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Harvest Equipment - Find all the products you need to bring in the bounty from your harvest including: Orchard ladders & garden carts Professional picking bags Long handled fruit pickers, snips & knives Harvest baskets & gardening containers

roma sauce maker food strainer hm100 put your hand in the hand peaceful valley farm supply food grade diatomaceous earth step by step instruction stainless steel pressure gauge 0 15 process of step by step h and r 30 30 how to make a power supply tetraploid perennial ryegrass wide mouth jars ice cream maker organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed apple cider vinegar north american mushroom galvanized wire mesh oil drip pan tea light holders 200 micron filter 200 micron filters fruits and vegetables stainless steel racks stainless steel rack stainless steel moldings stainless steel blades stainless steel bakeing racks black eye peas glass bottle with lid nevada city ca stainless steel kitchen top air tight glass jar stainless steel kitchen tops how to make bread stainless steel counter top 22 x 22 x 22 shipping box stainless steele screen hose shut off cleaning stainless steel stainless steel dish rack stainless steel handle step by step stainless steel handles stainless steel caps forged stainless steel d rings stainless steel p clip stainless steel e clips stainless steel z clip how to grow quick release brass snap make your own stainless steel work tops kinds of food vitamin and minerals vitamins and minerals

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gathering your harvest baskets buckets pails made in germany a metal harvest basket  functional harvest basket with a traditional design use to gather the glorious harvests from your vegetable garden galvanized wire mesh design to wash and drain vegetables directly in the basket comes with a comfortable removable wooden carry handle measures 18½” long 10½” wide 6¼” high go650  4 lb $34.99 wooden harvest basket   this attractive harvest basket is beautifully handcrafted from willow strips with pumpkin trim a classic english style trug to carry in the garden while cutting and picking herbs flowers or vegetables it is generous in size 17½” long 11” wide and can fit a variety of produce from long cucumbers to large leafy lettuces go640  1 lb $14.99 wooden baskets  these pretty baskets are environmentally friendly and are made from the renewable resource of timber native to arkansas these

mill blend process stainless steel food mill you don’t need electricity to puree food make smooth or chunky tomato or apple sauce baby food and fluffy mashed potatoes substantial pot rests hold the mill steady while cranking the blade non-reactive and hygienic 18/8 stainless steel with 3 interchangeable stainless steel disks in fine medium and coarse 8” diameter 4” deep hm111  4.25 lb $34.99 breville control grip™ hand mixer white easy on the hands tough on food making a simple soup with a traditional immersion blender can be hard work for your hands fingers held in awkward positions and the suctioning of the immersion blender to the pot are the main causes for this discomfort breville’s control grip™ has an ergonomic trigger switch operation a soft touch grip to prevent slipping adjustable speed control and an anti-suction blending action all helping to ensure that comfort food is comfortable to make included

a bcdef bamboo utensils burnished bamboo utensils give a new look to an old favorite the burnished finish on these pieces is created by steaming the bamboo to bring out the natural sugars and carmelizing them this results in a honey color and smooth texture the process is finished with a light naturally derived lacquer a hm2000 slotted spatula 12”  0.15 lb $2.99 b hm2001 spatula 12”  0.15 lb $2.99 c hm2002 spoonula 12”  0.15 lb $2.99 d hm2003 spoon 12”  0.15 lb $2.99 e hm2004 rice paddle 9”  0.15 lb $2.99 f locking tongs 12”  every home needs a pair of durable stainless steel tongs to provide a secure strong grip in the kitchen or at the barbecue or buffet works great for transplanting cactus with thorns too the lock-shut feature makes storage compact and easy dishwasher safe 12” overall length hm2015  0.5 lb $7.99 stainless scoop 

revive the art of “putting by” food jars weck bpa-free canning jars discover the weck home canning system the weck company has been providing canning equipment in europe since 1900 weck does not produce home-canning jars with mechanical sealing devices and the reason is safety in case the contents of a jar should spoil for any reason the gases formed by spoilage inside the jar must be free to push up the lid so that it lies loosely on top of the jar for this extremely important reason of personal safety a reason which is still more important than the practical ones mentioned below weck has consistently refused to produce jars with mechanical wire bail seals for home-canning purposes in case of spoilage these mechanical seals cannot produce the strikingly clear warning signal of the loose lid weck jars have many great advantages they have wide openings making them easy to fill and clean the glass lids will not rust and glass is microwaveable you can check the seals at a

essential for hard cheeses cheese press made in usa cheese press proudly made in the usa this press is handcrafted to last a lifetime with this press you can easily press a variety of delicious hard cheeses including but not limited to cheddar gouda parmesan and monterey jack the stainless steel mold and drip tray sit on a hard wood base with rubber feet to protect your kitchen counter pressure is regulated with a stainless steel gauge measuring from 0 to 80 lb easy to use this press makes a great addition to your cheese making kitchen can be used with other cheese molds comes assembled and ready to use includes 1 stainless steel mold 2-4 lb cheese 2 polypropylene followers 1 stainless steel pressure gauge 1 stainless steel separating disc 1 stainless steel drip tray 2 press locks hm640  15 lb $279.00 cheese cloth for lining molds  new cheese cloth for use with hard cheeses 2 yards of 100 cotton 60 thread per inch reusable cheese cloth can be used for draining

