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That’s still true - but there is another way - Aquaponics! Aquaponics is a highly sustainable method of producing food. It combines hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (the farming of aquatic animals, usually fish) in a nearly closed loop system.

replacement blades for tape gun on and on the seasons change peaceful valley farm supply step by step instruction 10 x 10 x 12 plastic bags pvc pipe and fittings the name of the ships 10 x 10 x 12 10 x 10 5 x 10 x 10 peace of mind hot and cold water supply raised garden beds organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed sweet potato vine 4 hp honda engine corn gluten meal honda 13 hp heavy duty vinyl tape led grow lights pvc pipe sizes 20 hp honda engine 1 lb into ft lb swiss army knife centrifugal water pump standard fine mist nozzle steel ground anchors how to build a greenhous how to build a greenhouse 3 inch pvc drain covers lawn and garden pot of gold lawn and garden equipment build your own low battery indicator sq ft to ft 16 gauge galvanized steel frame temperature and humidity sensor how to build plants glass test tube 2 12 inch pvc drain covers 16 gauge galvanized steel bed with sliding board we will meet you there 20 gauge wire mesh roll air temperature and humidity plastic wood to plastic wood 20 gauge wire mesh step by step create your own home and garden 20 gauge wire 1 mesh 3 25 build your own m 16 do it yourself

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save this catalog “growing” is the second in our series of 9 catalogs for 2014 save them all for our complete product line seed • growing • fertilizers • weed control tools • watering • pest control • homestead • fall planting • bare root you can ship a lot more with us for one flat rate than with the usps peaceful valley $11.99 flat rate shipping per 40 pound box expires 1/31/14 peaceful valley’s flat rate shipping is $11.99 per box weighing 40 lbs or less delivered anywhere in the continental usa usps just doesn’t stack up to that usps flat rate $12.35 $16.85 $16.85 our online shopping cart will calculate the weight of your items number of boxes before you place your order some exclusions apply • some items have other flat rate shipping rates which will take precedence over this offer ex $20 per box for bare root trees $10 25 for mini farmboxes and a few other select products • please note that

rockwool make your own blends growing medium ingredients coco peat    excellent alternative to the depletion of peat bogs made from a renewable resource coconut “coir” or husk fiber coco peat lasts 3 times longer than peat has superior disease resistance nutrient storage and water retention it holds 8–9 times its weight in water ph range is 5.7–6.8 organic and biodegradable it has been extensively tested as a plant growth medium used in greenhouse and bedding plant production on golf courses in landscaping and erosion control bales are compressed 1:5 and expand to a fluffy dark brown great-smelling “peat” when warm water is added short fiber ground/milled sizes shown below are volumes after expansion pso110 1⁄3 cu ft brick  2 lb $2.99 10 10 off pso114 4.5 cu ft  28 lb 2 can ship together ships by itself $17.99 10-59 10 off 60 20 off black gold

sow your seeds off to the right start seedling trays seed sower   inexpensive little hand seeder with an adjustable outlet that lets you control the flow of seeds see-through cover removes easily for loading seeds gse900  0.25 lb $3.99 cbaa seed flats 17 square seed flats  very popular for its versatility and durability this flat holds sheets of six pack inserts and can be used for almost any small containers or for soil blocks the ¼ mesh provides better drainage than perforated solid-bottomed trays but is tight enough to hold soil if desired for starting seedlings or root cuttings 17 x 17 x 2 deep gp330 flat  0.75 lb $1.99 10-59 10 off 60 20 off 6-packs  these lightweight plastic containers feature individual cells to prevent entangled roots and reduce transplant shock pull apart easily available in standard and jumbo six-packs both come in full sheets which fit the standard 17 square seed flats three minimum of

healthy seedlings .com organic gardening resource center extensive library of organic gardening knowledge videos growing seedlings planting vegetables container gardens herbs articles seed starting 201 seedlng care light transplanting and hardening off vegetable seeds how to choose start transplant them soil temperatures for transplanting seedlings and vegetable starts how much light will your seedlings need fertilizing seedlings seeds have varying needs for light during their initial germination some seeds like to germinate in the dark pot marigolds verbenas some are indifferent to light hollyhocks zinnias and most need substantial amounts of light lettuces petunias the first pair of leaves you see are known as “seed leaves” the second pair of leaves are the all-important “true leaves” after the first set of true leaves appears the seedlings should begin a

deep cavity containers for forestry field cone-tainers™ system consists of individual cone shaped cells that can be rearranged within each tray cells are made of low-density plastic good for 3–5 uses 1½ dia top 8¼ deep tapered and not free-standing without tray interior ribs prevent root spiraling 1 x 2 tray is made of durable polystyrene holds 98 cells will last 8–10 years is partially vented on the surface to provide more air flow between cells and has locking corners for easy stacking and storage gp350 cone-tainer™ cells  0.04 lb 25 min 25-99 $0.33 100-499 10 off 500-1099 20 off 1100 25 off gp351 cone-tainer™ support tray  4 lb $16.99 8-39 10 off 40 20 off deepots™ used for a wide range of hardwood and other tree seedlings an excellent choice for plant material requiring a deeper root ball also provides the flexibility to spread seedlings out or consolidate them for sorting and

