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This catalog is all about planning ahead and dreaming! In this catalog you will find a huge selection of fruit and nut trees, perennials like berries, rhubarb and asparagus, as well as potatoes, onions and garlic! New this year - Lehcot Aprium, Cold Hardy Fruit Salad Tree, Kieffer Lime and a few more! Imagine your garden this spring and all the tasty vegetables you’ll be able to harvest. Dream about the fruit you’ll harvest from your own orchard and how you can preserve this bounty to enjoy all next winter! Pre-order now to get the varieties you want - we can sell out fast! Want to replenish your soil and prepare for spring planting? Plant a cover crop! These “Green Manures” will boost nitrogen and add significant organic matter to your soil. Check out our Cover Crop Solutions Chart (online) to help you choose the best cover crop for your growing situation. We’ve added new fall planted bulbs, over 80 to choose from! From alliums to tulips! 21 varieties of daffodils alone - some suitable for growing in climates as warm as USDA Zone 9 Extend your growing season - check out the Frost Protection section. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

in lb to ft lb ft lb to in lb replacement blades for tape gun the name of the ships peaceful valley farm supply ft lbs in in lb step by step instruction 25 x 25 plastic cover light and light covers supply shut off valve peace of mind air supply shut off valve white berry white black eye peas 4 hp honda engine organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed honda 13 hp heavy duty vinyl tape ping pong balls swiss army knife pvc pipe sizes 20 hp honda engine galvanized wire mesh cold well hot well white spring flower steel ground anchors water shut off valve build your own shut off valve red red white white pot on pot a plant on top of a tree water plastic shut off valve plastic water shut off valve green with white stripe plastic shut off valve air shut off valve pink and white flowers shut off valve natural air shut off valves 50 ft lbs in ft in vitamin and minerals vitamins and minerals we will meet you there how to build plants plastic wood to plastic wood sq ft to ft 20 gauge wire mesh roll 20 gauge wire mesh build your own m 16 10 in lbs in ft lbs garden and home how to grow make your own

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attention bare root customers thousands of fruit trees waiting for a home pick your trees with confidence 1 know what to expect  we sell premium quality trees from dave wilson nursery if this is your first time ordering a bare root tree you should know that they come ‘dormant’ they will look like sticks with roots give them the right care and they will thrive fruit and nut trees are 5/8” diameter and 4’-5’ tall unless otherwise noted all are grown on semi-dwarf rootstock unless otherwise noted this is preferred because a mature height of 1/2 to 3/4 of standard tree size makes harvesting much easier during shipping trees are topped and roots are enclosed in a plastic bag with a small amount of wet pine shavings to keep the roots moist during shipment all trees are shipped while dormant as “bare root” ie there is no dirt around the root ball except the avocado fig pomegranate citrus olive which are shipped in “sleeve” pots

free shipping peach $1999 for each full box of 10 bare root trees free shipping to the continental us excludes potted fruit trees nut trees and multi-graft trees count as 2 trees when calculating box capacity guaranteed see our limited guarantee on pg 3 extremely vigorous trees requiring regular pruning and thinning needs fertile well drained soils tend to bloom early and may be difficult to crop in late frost areas plant several varieties for continued supply as ripe fruit does not store well susceptible to peach leaf curl brown rot oriental fruit moth and peach twig borer all peaches are semi-dwarf 8 14 on citation rootstock except q-1-8 which is on st julian rootstock trees are 2 years old and should begin to fruit in their 3rd year variety tree icons item number arctic supreme® ft149  semi-dwarf ® growing instructions double jewel ft141  semi-dwarf to insure the success of your crop be sure to download detailed growing guides by clicking

