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Catalog Fertilizer, Weed Control, Tools & Frost Protection Catalog 2012

Choose from our wide selection of organic fertilizers when preparing your soil. This catalog included our handy solution chart for finding exactly what you need. All of our quality tools for getting the job done right are also features in this catalog. Whether you use tools, mulching film, or flames, we have your natural weed control options. Get off to the right start this year - add a raised bed or get an early start with our season extending, frost protection blankets.

peaceful valley farm supply burnout weed and grass killer 48 in lb into ft lb 3 1 2 fertilizer for trees and ornamentals best fertilizer for flowers deer and animal control pvc water pipe catalog free swiss army knife catalogs part of card catalog of call number sample meaning of parts of card catalog supply shut off valve air supply shut off valve hot and cold water supply neem seed meal corn gluten meal ph meter electrode ph meter electrodes 10 gallon tank sprayer tropical plant food soil ph test meter ph meter electrode replacement bulk vegetable seeds soil nitrate test kit soil test kit flat fan nozzle honda 13 hp plastic shut off valve sq yards to cubic yards vacuum pressure relief valve water hose spray nozzles safety pressure relief valves galvanized wire mesh drip irrigation system plastic test tube 14 adjustable pressure relief valve lawn and garden equipment galvanized steel strap anchors nevada city ca dried fruit and nuts brass one way valve 16 gauge galvanized steel frame 16 gauge galvanized steel 10 inch long pvc pipe 12 inch ultra high pressure hoses ultra high pressure hose 55 in lbs into ft lbs one way valve plastic plastic one way valve 18 gauge galvanized steel wire 200 in lbs into ft lbs quick release brass snap making pipe fittings for 48 inch pipe water plastic shut off valve plastic water shut off valve electric water shut off valve

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nitrogen fertilizers for vegetative growth if your crop needs additional nitrogen see bloodmeal cottonseed meal pvfs liquid fish fish meal pelleted fertilizers feather meal and others phosphorus fertilizers for flowering fruiting phosphorus is what plants need to flower fruit and for root development to supply phosphorus soft rock phosphate is the best value bone meal can also be used potassium fertilizers for vigor potassium is what plants need among other things to establish vigor and resistance through sugar formation to supply potassium use sulfate of potash or greensand calcium and trace minerals almost every field test is low in trace minerals we get excellent response from soil applications of compost algit kelp meal or multiple trace minerals azomite or nutra min in extreme cases specific trace mineral supplements may be needed liquid or soluble fertilizers for health and resilience lab soil analysis see it in action svs100 $29.98 get your soil s n-p-k

corn gluten meal 9-1-0 neem meal neem cake 3-0.2-1 slow release source of 9­10 nitrogen purely derived from vegetable protein a pre-emergent weed suppressant that inhibits root formation of germinating seeds allow 1­4 months after application depending on soil conditions and weather before direct seeding if soil temperatures and biological activity are low the allelopathic effects can last up to 6 months no ill effect for established plantings corn gluten is especially good for lawns and tends to be fast acting 20­40 lb/1000 sq ft or 900­1800 lb/acre note ere is no guarantee that corn gluten meal is derived from non-gmo corn 5-9 5 off 10-29 10 off neem cake fertilizer comes from the residue left after neem seed kernels are crushed to extract key pest control ingredients including neem oil containing biological active and degradable allelochemicals such as nimbidin and thionemone minimum guarantee on the label is 2-0.4-1 but each batch varies and analysis has

lawn restore® fertilizer 10-2-6 ringer liquid all-purpose 4-3-3 down to earth new slow-release 10 n-2 p-6 k contains hydrolyzed poultry feather meal nitrate of soda potassium sulfate bone meal soybean meal on new or healthy lawns apply at 10 lb/1000 sq ft on lawns with more than 1 of thatch or lawns with patch disease use 15 lb/1000 sq ft apply 2­3 times a year f1500 25 lb bag 28 lb $34.99 5-9 5 off 10-54 .10 off 55 20 off f1501 40 lb bag 45 lb $49.99 5-9 5 off 10-29 .10 off 30 20 off life® all purpose 5-5-5 dr earth new a multi purpose organic fertilizer that provides nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in a convenient and easy to use concentrate ideal for promoting vigorous growth in all garden vegetables herbs and ornamentals as well as indoor and outdoor container plants nutrients derived from fish meal blood meal kelp meal and sulfate of potash application mix 2-4

cover crops green manure e keystone of organic agriculture cover crops stabilize soil choke out weeds provide habitat for beneficial insects add significant organic matter and can produce high yields of nitrogen up to 290 lb/acre or 6.6 lb/1,000 sq ft for our premium soil builder mix you ll find everything from meadow mixes to omega-3 chicken forage blend at groworganic.com wildflower pasture seed seeds over 1700 seeds at groworganic.com · · · · · · · · · · · · · organic vegetable seeds open pollinated flowers pasture seeds sprouting seeds organic seed potatoes bulk vegetable seeds cover crop seeds native grass lawn cereal grains organic seed garlic seed selection seed starting planting wildflowers organic lawn care growing a fall garden direct seeding frost protection how to grow cereal grains at home e vegetable gardener s bible e plant propagator s bible e new seed starters handbook groworganic.com/video related books homegrown whole grains 24

