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feed more stock feed them better feed them longer pasture mixes pv omega-3 chicken forage blend  omega-3 fatty acids are part of a healthy diet this blend is designed to increase the omega-3s in eggs by up to 6 times more than a conventional egg plant after danger of frost has passed caution flax can form prussic acid when exposed to frost so do not graze horses on this mix spi800  nitro-coat not certified organic $3.99/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off bison intermediate ryegrass tetraploid perennial rye tetraploid annual rye japanese millet buckwheat flax red clover strawberry clover alfalfa ladino clover birdsfoot trefoil feed your chickens livestock organically organic animal feed always provide clean water do not feed old moldy or insect infested feed as it may cause illness or death store in a cool dry place organic alfalfa pellets excellent general livestock feed and also a great fertilizer content analysis not less than 15 crude protein not less than 1.70 crude fat not more than 30 crude fiber not more than 11 ash ingredients certified organic sun-dried alfalfa meal 50 lb bag ad225  organic   55 lb $27.99 organic all breed textured feed a textured feed for mature cattle horses goats sheep 50 lb bag ad216  organic   55 lb $33.99 feed supplements azomite   trace mineral supplement and natural anti-caking agent used as a natural source of over 50 trace minerals mix at a rate of 0.5 of ration f040 44 lb bag  49 lb $24.99 10–49 10 off 50 20 off diatomaceous earth de   food grade diatomaceous earth can be mixed into animal feed product is untreated unheated food grade freshwater d.e not the d.e used in swimming pools contains at least 12 minerals including 19 calcium and 33 silica note can be irritating to the lungs and eyes as per its msds avoid breathing dust use a niosh approved n95 respirator mask like our gsd920 and avoid contact with eyes wear goggles ad250 50 lb bag  55 lb $34.99 par 4 kelp meal 1-0-2   new widely used as a trace mineral supplement for animals use at 1–2 of ration or feed as free choice f1445 50 lb bag  55 lb $79.99 10–39 10 off 40 20 off chicken forage blend 62 general livestock flax general livestock mix  highly palatable productive year-round mix for all livestock best on moderate to high-fertility soils below 3,000’ grows to 3½’ spi400  nitro-coat not certified organic $3.79/lb spi401  organic nitro-coat $8.49/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off tall fescue tetraploid perennial ryegrass tetraploid annual ryegrass orchardgrass red clover broadleaf birdsfoot trefoil ladino clover strawberry clover flax  linum usitatissum scn930 organic $4.19/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off pv herbal pasture mix  blend improves forage nutrition and soil quality spi700   nitro-coat $5.69/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off perennial ryegrass orchardgrass lg31 timothy grass burnet italian ryegrass meadow fescue renegrade red clover white clover chicory yarrow parsley alsike clover sweet clover milk vetch lucerne plantain birdsfoot trefoil fennel pv premium horse pasture mix  developed specifically for horses mares and foals grows to 3½’ spi600  nitro-coat $3.19/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off orchardgrass tetraploid annual ryegrass tetraploid perennial ryegrass bison intermediate ryegrass renegade red clover alfalfa strawberry clover pv sierra foothill dryland mix  special blend for high rainfall low fertility foothill soils below 3,000’ high yields palatability quick recovery and good erosion control grows to 3’ spd600  nitro-coat $4.69/lb 10-49 10 off 50-499 15 off 500 20%off denmark subclover trikkala and campeda subclovers nungarin subclover hykon rose clover blando brome berber orchardgrass herbal pasture horse pasture foothill dryland feed supplements pasture mixes more info and products