free shipping for each full box of 10 bare root trees free shipping to the continental us excludes potted fruit trees nut trees and multi-graft trees count as 2 trees when calculating box capacity guaranteed see our limited guarantee on pg 3 99 use fresh canned or dried into prunes european varieties are easy to grow self pollinated a good choice for higher elevations and cold micro–climates and are well suited to processing japanese varieties tend to have larger crops are not generally self-pollinated and can be tricky to grow in areas with late frosts but are superb for fresh eating lower areas and valley growers may plant any variety all are semi–dwarf on citation rootstock unpruned semi–dwarf trees reach 3/4 of standard size about 8’–14’ trees are 2 years old and should begin to fruit in their 4th year variety item number only burgundy japanese ft214 semi-dwarf 20 flat rate shipping for a partial box of 1-9 bare root trees flat

pomegranate $1999 guaranteed see our limited guarantee on pg 18 pre-order now for mid-december shipment glossy–leaved ornamental tree with showy orange–red blossoms in late spring hummingbirds love the pomegranate flowers when planting cut back the top half of the tree and cut side limbs back to 3”–6” to prevent desiccation and stress pomegranates do not like to be planted as bare–roots and are difficult to establish so we sell these no 1 size trees 2’ to 3’ in pots to enhance their survival rate trees are 1 year old and should begin to fruit the same year you plant them ship weight 5 lb variety item number tree icons 150 ambrosia pomegranate ft227  standard 30 ft228  standard ft229  standard flavor pick 2 3 personality purple sweet–tart juice similar to wonderful notes long–lived tree does well in any soil with inland or coastal climates sept 10 150 fruit named for its delicious blend of

work with ease reaping the harvest harvester head only    order pole handle separately number one tool used by companies who need to harvest difficult fruits and nuts such as mangos persimmons chestnuts and other types of hard to reach specialty fruit the top of the boat shaped net basket head contains two blades inset a which cut the fruit at the stem and allow it to gently fall into the basket replaceable mesh bags are heavy duty and are tear abrasion mildew resistant the pole picker a comes in two parts which can be ordered separately the harvesting pruning part is the boat shaped net basket which comes with a replaceable net basket and replaceable blades the handle part is the 6’ to 12’ foot telescoping pole gla915 head  1.5 lbs $29.99 gla916 harvester handle  35 lbs add $5 ship charge $29.99 pole fruit picker  this handy tool will allow you to pick those juicy peaches off your tree without climbing a

variety item number price zones currant consort black $6.99 fv341  each currant wilder red $6.99 fv340  each goji berry lycium barbarum var phoenix tears fv372  each loganberry thornless $6.99 $6.99 fv331  each description medium clusters of somewhat soft black berries very prominent sweet and unique flavor good for jams juice and wine excellent when dried high source of vitamin c 3-8 excellent bird forage or windbreak plants currants do not thrive in hot summers you can plant them on the north side of a building if you have sustained summer heat over 90f self-fertile susceptible to leaf spot and mildew resistant to white pine blister rust large clusters of bright red berries slightly smaller and earlier ripening than red 3-7 lake fruit ripens over a 2-3 week period for extended harvest grows 3-5’ tall 2-4’ wide bright red oblong berries clustered on arching stems best flavor from dried berries seen often in health food markets in the form of

flavor to spare hardneck garlic • more dramatic flavors • generally bigger cloves • easy to peel tuodlos killarney red strong spicy flavor rocambole hardneck  somewhat similar to german red or spanish roja but many think it is superior to both grows better under cool or wet conditions than most other varieties tends to grow large uniform bulbs about 8-10 large easy to peel cloves per bulb chesnok red  mellow aftertaste  purple stripe hardneck  this flavorful garlic is nice and full with a mellow aftertaste the intense flavor remains even when cooked from the former ussr it yields 8–10 cloves per bulb fp505 organic $19.99/lb fp571 organic $19.99/lb giant and mild cooking quintessentials elephant garlic organic shallots ar yniluca it y ssecen elephant garlic mild stores up to a year french red shallots  rich onion flavor it looks smells and tastes like garlic but it’s actually a member of the leek family a

