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Garlic, onions & potatoes are just some of the things you can plant this fall. Plant wildflowers and bulbs to enjoy a bright and bloomin’ spring next year. Start your home orchard with our NEW pawpaw trees. Plant a cover crop to “fix” nitrogen into the soil, add significant organic matter and save money on fertilizer this spring. Ever tasted organic gourmet garlic? What about a freshly dug potato? You won’t find this garlic in stores. We have many varieties plus shallots to choose from - or buy our combo pack and sample 4 garlic varieties and the shallots for a great price! Red, white, blue and purple? Plant potatoes in Smart Pots this fall and harvest creamy, fresh and colorful potatoes! Check out the Frost Protection section for the tools to extend your growing season. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

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flavor to spare hardneck garlic • more dramatic flavors • generally bigger cloves • easy to peel easy to grow easy to store softneck garlic most le badr af f o killarney red strong spicy flavor rocambole hardneck  somewhat similar to german red or spanish roja but many think it is superior to both grows better under cool or wet conditions than most other varieties tends to grow large uniform bulbs about 8-10 large easy to peel cloves per bulb chesnok red  mellow aftertaste  purple stripe hardneck  this flavorful garlic is nice and full with a mellow aftertaste the intense flavor remains even when cooked from the former ussr it yields 8–10 cloves per bulb fp505 organic $19.99/lb fp571 organic $19.99/lb giant and mild cooking quintessentials elephant garlic organic shallots ar yniluca it y ssecen elephant garlic mild stores up to a year french red shallots  rich onion flavor it looks smells and tastes like

pv your best bet peaceful valley’s own fertilizers soil amendments our new pvfs bloom grow liquid fertilizers pvfs liquid grow 5-1-2 high nitrogen liquid fertilizer specially formulated for use on organic vegetables fruit trees berries grapes nursery and container plants f4010 qt $7.99 f4011 1 gal $19.99 f4012 5 gal $79.99 pvfs liquid bloom 0-6-0 high phosphorous liquid fertilizer specially formulated to encourage bloom and fruit set f4020 qt $7.99 f4021 1 gal $19.99 f4022 5 gal $79.99 new and improved pvfs hydrolyzed liquid fish pvfs organic potting soil 2-4-0.2 all-purpose watersoluble liquid concentrate fertilizer that can be used as a soil amendment or foliar feed f1335 gallon  $12.99 our truly unique coconut fiber-based all around potting soil pso254 1 cu ft bag $6.99 pso253 54 cu ft tote $249 the good stuff pvfs liquid kelp extract with humic acids cold-processed liquid kelp preserves all the very important hormones auxins giberillins enzymes proteins vitamins and

ship up to 6 pre-order citrus now for early september shipment potted fruit citrus $2499 trees add a little zest to your garden citrus trees are potted evergreen semi-dwarf 1½-years-old pencil for 11 99 offer applies to avocado citrus olive and pawpaw trees cannot be combined with bare root fruit or nut trees offer valid for the lower 48 states the key to tree icons mild climate favorites trees with this icon will grow well in mild climates certain varieties depend on a long cold winter to force the tree to fruit and these while they still require some cold weather do not require as much edible ornamental edible ornamentals not only produce fruit but are good looking too add some pizazz to your yard with these varieties container compatible trees with this icon are great for growing in containers their root systems will stay small or will respond well to being confined limitation of remedy  we warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the seeds or plants sold

buy big save big  mix match quantity discounts ¼ lb pounds 10–19 units 10 off 20–49 units 15 off 50 units 20 off lupine russell mix lupinus polyphyllus perennial usda zones 3-9 full sun height at maturity 3 4 arroyo lupine lupinus succulentus annual usda zones 3-10 full sun height at maturity 3 4 this cultivar has been carefully selected for a variety of colors enjoy the beauty and hardiness of lupine tall flowers bloom in colors from purple to pink to yellow to white beautiful when planted in mass swf686  4.3g seeds $2.99/pack swf685  $13.99/¼ lb lupine blue white perennial lupine l nanus annual lupinus perennis perennial usda zones 3-10 full sun height at maturity 8 15 california native has rich blue and white flower spikes at the end of 8 15 stems blooms in spring to early summer in full sun and most soils excellent on banks self-sows where there is little competition use with

