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Catalog Fertilizer 2013 - Issue 3 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series

Proper fertilizing is an essential ingredient for success in your organic garden. Our fertilizer catalog will lead you through the process to determine what your garden needs. • Start with a soil test. • Learn how to make compost and compost tea. • Find organic fertilizers by their elements (N-P-K, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), to give your plants exactly the boost they need. • Discover the world of foliar feeding and fertigation, feeding your plants quickly with a liquid solution. • Finally learn about cover crops and how they can add organic matter and increase nitrogen in the soil. Keep your plants happy and they will reward you!

texel compostex uv resistant compost cover by the foot ez flo automatic fertilization system peaceful valley farm supply 3 1 2 fertilizer for trees and ornamentals automatic fertillization system volume of water tank a plant on top of a tree what are the kind of card card catalog how know the order of the valve neem seed meal corn gluten meal creeping red fescue drip irrigation system creeping red fescue grass seed soil ph test meter sugar snap pea black eye peas ralph waldo emerson soil test kits soil test kit what is composting hose end sprayer reagents for soil testing back flow preventer gallons per minute nevada city ca gallons per minute gauge plastic test tube 24 sq ft to feet 10 gallons per minute 48 in lb into ft lb gardening supplies catalogs mount valley catalogs organic gardening soil 1 2 1 fertilizer for lawns 4 3 2 fertilizer for lawns 3 0 2 fertilizer for lawns 3 1 2 fertilizer for lawns rapid growth fertilizer fertilizer fish water rapid grow fertilizer lowes garden hose thread vegetable seed catalogs potato automatic fertilizer system garden hose attachment eco grow organic fertilizer garden hose end garden hose pressure increaser weighted garden hose best fertilizer for flowers rapid grow fertilizer 20 20 20 weighted garden hose end free print vegetable seed catalogs what is a good fertilizer 16 16 21 all purpose fertilizer

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start with the soil to forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves observe observe observe e status of your soil and your plants are constantly in flux due to many different factors including soil chemistry microbial population temperature water native soil and the plants you are growing while our customers often ask us to tell them exactly what to add to their soil we can only provide guidelines because the organic management of soil fertility is not a simplistic system e more you know about this method the greater your success will be in growing organically don t be afraid to apply your own common sense and develop your skills of observation ank you for growing organically advice from peaceful valley start with a soil test it will save you money if you don t know what your garden soil is rich in or deficient in you won t know what amendments or fertilizers to add or avoid invest in a professional lab soil analysis at least every 3 years if you re a

free fertilizer composters soil saver composter is high-quality backyard composter is made of black 50 recycled heavy-duty weather resistant polyethylene that won t crack rust or rot air vents in the walls aid decomposition and the sliding door at the base does not have a bottom allows removal of the finished compost simply lift the lid and layer your leaves grass clippings garden weeds and fruit and vegetable trimmings from the kitchen e composter will turn organic wastes into a free source of nutrient-rich compost compost inoculants will help speed decomposition is composter measures 28 x 28 x 32 and holds up to 11.5 cu ft it comes with an excellent booklet on composting simple assembly required gco300 29 lb $109.00 you might also be interested in rice hulls a perfect replacement for perlite in the growing media providing a less dusty mixing environment lower basic cost and decomposition over time while remaining stable during the typical plant

fertilize organically a garden is never so good as it will be next year thomas cooper nitrogen fertilizers how to navigate this catalog first time buying organic fertilizer check out our must have peaceful valley fertilizers in the yellow sidebar to the right as you browse the catalog look for other yellow boxes highlighting our other favorite peaceful valley fertilizers looking for a fertilizer to fill a need browse the column headers of our solution chart on the following pages whether you need more nitrogen or more biological activity the chart will quickly show you your options looking for a fertilizer by name browse the alphabetized solution chart on the following pages to find the corresponding page number for the product you know you want need just browsing we ve made it easy flip through the pages that are color coded based on the predominant nutrient for vegetative growth phosphorus fertilizers if your crop needs additional nitrogen see bloodmeal cottonseed meal pvfs

hydrolyzed fish 5-1-1 aqua power f i nitrogen fertilizers enzymatically digested hydrolyzed fish organic source of soluble nutrients often used in combination with kelp extracts use 1­3 gal acre or 1­2 tbs per gallon of water 5 n 1 p 1 k f995 5 gal 50 lb add $5 ship charge ships by itself $59.99 5 10 off f996 55 gallon 550 lb ships directly from vendor ships by itself $548.00 4 $451.00 alfalfa meal 2.5-1-1 primary benefit of this pleasant smelling meal is increasing organic matter although it is also a valuable plant-derived fertilizer contains trace minerals excellent addition to the compost pile for nitrogen content and absorbency roses respond especially well to alfalfa meal for new plantings of roses mix ½ cup per plant into the soil for existing plants mix ½­1 cup of alfalfa meal to a depth of 4 ­6 around each rose bush for vegetables and flower beds work in at

liquid bone meal 0-12-0 fast phosphorus f i bonemeal is also an excellent source of calcium use 5-6 ounces per gallon as a soil soak or preplant application use 1-2 tbs per gallon as a foliar is product is not nop compliant since it uses hydrochloric or phosphoric acid for removing any fat residues on the bones before liquefying 12 avail p f1910 garden size quart 3 lb 9.99 f1911 2.5 gallon 28 lb two can ship together $69.99 4-7 5 off 8 10 off indonesian bat guano 0.5-13-0.2 sunleaves perfect for encouraging multiple blooms and hardy root growth phosphorus-rich sunleaves indonesian bat guano is all natural and suitable for use indoors and out indonesian bat guano restores a natural balance in the garden without increasing soil salt content or acidity and is safe for use around people and pets f1917 11 lb bag 0.5-12-0.2 12 lb 29.99 f1912 44 lb tub 0.5-13-0.2 50 lb ships by itself $99.99 jamaican bat guano 1-10-0 sunleaves