containers grow bags nursery containers new biodegradable bamboo pots plastic and pulp containers pulp containers are made from recycled newspaper and have over 50 times the insulation value of the plastic container and protect against both heat and cold biodegradable they may be planted pot-and-all to protect delicate roots and reduce transplant shock remove pot bottom slit sides tear off rim and plant b a a pulp containers gp1200 round 6 w x 6 h approx 1 gal 0.35 lb 30 can ship together 1.29 gp1205 round 10 w x 10 h approx 3 gal 1 lb 14 can ship together 1.99 gp1210 round 12 w x 11 h approx 5 gal 2.15 lb 32 can ship together $2.49 buy big save big mix match discounts for pulp containers 10­49 10 off 50­99 .20 off 100 25 off b black plastic containers gp142 1 gallon 6¼ dia x 6¼ h 0.25 lb 90 can ship together $0.49 gp143 3 gallon 10¾ dia x 9½ h 1 lb 30 can ship together 1.99 gp144 5 gallon 10½ dia x 11¾ h 1 lb 22

blazing hot or icy cold protect your garden a woven shade fabric b ses090 ses095 ses100 ses105 used to lower soil temperatures in the field or garden to hasten germination of cool weather fall crops to prevent bolting and bitterness in heat-sensitive crops such as lettuce and spinach and to protect against wind damage and drying uv stabilized rot and mildew proof this black polypropylene has a life of 5­7 years more if stored out of the sun during periods of non-use general field guidelines for vegetables use 30 shade cloth in areas with very hot summers for lettuce spinach and cole crops use 47 in hot areas 30 in northern or coastal climates use 63 for shade-loving plants shade cloth is also used over greenhouses in summer to reduce the need for expensive ventilation maximum shade density 80 is often used over patios and skylights to cool people as well as plants great for winter pool covers 10 minimum 5 ft increments returns accepted on unused full 300 rolls only 30 black shade

keep the weeds in check alternative herbicides burnout ii acidic weed and grass killer greenmatch all-natural non-selective herbicide for broadleaf and grass weeds active ingredient includes clove oil other ingredients include vinegar and citric acid 100 biodegradable breaking down into inert ingredients once in the soil use around fences sidewalks patios trees and shrubs spray directly onto plants until wet perennials may require 2 sprayings mix 1 gallon of concentrate with 2­3 gallons of water controls weeds such as chickweed plantain dandelion pigweed oxalis mustard foxtail morning glory and more best results occur when spraying young actively growing weeds in spring/summer on a warm sunny day but it may be sprayed year round is pest control is exempt from registration and reporting under federal california epa standards and therefore requires no pest id pwc640 1 gallon 9 lb $39.99 pwc645 5 gallon 44 lb $199.00

whistle while you work protect yourself stay comfortable gardening zero gravity knee padstm safety we highly recommend the use of a respirator when spraying or dusting some natural materials such as diatomaceous earth are highly irritating the n95 particulate filter shipped with this respirator mask is approved for use with organic vapors pesticides paints lacquers enamels and dusts the filter has a 95 efficiency level respirator includes replaceable cartridges containing the filters note facial hair may interfere with seal against face goggles sold separately see below may be used with this respirator gsd901 respirator 1.5 lb $34.99 gsd906 replacement cartridges n95 0.5 lb $17.99/pack of 2 pesticide respirator u.s safety model 300 e knee protm zero gravitytm is one of the lightest kneepads on the market today yet they are durable enough for use on hard paving surfaces and softer lawn and garden soils and mulches e ½ thick closed cell foam

versatile quality bcs rototillers attachments bcs is the largest manufacturer in europe of premium quality all-gear-driven two-wheel tractors and attachments hundreds of thousands of customers in over 50 countries depend upon bcs quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks tilling mowing snow removal chipping sweeping etc today s precision-crafted two-wheel tractor features reversible handlebars that accommodate both front and rear-mount attachments its all-gear-driven performance provides a dramatic alternative to the belt and chain-driven single purpose equipment typically sold by the lawn and garden power equipment industry in the u.s bcs 710 gardener subaru 5.7 hp engine with 18 tiller box speeds 2 forward 2 reverse e only bcs model that comes with the rear tiller attachment compact in size with a low center of gravity the 710 is easy to maneuver and turn at the end of the row e 710 features the same all gear drive and automotive style clutch as the bigger

swiss made precision tools a felco pruners try a felco pruner and know the joy the tight solid feel the smooth silky action it s time to become a felco fanatic felco pruners will amaze you sharp durable sturdy adjustable tools that are easy to repair and maintain a felco no 2 b the original felco pruner almost unchanged for over 30 years often copied but never successfully to the same degree of quality b felco no 6 pf001 1 lb $59.99 c designed for people with smaller hands comfortable lightweight 8 oz and as sturdy and powerful as other felcos shorter blade facilitates closer cutting on vines shrubs young trees and floral arrangements pf006 1 lb $59.99 c felco no 7 ultimate in hand pruners offers the same improvement and features as the no 8 but with a rotating handle which moves with your fingers as you cut reducing fatigue and soreness requires 30 less effort than other pruners pf007 1 lb

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 www.groworganic.com we carry everything you need to grow organic for life!® last chance trees as low as $15.99 10 bare root fruit trees delivered to your door for $199 does not include multi-fruit nut jujube persimmon or potted pomegranate fig citrus or olive trees otherwise ship 10 bare root fruit trees or 5 nut or multi-graft trees in a single box for $35 anywhere in the continental u.s offer applies to $19.99 bare root fruit trees browse trees online 175 fruit nut tree varieties available .com flat rate shipping $35 ho rtic ke 9 9 b dl o f ta st c last chance for bare root fruit vegetable crowns er grape berr e berry k iwi lueb ry ble an raw y b 3 .9 a r a ra g u s spa 2 9 9 b dl o f 1 hubarb f 2 9 ea c h 19 .9 9 e ac h 3 .9 9 b dl o f 2 5