north american regional wildflower mixes enjoy flat rate shipping 10 seed packs for just $24.99 10 organic seed packs in peaceful valley collector’s tin our online shopping cart will calculate the weight of your items number of boxes before you place your order our shipping method will be as follows:  if your box weighs 9 lbs or less  you will northeast native wildflower mix n american shade wildflower mix annuals and perennials open pollinated a blend of species native to the new england region contains perennial lupine partridge pea indian blanket lance-leaved coreopsis ox-eye sunflower dense blazing star black-eyed susan milkweed golden alexanders new england aster bee balm evening primrose white beard-tongue red milkweed brown-eyed susan and stiff goldenrod thin to 1 between seedlings when they are 3 tall swf931  1.4g seeds $2.99/pack swf930  $19.99/¼ lb swf2308  $69.99/1 lb annuals and perennials open

lawn meadow mixes singles available year-round ready mixed our lawn meadow mixes have excellent disease resistance preparation is the key to success • plant new lawns in fall for best results spring is the next best time • conduct a soil test before planting to plan soil amending before seeding if possible work the area up well at least a month before planting • add soft rock phosphate at 5 lb/100 sq ft and gypsum at 3lb per 100 sq ft on loose soil and 5–10 lb/100 sq ft on tight or clay soils • add oystershell lime 3–5 lb/100 sq ft to acidic soils to raise the ph • add a quality manure-based compost ¼ –1 deep over the entire area rototill or dig all materials thoroughly into the top 3 of the soil • work the soil until fairly fine remove rocks as you go • water the area to pre-germinate weeds and remove them before you plant • irrigate once more to evenly moisten the soil • rake and level the area

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the right blend perennial cover crop mixes pv these irrigated varieties will remain green and lush year round providing excellent habitat for beneficial insects well-suited for permanent covers in orchards vineyards and bush berries once established they require only occasional mowing or grazing to keep down weed competition s rellestsebruo peaceful valley low-growing clover mix  formerly called tree vine mix this is our most popular cover crop for irrigated mowed orchards and vineyards beautiful year-round and contains 70 new zealand white clover which thrives in cool weather and shade and 30 strawberry clover which loves heat full sun and neutral to alkaline soils builds nitrogen at 165 lb/year/acre provides nectar and habitat for beneficials and grows low to 12 deep roots reduce soil compaction and erosion spreads by seed and runners and forms a dense sod which will support tractor work in wet weather no inoculant needed all perennial clovers have a tendency to increase

topsoil protection erosion control mixes singles pv don’t allow your precious topsoil to wash away in winter runoff soil conservation should be a top priority for all landowners high rainfall and bare soil will lead to severe erosion washing away your land’s most precious resource—its topsoil all of these mixes will re-seed at the end of their growing cycle to maintain the cover for future years though not required initial irrigations will hasten establishment on steep slopes the use of a thin straw mulch will also help the seeds get started many people use jute netting or burlap to stabilize the soil after the seed is planted composition of cover crop mixes may vary slightly depending upon the availability of seed a peaceful valley basic erosion control mix establishes fast holds the soil fixes nitrogen and adds color grows to 2½ 1–2 lb/1,000 sq ft or 35–50 lb/acre sec100  nitro-coated $4.49/lb blando brome grass

let the light shine through hoop-house poly our hoop-house poly is perfect for any scale of production the pvc accessories page 58 and 59 pair well with poly row cover or shade fabric to build sturdy greenhouses cold frames or shade structures 4 year limited warranty tufflite iv film greenhouse poly light transmission is comparable to glass even when doubled 6-mil plastic film long-lasting yellowing resistant seg100 20’ wide 10’ min in 5’ increments  0.75 lb per foot 10’–45’ $3.79/ft 50’–95’ 10 off 100’ 20 off seg110 10’ x 100’ roll  34 lb add $5 ship charge $129 seg114 14’ x 100’ roll  46 lb add $5 ship charge $179 seg116 16’ x 100’ roll  53 lb add $5 ship charge $199 seg100b 20’ x 100’ roll  67 lb ships by truck $249 seg124 24’ x 100’ roll  81 lb ships by