support .com organic gardening resource center extensive library of organic gardening knowledge videos plant support options articles deer fencing and deer repellent vertical gardening for healthier vegetables and fruit vertical gardening can give you healthier plants—and more growing space seven reasons to grow up not out 1 increase your growing space when your vegetables climb trellises instead of snaking out in beds 2 better air circulation means fewer problems with plant diseases 3 as plants grow up a trellis the fruit is exposed to more sunlight for faster ripening instead of being shaded on the ground 4 do you have cucumbers in your garden cornell university points out that growing cucumbers on a trellis gives you straighter fruit 5 it’s easier to harvest vegetables and fruit when they are spread out on a trellis and not hiding under sprawling ground-level leaves 6 no

the “fine print” general limitation of remedy   we warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the seeds or plants sold hereunder are as described on the label within recognized tolerances no other warranty is given expressed or implied of 1 the merchantability or fitness of the seeds or plants for any particular purpose or 2 against loss due to any cause we cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions soil preparation fertilization weed and pest control temperature control irrigation…etc that must be met to insure the success of your crops or plants about shippable nursery stock orders  seasonal products perishable plants are stocked for a limited duration harvest and weather dependent orders are filled on a first-come first-serve basis due to these factors and limited storage space we are unable to accommodate any delay ship dates beyond our set shipping schedule we strongly recommend that

let the light shine through hoop-house poly our hoop-house poly is perfect for any scale of production the pvc accessories page 35 and 36 pair well with poly row cover or shade fabric to build sturdy greenhouses cold frames or shade structures 4 year limited warranty tufflite iv film greenhouse poly light transmission is comparable to glass even when doubled 6-mil plastic film long-lasting yellowing resistant seg100 20’ wide 10’ min in 5’ increments  0.75 lb per foot 10’–45’ $3.79/ft 50’–95’ 10 off 100’ 20 off seg110 10’ x 100’ roll  34 lb add $5 ship charge $129 seg114 14’ x 100’ roll  46 lb add $5 ship charge $179 seg116 16’ x 100’ roll  53 lb add $5 ship charge $199 seg100b 20’ x 100’ roll  67 lb ships by truck $249 seg124 24’ x 100’ roll  81 lb ships by

beauty quality in a compact design us e nt al itsnitn to co enhouse k e on gr redwood greenhouses grow beautiful plants in any season and get a jump start on your veggie garden with this great looking greenhouse our greenhouse kits use top quality components durable redwood 2” x 2” frames fungus and insect proof base made from recycled plastic double-wall polycarbonate panels are pre-assembled for quick easy construction automatic solar-powered vent openers on the roof and the base of the greenhouse five-year parts warranty ships directly from the supplier greenhouse kits seg510 6’ x 8’   ships in 4 boxes 338 lb total $1698.00 seg530 6’ x 12’  ships in 5 boxes 438 lb total $2198.00 seg520 8’ x 12’ shown at left   ships in 7 boxes 587 lb total $2898.00 seg532 8’ x 16’  ships in 8 boxes 712 lb total $3798.00 anchor kitredwood greenhouse our redwood greenhouses

aquaponics aquaponics is a highly sustainable method of producing food it combines hydroponics growing plants in water and aquaculture the farming of aquatic animals usually fish in a nearly closed loop system about aquaponics fish waste converts to fertilizer for your plants the plants are grown without soil in a greenhouse so you won’t be battling common garden pests and at the end of the day you get to harvest fresh vegetables as well as delicious fish this method is optimal for gardeners and farmers of any size and scope and allows for far more food per square foot to be produced than with traditional methods you can grow year round the plants grow faster because the nutrients are so available to the roots which stay warmer in the circulating water whether you’re simply feeding a small family or producing for the market there are aquaponic designs that fit your needs .com organic gardening resource center extensive library of organic gardening knowledge

since 1976 prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 free shipping for each full box of 10 bare root trees guaranteed see our nursery stock guarantee on pg 33 bare root season is now .com browse trees online 175 fruit nut tree varieties available most fruit trees just $1999 each shipping now 29 apple varieties 9 apricot varieties 20 cherry varieties 9 nectarine varieties 24 peach varieties 15 pear varieties 13 plum varieties 6 pluot varieties $20 flat rate for a partial box of 1-9 bare root trees shipping to the continental us excludes potted fruit trees nut trees and multi-graft trees count as 2 trees when calculating box capacity plus complex hybrids aprium nectaplum peacotum pluerry rtichokes a asparagus blueberries strawberries kiwi • rhubarb raspberries blackberries table