organic purple potatoes 2 99 all blue  fp800 with deep blue skin and flesh that almost appears purple here is another potato to brighten your table and your favorite potato salad a family favorite for making awesome french fries or oven fries abundant yields of medium sized oblong tubers mid-season 80 days purple majesty  fp807 this purple inside and out potato also bred to be a fry type potato and tastes great baked or boiled very nice uniformity and yield purple majesty™ potatoes are loaded with 235 milligrams of anthocyanidins per 148 gram serving approximately 1.5 potatoes nearly twice the amount found in any other produce item at a fraction of the cost anthocyanidins are a subclass of highpotency antioxidants shown to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease lower cholesterol strengthen the immune system and decrease age-related memory loss mid season 80 days viking purple  fp808 viking purple has all the characteristics of its parent viking red

buy big save big  mix match quantity discounts 23 item pict 22 24 order fall bulbs now for immediate shipment 25 usda bloom zone time daffodil split corona mix 15 pk 25 fb036 daffodil naturalizing mix 15 pk 3-8 mar-april 16 20” $9.99 26 fb554 daffodil paperwhite inbal 3 pk 9-11 mar-may 10”-14” $5.99 27 fb555 daffodil paperwhite ziva tazetta 6 pk 9-11 mar-april 16 20 $7.99 28 fb849 daffodil pheasant s eye 5 pk 3-8 mar-may 14” $5.99 29 fb004 daffodil pink mix 20 pk 3-8 mar-may 15” $9.99 30 fb429 daffodil rhijveld s early sensation 5 pk 3-8 mar-may 14” 31 fb454 daffodil salomè 5 pk 3-8 feb-may 13” $5.99 32 daffodil tête à tête 24 pk 3-8 feb-mar 6” $9.99 daffodil thalia triandrus 15 pk 3-8 april-may 14” $7.99 33 fb480 27 28 height price 24 fb428 fb016 26 10-19 packs 10 off 20-49 packs 15 off 50 packs 20 off 3-8 mar-may 16”-20” $9.99 $5.99 34 fb4010 deer resistant blend 35 pk 3-9 march

let the light shine through hoop-house poly our hoop-house poly is perfect for any scale of production the pvc accessories page 59 and 60 pair well with poly row cover or shade fabric to build sturdy greenhouses cold frames or shade structures 4 year limited warranty tufflite iv film greenhouse poly light transmission is comparable to glass even when doubled 6-mil plastic film long-lasting yellowing resistant seg100 20’ wide 10’ min in 5’ increments  0.75 lb per foot 10’–45’ $3.79/ft 50’–95’ 10 off 100’ 20 off seg110 10’ x 100’ roll  34 lb add $5 ship charge $129 seg114 14’ x 100’ roll  46 lb add $5 ship charge $179 seg116 16’ x 100’ roll  53 lb add $5 ship charge $199 seg100b 20’ x 100’ roll  67 lb ships by truck $249 seg124 24’ x 100’ roll  81 lb ships by

pv your best bet peaceful valley’s own fertilizers soil amendments coming soon pvfs liquid balance pvfs liquid grow 5-1-2 pvfs liquid bloom 0-6-0 pvfs liquid balance 5-1-2 high nitrogen liquid fertilizer specially formulated for use on organic vegetables fruit trees berries grapes nursery and container plants f4010 qt $7.99 f4011 1 gal $19.99 f4012 5 gal $79.99 all purpose fertilizer specially formulated for use on organic vegetables fruit trees berries grapes nursery and container plants f4000 qt $7.99 f4001 1 gal $19.99 f4002 5 gal $79.99 pvfs hydrolyzed liquid fish 2-4-0.2 all-purpose water-soluble liquid concentrate fertilizer that can be used on any crop as a soil amendment or foliar feed it is designed to promote general plant growth f1335 1 gal  $14.99 f1336 5 gal  $59.99 pvfs organic potting soil pvfs liquid kelp extract with humic acids cold-processed liquid kelp preserves all the very important hormones auxins giberillins enzymes proteins vitamins and