ferment the next oldest preserving technique boleslawiec fermenting crocks  fermentation natural lactic acid fermentation is one of the oldest and healthiest means of food preservation from sauerkraut and home cured corned beef to yogurt and horseradish sauce enjoy the benefits of this time honored technique • natural lactic acid fermentation allows natural beneficial bacteria to perform a fermentation process in which vegetables develop a pleasantly sour taste and remain rich in vitamins and minerals • lactic acid fermentation is the only method of preservation that retains all the natural plant ingredients while improving the quality taste and aroma new made in poland the best fermenting crock available today make natural nutrition-packed sauerkraut and pickled vegetables with this stoneware crock from poland through the years sauerkraut has been recognized as one of the healthiest foods and was even used on sailing ships to protect sailors from scurvy recently in

breville smart fryer   4 quart deep fryer with 7 cooking presets and timer this is the first deep fryer with technology that adjusts time and temperature to suit what you’re cooking with 7 preset functions some foods such as french fries need to be fried at a higher temperature for longer while calamari require a lower temperature for a shorter time simply select what you are cooking and this smart appliance will deliver the right temperature at just the right time the smart fryer™ also includes a twice-fried function for restaurant quality french fries and makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients the custom setting allows you to program your favorite dish hm980  free shipping  to continental us $129.00 stainless steel bbq roasting basket this heavy stainless-steel roasting basket is perfect for larger meats like whole chickens turkeys and roasts yet it has a tight weave to keep even the smallest pieces of food in the basket and out

certified organic sprouting seeds organic sprouting seed mixes spicy lentil mix  lentils red clover alfalfa radish mustard canola non-gmo ssp205  8.8 oz bag  0.75 lb $6.99 spring salad mix  broccoli radish red clover alfalfa ssp210  8.8 oz bag  0.75 lb 9.99 sandwich mix  red clover alfalfa radish canola ssp215  8.8 oz bag  0.75 lb $7.99 sproutmaster™ trays each sproutmaster comes with a drip tray center divider a lid complete instructions for sprouting gp3005 small  3 stackable 5”x 6” trays  1.5 lb $29.99 gp3010 large  1 tray  1 lb $19.99 gp3015 large  3 stackable 10” x 8” trays  3 lb $49.99 organic sprouting seeds ssp100 adzuki beans  9.6 oz bag   0.75 lb $5.99 ssp105 alfalfa  8.8 oz bag  0.75

need more beehive is the honey overflowing need additional honey supers or a replacement frame we’ve got you covered honey super with 8 frames  assembled if your beehive is full of capped honey comb your bees will need an addition to their home otherwise they may swarm or leave the hive in search of a new home you may need an additional honey super in your second or third year of beekeeping our frames come preassembled with a removable plasticell foundation our 6 ⅝” tall honey super has taper cut handholds made from ponderosa pine and eight 6 ¼” top bar frames a b with plasticell foundation which is easily removable this is where the bees will store their extra honey which may be harvested by the beekeeper add the first super after both brood boxes have at least 12 frames full of comb add the second super after the first super is half way full of honey a hb106  6⅝” honey super box with 8 frames 16 lb $59.99 top bar frame

feed more stock feed them better feed them longer pasture mixes pv omega-3 chicken forage blend  omega-3 fatty acids are part of a healthy diet this blend is designed to increase the omega-3s in eggs by up to 6 times more than a conventional egg plant after danger of frost has passed caution flax can form prussic acid when exposed to frost so do not graze horses on this mix spi800  nitro-coat not certified organic $3.99/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off bison intermediate ryegrass tetraploid perennial rye tetraploid annual rye japanese millet buckwheat flax red clover strawberry clover alfalfa ladino clover birdsfoot trefoil feed your chickens livestock organically organic animal feed always provide clean water do not feed old moldy or insect infested feed as it may cause illness or death store in a cool dry place organic alfalfa pellets excellent general livestock feed and also a great fertilizer content analysis not less than 15 crude

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 browse over 5,000 products at .com peaceful valley organic vegetable seed packs only certified organic $299 each receive free seeds with your online order non-gmo ante e d gu «« ««« y brand l valle eacefu «« t at e s pack se edoger min ««« p ar guaranteed to germinate 300 varieties 2 free organic veggie seed packs on orders over $50 5.98 value 5 free organic veggie seed packs on orders over $100 14.95 value offer valid on in-stock peaceful valley farm garden supply organic vegetable seed packs on internet orders only through 11/30/14 while supplies last all online purchases qualify except gift cards please note that the $50 and $100 thresholds are merchandise subtotal only excluding sales tax shipping