calcium trace minerals trace minerals are as essential to plants as vitamins are to people almost every field we test is low in trace minerals calcium builds sturdy cell walls in plants many soils need calcium fertilization pvfs liquid kelp extract with humic acids f i azomite micronized f is fertilizer described in secrets of the soil as rock pv dust is ined from an ancient deposit of aluminum silicate clay and marine minerals in use for over 50 years as a source of available potash 0.2 and over 50 trace minerals including calcium 1.8 sodium 0.1 and magnesium 0.5 apply at .252 tons/acre or .25-2 lb/10 sq ft f039 garden size 2 lb jar 3 lb $4.99 f040 44 lb bag 49 lb ships by itself 29.99 5-9 5 off 10-49 .10 off 50 20 off pv pv boron fertibor natural mined and purified boron should be used in very small amounts 2­10 lb/acre because it can become toxic to plants if overapplied fertibor is a slow release 15 boron for soil application f210 50 lb bag 55 lb

balanced blend fertilizers ese fertilizers have a blending of elements that complement one another to provide a full spectrum balanced fertilization acid mix for rhododendrons azaleas 4-3-6 down to earth specially formulated for rhododendrons azaleas blueberries shrubs raspberries potatoes and other plants that need a low ph derived from cottonseed meal fish bone meal langbeinite rock phosphate humic shale ore and kelp meal for vegetables and berries use 5-6 lb 100 sq ft or per 100 linear feet for trees and shrubs use 1 lb per inch of trunk diameter f008 dte garden size 6 lb box 7 lb $8.99 f063 25 lb bag 28 lb $24.99 5-9 5 off 10-79 .10 off 80 20 off all purpose 4-4-4 dr earth infused with probiotic® consisting of seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes and eight select strains of ecto and endo mycorrhizae which contributes to drought tolerance enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance contains

inoculate soill beneficial microorganisms in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous aristotle mycorrhizae a plant s best friend over 95 of plants in the world perform best when their roots are supported by mycorrhizae but what are endo ecto mycorrhizae and what do they actually do mycor fungus rhiza root ere is a mutually beneficial relationship that exists between plant roots and these fungi that colonize roots and build far-reaching filaments through the soil why is this important increase nutrient uptake water absorption e fungi multiply the absorbing area of roots by 100 to 1,000 which means that the plants with their fungi helpers will absorb many more nutrients and water than their uninoculated counterparts what s more is that mycorrhizal fungi are able to dissolve and capture locked up nutrients that would otherwise not be accessible to plant roots improve soil structure e fungi filaments produce humic compounds that help improve soil structure is

foliar spray enhancers and humates boost fertilizer effectiveness micro hume f micronized new mexico humates increases pv micronutrient uptake highest quality fresh water humates micronized up to 1000 mesh very rapid humic acid response for vegetables flowers bedding plants ornamentals grapes berries and trees use 10-12 tbs per gallon of water as a foliar spray or to cover 100 sq ft of soil apply every 30 days for lawns use 20 tbs diluted in enough water to cover 1000 sq ft apply monthly greatest foliar impact occurs when combined with full spectrum foliar nutrients such as kelp extracts fish products and similar foliar fertilizers will not clog drip emitters or sprayer nozzles f520 pvfs 2 lb jar 3 lb 9.99 5-9 10 off 10 20%off humates activate 80 humates coarse grade derived from leonardite shale and a natural source of humic substances and trace minerals from new mexico contains 55 humic acids coarse grade for soil

cover crops solutions chart use these charts only as a general guide to help you choose the best cover crop for your growing situation remember that this type of chart has inherent limitations for example although crimson clover is marked tolerates mowing you should not mow it in mid-late spring because it needs to grow during that time in order to re-seed itself information provided above is referenced from pfv&gs catalog and staff our vendors and managing cover crops profitably by sustainable ag network entire contents © copyright 2013 peaceful valley farm supply inc all rights reserved cold hardy down to 25° tolerates poor drainage germinates in soils 45°f somewhat drought tolerant tolerates mowing grazing good for forage or hay good weed competition helps control erosion nematocidal effects reported adds significant organic matter provides quick growth attracts beneficial insects easily established requires summer water california native since 1976 loosens heavy soils grow

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 www.groworganic.com grow organic for life 10 bare root fruit trees delivered to your door for browse trees online 185 fruit nut tree varieties available $199 offer applies to $19.99 fruit trees does not apply to multi-fruit nut jujube persimmon pomegranate fig citrus or olive off er valid for the lower 48 states .com trees come with a limited replacement guarantee fruit trees as low as $1599 ea you asked for better shipping rates we listened stock up the farm or get the neighbors together for a bulk order pallets delivered to ca for $99 hurry offer ends 2/28/13 40 lb boxes just $7.99 ea hurry offer ends 2/28/13 see page 3 for details load up a pallet 48 x40 x72 with up to 3,000 lbs of merchandise and we ll deliver it almost anywhere in california for $99 depending on your