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Catalog Harvest & Homesteading 2012

All of our staff here at Peaceful Valley are truly excited about this summer catalog and the fantastic products that will help you with harvesting, preserving and best of all ENJOYING and sharing the flavors of your garden all throughout the year. We have researched many preserving and canning products to verify that the quality, versatility and prices were the best because, although many of these products are new to our catalog, we insist on only offering products that add value and help achieve sustainability. We listened to your requests for “Homesteading” related products and are proud to present new poultry raising accessories as well as home brewing, winemaking and cheese making kits and a few very interesting books to help you produce virtually all your edibles and beverages at home. That is sustainable living!

tanglefoot pre coated sticky tree bands roma sauce maker food strainer hm100 peaceful valley farm supply monterey garden insect spray food grade diatomaceous earth oregon sugar pod ii water plastic shut off valve male tee fit to female tee connecting tubing male end to male end stainless steel male to female fitting how to make maintenance to a drilling tool supply shut off valve air supply shut off valve hot and cold water supply tetraploid perennial ryegrass pantry moth trap home beer brewing ice cream maker purple top turnip seed drip irrigation system bulk vegetable seeds victors poison free flying insect spray apple cider vinegar hand held magnifiers shower head shut off valve brass shut off valve victor poison free flat fan nozzle shut off valve picture shut off valve ball plastic shut off valve plastic water shut off valve garden hose thread glass jars with lid best fertilizer for flowers 150 mesh screen vacuum pressure relief valve plastic hose swivel fitting water hose spray nozzles water pressure drop off valve hose reels and brackets shut off valve natural water pressure relief valve hose end sprayer deer and animal control safety pressure relief valves brass one way valve hot water shut off valves 14 adjustable pressure relief valve auto drain valve make your own fishing lures fishing lures make your own galvanized wire mesh 16 gauge galvanized steel frame staples and staples guns

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ladders baskets to dehydrators and fermenting crocks all to help you enjoy your harvest harvest preserve from safe convenient and beautiful enough to put on the table a great gift too weck bpa-free canning jars homestead over 300 products at groworganic.com · · · · · food processing preserving bpa-free jars cheese making supplies home brew wine making harvesting equipment organic animal feed chicken coops · make mozzarella cheese · dehydrate food groworganic.com/video yogurt making how to can all about chickens helpful books coops and even grow your own feed chickens eat pests and supply fresh eggs flat rate shipping 4 homesteading · · · · · · e backyard homestead city chicks preserving food at home home dairy home cheese making making sauerkraut from vines to wines country wisdom know how living with sheep pigs goats chickens related

preserve dairy in delicious ways whether you raise goats or cows or simply buy your milk at market making yogurt cheese and ice cream are all wholesome rewards gourmet home dairy cheese kit with this kit you can make 12 varieties of soft cheeses and other treats such as cream cheese sour cream yogurt fromage blanc creme fraiche mascarpone lemon cheese herb cheeses buttermilk kefir panir and queso blanco recipe booklet includes easy instructions for making cheeses with the yogotherm and 44 recipes using these cheeses in cooking kit makes up to 30 lbs of cheese plus 40 lbs of other dairy products contents yogotherm bpa-free dial pocket ermometer 2 yd reusable butter muslin fromage blanc ds ricki s sour cream ds tangy yogurt ds buttermilk ds kefir creme fraiche ds herbs de provence 2 oz recipe booklet hm615 13.00 lb $89.99 30 minute mozzarella/ricotta cheese kit make fresh and tasty mozzarella and ricotta cheese in the comfort of your own kitchen kit contains enough ingredients

chicken coops peaceful valley is pleased to offer chicken coops that you can expand to fit your needs if you have a small backyard or rooftop garden and are looking to add chickens these coops are perfect for you selecting the hen house for your needs size decide how many chickens you d like up to 3 or 6 during prime laying time in summer when the days are long you can get up to an egg a day from your young layers hen house features removable manure tray easily collect droppings for your compost pile easy access to nesting box simply lift the lockable lid to retrieve eggs without disturbing your hens reflective roof white roof reflects the sun s heat hen s amenities wire bottom for extra ventilation two roosting sticks and a hinged ladder more pictures online check these cool coops out from every angle online a starter hen house 2-3 chickens a our smallest henhouse accommodates 2 to 3 chickens perfect for a small backyard or rooftop it contains all the fundamental components for

nitrogen fertilizers for vegetative growth if your crop needs additional nitrogen see bloodmeal cottonseed meal pvfs liquid fish fish meal pelleted fertilizers feather meal and others phosphorus fertilizers for flowering fruiting phosphorus is what plants need to flower fruit and for root development to supply phosphorus soft rock phosphate is the best value bone meal can also be used potassium fertilizers for vigor potassium is what plants need among other things to establish vigor and resistance through sugar formation to supply potassium use sulfate of potash or greensand calcium and trace minerals almost every field test is low in trace minerals we get excellent response from soil applications of compost algit kelp meal or multiple trace minerals azomite or nutra min in extreme cases specific trace mineral supplements may be needed liquid or soluble fertilizers for health and resilience lab soil analysis see it in action get your soil s n-p-k analysis along with our own free

