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Catalog Growing 2013 - Issue 2 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series

Our Growing catalog includes everything you need to grow healthy plants - from seed to maturity. Soil tests and amendments are first. Followed by seeders, germination systems and seedling trays. Grow lights, and transplant containers are followed by support systems like Hortonova Trellis and bamboo. Protect your garden from heat and frost with shade cloth or row covers. Finally keep the weeds out with flamers, mulch and organic herbicides.

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start with the soil to be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil quickroot xenophon oeconomicus 400 b.c whether you start with pre-formulated potting mixes and soil amendments or you want to create your own perfect blend we have the ingredients you need soil mixture ingredients e soil mixture for soil blocks needs to be able to maintain a solid shape when damp peat moss or a substitute is an essential ingredient for holding water and allowing spaces for air don t gasp and turn away we have peat moss that is sustainably harvested and we carry a whole line of coco peat coconut fibers that can replace peat moss compost for nourishment vermiculite is sterile and holds water well perlite particles are often too large for soil blocks but can be substituted rock powder increases air space and adds minerals we have gaia green glacial rock dust and micronized azomite let us do the soil mixing for you we ve already concocted an organic soilless seed starting mixture

worm castings for humus and all-around fertilizing odorless ph balanced and rich in nutrients like n-p-k trace elements enzymes and micro-organisms also contains redworm egg capsules almost pure contains only a small amount of soil use 1­2 cu ft/100 sq ft mixed in prior to planting f902 1 cu ft bag 52 lb $21.99 5-9 5 off 10-24 10 off 25 20 off f903 gallon bag 7 lb 6.99 vermiblend a rich blend of compost earthworm castings alaskan humus fossilized kelp and mycorrhizae will help you grow a lush bountiful organic garden 1 bag of vermiblend amends up to 5 cubic ft of potting soil f910 1 cu ft bag 44 lb $14.99 5-9 5 off 10-54 .10 off 55 20 off rice hulls is uniquely processed rice hull amendment is a readily renewable resource requiring no mining or land disruption to produce it is a perfect replacement for perlite in the growing media providing a less dusty mixing environment lower basic cost

simple effective sustainable ladbrooke soil blockers in europe free-standing blocks of soil rather than peat pots or seed flats are almost universally used for starting vegetable and flower seeds no containers are needed to make the soil blocks just fill a soil blocker with thoroughly moistened potting mix quickroot soilless potting mix is perfect set the blocker in a seed flat and release with one stroke you ll create multiple soil blocks each with a small depression in the top for the seed when the seedlings are ready you can plant them in the ground or bring them along further by dropping the soil blocks into openings in the tops of larger soil blocks as described below keep the soil blocks well watered with a fine mist imported from england ese blockers are the highest quality on the market we recommend the informative soil blocker booklet item gp049 05 lb $9.99 soil blocks 3/4 mini-blocker makes twenty ¾ soil blocks per stroke in an area 3 x 4 use

precious rubies solar oasistm ruby gro-bars you might also be interested in give your plants the light spectrum they need using less energy with these led grow lights each standard gro-bar uses only 6 watts of power yet produces the equivalent energy of 100 watts of traditional grow lighting gro-bars radiate very little heat making it much easier to maintain humidity and temperatures for plants low-voltage low heat low energy consumption perfect for the commercial indoor gardener and kitchen fresh herb-gardener alike use as a single unit or in a chain of multiple bars on a sunmount frame no reflector required bulbs last 20,000­100,000 hours plan on using 2 lights per square foot growing area all gro-bars are 25 x5 x1 and are available in the one includes 1 gro-bar and 1 power hook-up two four or eight gro-bar packages each include that number of gro-bars and one power hook up plus bar to bar connector cables when mounted in the sunmount frame the finished product measures 25 x22

proudly made in the u.s.a smart pots smart pot big bag bed pictured at left fabric raised bed just unfold fill plant e easy way to grow vegetables flowers herbs fruits easy foldout raised bed no installation required holds 1/2 cubic yard of mix 13.5 square feet of growing space dimensions 50 dia x 12 high 100 gallons 380 liters weatherproof lasts for years warms quickly in spring releases excessive heat in summer provides excellent drainage and air prunes for better root structure discourages ground pests such as gophers and moles proudly made in the u.s.a gp2551 blk 100 gal 50 x 12 2.75 lb $39.99 planting blueberries and growing blueberries smart pot wall pouch no space on the ground no problem ese smart pot wall pouches allow you to grow plants on vertical surfaces like fences and walls sturdy brass ingots support the weight of pot and soil with ease gp2504 blk 16 x 18 5 lb 29.99 smart pots e patented smart pot is a soft-sided

