solid construction keeps the a-4s on the tower add 40 meters with a744 kit 10 40 meters cushcraft amateur antennas a-3s three element beam 10 15 20 meters a-3 world ranger our top selling tribander has become the a-3s with all stainless steel hardware it s a real power-house in a small space and lets you work the pile-ups with confidence all you need is a lightweight tower and rotator to enjoy the benefits of the a-3s it s a proven

hy-gain hy-gain vhf vertical antennas 2 meter 95 vertical with 5.2 covers dbi gain 138-175 mhz derived from the famous extended double zepp antenna design radiating elements are two collinear 5/8 waves fed in phase 2 sets of 1 /4 wave radials properly decouple lower radiator from the mast so-239 handles 500 watts 9 ft 109 v-2r uhf verti 95 cal with 5.2 dbi gain covers derived 400-475 mhz from douv-3r ble zepp 95 antenna design covers 216-225 mhz type n handles 500 watts 4 foot 11/4 meter vertical w/5.2 dbi gain double zepp design so-239 handles 500 watts 6ft 9 in 109 v-4r 119 these 2 meter fm beam antennas include hy-gain s exclusive beta matchtm to provide exceptional front-to-back ratio and maximum obtainable gains the vb-23fm 8.3 dbi gain vb-25fm 11.2 dbi gain vb-28fm 14 dbi gain and the vb-214fm 15.2 dbi gain gives you a wide choice of 2 meter beam performance from which to choose accepts up to 2 inch mast vhf-fm beam antennas vb-23fm 95 2 meter fm beam 49 v-42r is 95