soil blocker e environmentally friendly zero waste soil blocker creates cubes of soil that air prunes seedling roots smart pots we offer many pots including smart pots which are made of a felted material which has the ability to air prune roots and prevent root circling see it in action growing over 600 products at groworganic.com · · · · · · · · · · seed starting greenhouse coldframes frost protection plant support erosion control growing mediums grow lights shade fabrics field meters seed starting shows trays soil blockers direct seeding frost protection shows agribon growing a fall garden shows shade fabric tomatoes planting growing shows trellis growing potatoes or blueberries shows smart pots groworganic.com/video redwood greenhouses grow beautiful plants in any season and get a jump on your veggie garden with these great looking greenhouses · e vegetable gardener s bible · winter harvest handbook four season harvest · gardener s a-z guide vertical gardening

what is causing the damage get a closer look magnifier hand held pests id cards e loupe hand lens is an essential tool in integrated pest management inexpensive and easy to use the hand held magnifier is especially handy for general insect identification the 20 mm lens magnifies images 16x through a ¾ focus and can attach to a cord or keychain pesticide free zone sign tmi055 16x 0.5 lb $22.99 display this charming sign in your yard or garden to serve as a quiet reminder for everyone who sees it to think before applying poisonous pesticides it comes to us from the pesticide free zone campaign pesticidefreezone.org whose goal is to reduce the use of pesticides in schools and private homes 8 diameter enamel coated aluminum with punch holes at top and bottom for mounting e505 0.1 lb $19.99 5-9 .5 off 10 10 off bird control a bird chaser balloon a bp811 landscape

mid handled tools make it easy to garden in a raised bed or from a seated position use rake to clear hard to reach places hand tools are your daily gardening companions buy the best and save your hands and wrists quality tools the right tool for the job quality garden tools are a sound investment for your garden e right tool for the job saves time and effort from tiller wheel hoes to hand tools we have what you need to succeed with your garden or farm tools that last peaceful valley carries only premium quality gardening tools for your organic garden gardening will be more efficient and enjoyable with the right garden tools we ve tested our garden tools we ve talked to organic farmers and growers and we ve selected only the best to offer to our customers save yourself time and money and invest in top quality garden tools broadforks can loosen soil deeper than a rototiller or a spade aerate your soil increase water percolation and preserve soil structure composters transform organic

using a wheel hoe www.groworganic.com/video the finest wheel hoes available glaser wheel hoes exceptionally light and maneuverable with rust-protected steel hardware and galvanized tubular steel handles for strength without weight built with a low center of gravity gives outstanding lateral control stability in stubborn soils and direct transfer of power from you to the cutting attachments adjustable at critical joints to accommodate your individual body size and hoeing style top-notch steel stirrup hoes cut weeds just below the surface on both forward and backward strokes without bulldozing the soil u-shaped blades make it easy to cultivate shallowly near the crop plant while digging deeper farther out a wide selection of attachments which bolt to the chassis frame are available professional wheel hoe shown at right professional model is similar to the standard but has wider coverage because its heavy-duty chassis is set up to handle two-jointed oscillating knives brackets included

premium quality sprinklers a rain tower sprinkler www150 12 lb 4 can ship together $69.99 5 10 off www151 replacement head 1 lb $24.99 b gardena sprinkler hose great heavy-duty large area sprinkler two height settings 4 ft or 6 ft 25­50 psi 35 psi is optimal at 35 psi 40 radius of spray metal impulse sprinkler head for uniform coverage of up to 5000 sq ft tripod base prevents tipping with 54 leg diameter connects to normal hose and collapses for easy storage made of heavy-duty galvanized steel 2-year manufacturer s warranty a produces fine spray for beds borders and narrow areas can be cut to length simply cut as required and connect system fittings 10 year hose guarantee please note although this item is pictured with two quick connectors with water stops it only comes with one length 49 ft irp750 get 30 off online 4.5 lb 49.96 b c gardena polo sprinkler c d fully adjustable spray range area coverage 950 2400 sq.ft

cost­effective low pressure drip tape chapin drip tape is now available in home scale as well as commercial sizes chapin drip tape is the best on the market instead of emitter holes chapin drip tape has slits spaced 8 apart the slits close when the water is off almost eliminating most externally-caused plugging problems protect against internal clogging by flushing your system for at least 30 minutes after fertigating fertilizing while irrigating don t use drip tape if your water has heavy mineral deposits we offer two different thicknesses 5 mil which should last at least one year and 8 mil which should last 2-3 years if installed on the surface both sizes will last much longer if buried 1 ­4 below the surface drip tape must be used on low water pressure 5­15 psi achieved by installing a pressure regulator at 10 psi drip tape with 8 spacing distributes 40 gallons per hour gph per 100 every 2,000 of drip tape requires both a filter and a pressure regulator on level ground

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 www.groworganic.com join our summer fun two giveaways each month in june july august win $100 gift card in our monthly drawings to enter simply do one of the following 1 subscribe to our weekly how-to video e-mails groworganic.com/subscribe 2 before you harvest submit a photo of ripe fruit or vegetables to our photo contest groworganic.com/submit-photo you ll be automatically entered to win when you make a purchase during june july or august complete contest rules at groworganic.com/contest-rules win an ipad 3 $499 value or a $500 gift card in our monthly drawings we carry everything you need to grow organic for life!® orchard ladder harvesting bag garden cart roma sauce maker excalibur dehydrator fermenting crock new pg 44 pg 7 pg 10 pg