give your plants support you might also be interested in deer fencing use this discreet black plastic fence to install either permanent or temporary fencing for deer control e fence is 7.5 tall and comes in a 330 length e mesh is 2 x 2 square is tenax cintoflex material is ideal for outdoor use because it is u.v stabilized rust and rot proof and extremely strong it is easy to install lightweight and reusable designed to last 7-10 years posts not included you can use zip-ties to attach to posts ships via truck only pbr950 deer fence 55 lbs $299.00 adjustable elbow snap fittings for pvc pipe new 2 way 3 way and 4 way adjustable fittings work wonders for peaks corners and multi-level structures see page 35 hortonova trellis trellising increases plants exposure to air and light maximizes space and reduces ground contact thus minimizing spoilage due to mold bacteria and fungus trellis in horizontal layers to provide stem support for plants is white uv resistant lightweight

the fine print general limitation of remedy we warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the seeds or plants sold hereunder are as described on the label within recognized tolerances no other warranty is given expressed or implied of 1 the merchantability or fitness of the seeds or plants for any particular purpose or 2 against loss due to any cause we cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions soil preparation fertilization weed and pest control temperature control irrigation etc that must be met to insure the success of your crops or plants about shippable nursery stock orders seasonal products perishable plants are stocked for a limited duration harvest and weather dependent orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis due to these factors and limited storage space we are unable to accommodate any delay ship dates beyond our set shipping schedule we strongly recommend that you place your order as early as

greenhouse tomatoes let the light shine through hoop-house poly our hoop-house poly is perfect for any scale of production e pvc accessories page 35 and 36 pair well with poly row cover or shade fabric to build sturdy greenhouses cold frames or shade structures 4 year limited warranty tufflite iv film greenhouse poly light transmission is comparable to glass even when doubled 6-mil plastic film long-lasting yellowing resistant seg100 20 wide 10 min in 5 increments 0.75 lb per foot 10 ­15 $3.49/ft 20 ­45 10 off 50 .20 off seg110 10 x 100 roll 34 lb add $5 ship charge $129 seg114 14 x 100 roll 46 lb add $5 ship charge $169 seg116 16 x 100 roll 53 lb add $5 ship charge $189 seg100b 20 x 100 roll 67 lb ships by truck $229 seg124 24 x 100 roll 81 lb ships by truck $269 seg128 28 x 100 roll 94 lb ships from vendor $278 seg140d 40 x 100 roll 130 lb ships from vendor $378 seg142d 42 x

certified organic sprouting seeds sprouting is an affordable way to grow your own nutrient packed food in a matter of days sprouting involves soaking draining and rinsing food grade seeds until they begin to germinate sprouts are rich in vitamins minerals proteins amino acids beneficial enzymes and more ey have been called `the most enzyme rich food on the planet see for yourself what sprouting does for you planting tomatoes and growing tomatoes how to grow sprouts grow your own mushrooms wall-o-water fend off frost protect plants against frost down to 16°f fill with water and forget your worries holds up well in wind start tomatoes outside earlier seo100 3 pack 2 lb $12.99 seo110 repair inserts 6 pack 0.25 lb $2.49 solar bells portable frost protection protect plants from frost birds wind or storms very durable with adjustable top air vent and made of eco friendly uv-stabilized recycled plastic 13 diameter x 10 high sef200

stop weeds before they sprout mulching film and fabric black polyethylene mulching film 1.0 mil embossed poly film is stronger than plain poly lay directly over the ground to control weeds often used in combination with row covers to extend the growing season up to 3 weeks punch holes as needed for transplants or seeds 1.0 mil embossed mm206 3 × 4000 64 lb $5 ship charge 139.00 mm207 4 × 4000 85 lb $5 ship charge 179.00 pst thermal green mulching film pst thermal green film prevents weed growth like black plastic mulch while providing high enough soil temperatures for early productivity and plant growth like clear plastic while no mulching film can guarantee total inhibition of weed growth this product will greatly reduce weed germination and weed growth due to its effect on photosynthesis e sun s radiation passes through the film warming the soil pst stands for photo selective ermal 1 mil plastic disregard product instructions where herbicide pre-treatment is

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 grow organic for life 10 bare root fruit trees delivered to your door for browse trees online 185 fruit nut tree varieties available $199 offer applies to $19.99 fruit trees does not apply to multi-fruit nut jujube persimmon pomegranate fig citrus or olive off er valid for the lower 48 states .com trees come with a limited replacement guarantee trees as low as $1599 ea you asked for better shipping rates 50 off seed garlic flat rate shipping per 40 pound box see pg 3 expires 1/31/13 $7.99 how to grow garlic now is still a great time to plant garlic and we listened coming to mailboxes in february fertilizing