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Catalog Organic Garlic, Organic Onions, Organic Potatoes, Cover Crop Seed 2012

Our Fall Catalog contains hard-to-find organic garlic seed, onion transplants, home canning and sprouting supplies, the most comprehensive selection of cover crop seed you'll find, season extenders such as Agribon and greenhouse supplies, bulbs, wildflower seed... so much to keep your organic growing on track into the cold season!

roma sauce maker food strainer hm100 1 lb into ft lb peaceful valley farm supply lupine cover crop seed food grade diatomaceous earth oregon sugar pod ii candytuft dwarf fairy mix bloom closes at night 85 lb in into in lb how the food is sauced on the table creeping red fescue grass seed purple top turnip seed forget me not seeds the heart of organic gardening tetraploid perennial ryegrass creeping red fescue home beer brewing zinnia dahlia flowered ice cream maker sugar snap pea new england aster black eye peas bell shape flower blue eyed grass flower honda 13 hp glass jars with lid convert sq ft to lbs johnny jump up heavy duty pneumatic cylinder galvanized wire mesh lawn and garden equipment 20 gauge wire mesh roll aircraft stainless steel hand tools 48 in lb into ft lb 20 gauge wire mesh 20 gauge wire 1 mesh 3 25 quick release brass snap 20 gauge wire mesh clips 30 ft lbs into in lbs 20 gauge wire mesh 3 25 26 x 12 x 12 tire tube 20 gauge wire angle tool made in spain 35 ft lbs into in lbs a plant on top of a tree how to make maintenance to a drilling tool vineyard cover crop organic farms in los angeles chewings fescue grass seed garlic seeds heirloom seeds wildflower seeds wildflower seed tall fescue grass seed bulb onions

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garlic order now for immediate shipment enjoy the taste of home grown garlic how to grow gourmet garlic extensive growing instructions included with every order variety selection there are two main families of garlic softnecks and hardnecks depending on the flavor you re looking for hardnecks usually have stronger flavors or the shelf life you desire softnecks generally store longer you ll be able to find what you want softneck hardnecks garlic is easy to grow and very rewarding not to mention delicious to cook with we re going all out this year so there s no need to shop around we ve searched the continent for the best varieties and negotiated low prices for you you won t find a better price anywhere buy big save big price breaks exclude garlic combo packs 5­9 lbs 5 off10 ­49 lbs 10 off 10 50­99 lbs 15 off100-499 lbs 100-499 20 lbsoff 500­999 lbs 25 off1000 lbs 1000 lbs 30 off artichoke rocambole porcelain related books author ron

onion central all you need gophers love onions protect yours with gopher wire onion sets below in this picture come 100 bulbs per pack wire baskets pbr500 4 pot mini size pack of 6 0.5 lb $5.49 pbr505 1 gallon size 7½ × 9 pack of 2 1.5 lb $5.99 pbr508 3 gallon size 11 × 9 bulb size 1 lb $3.99 5 gallon 15 gallon sizes available at rolls of wire pbr518gopher wire 3 × 100 roll 40 lb 10 ship charge $99.00 pbr519gopher wire 4 × 100 roll 40 lb 10 ship charge $129.00 stop the gopher destruction humane and effective the sturdy baskets and wire are superior to chicken or aviary wire for barring gophers from your plant s roots the 3/4 mesh 20 gauge wire is galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance plant onions in smart pots a 15 gallon smart pot will hold several plants and you can plant them anywhere gp2615 tan 15 gal $9.99 gp2515 blk w/handles 15 gal $9.99 many

lettuce continued red salad bowl flame freckles gourmet mix green salad bowl flame 50 days heirloom looseleaf distinct red color throughout the plant early maturity slow to bolt snv8077 250 seeds $2.49/packsnv5274.snv5274 63,158 seeds $24.99/¼ lb freckles 50 days heirloom romaine type green leaves splashed with red red darkens as lettuce matures tender long standing heirloom beautiful addition to any salad snv8078 250 seeds $2.49/packsnv5275.snv5275 10,928 seeds $18.99/¼ lb gourmet mix 50 days gourmet lettuce mix of red salad bowl green salad bowl buttercrunch paris island cos and lolla rossa snv8085 250 seeds $2.49/packsnv5077.snv5077 $12.99/oz green salad bowl 46 days aas winner 1952 light green long wavy deep-notched leaves large fast growing rosette heat resistant will not get bitter in hot weather very slow to bolt snv8092 250 seeds $2.49/packsnv5202.snv5202 113,500 seeds $19.99/¼ lb rouge d hiver royal oakleaf rubin red salad bowl 46 days

yellow lupine lupinus densiflorus annual lupine russell mix lupinus polyphyllus perennial mexican hat ratibida columnifera perennial mountain garland clarkia unguiculata annual open pollinated this impressive and very hardy california native grows 2 3 with 1 yellow spikes this plant thrives along banks slopes and roadsides is tolerant of drought and alkaline soils pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast thin to 1 when plants reach 3 tall swf306 4.3gs eeds $2.49/pack open pollinated this cultivar has been carefully selected for a variety of colors enjoy the beauty and hardiness of lupine tall flowers bloom in colors from purple to pink to yellow to white beautiful when planted in mass pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast thin to 20 apart when plants reach 1 tall swf686 4.3gs eeds $2.49/pack swf685 $10.99/¼ lb open pollinated this drought tolerant wildflower is an excellent cut flower for summer gardens easy to establish from seed and

bulbs pre-order now for september shipment plant these bulbs in the fall and reap dynamic blooms in spring mix based on color plant height and bloom time for a wonderful presentation all season long giant crocus the first sign of spring these colorful crocus grow from jumbo size bulbs imported from holland great for borders or edging they will naturalize in the grass woodlands slopes and under trees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 bunch-flowering habit make these early flowering beauties a must have in the garden they multiply rapidly for a beautiful display 11 snow crocus their hardiness and 12 13 14 15 16 daffodils everybody loves sunloving daffodils large miniature fragrant double or cupped these hardy flowers are deer resistant drought tolerant and available in myriad colors 17 18 19 buy big save big 5­9 packs 5 off 10-14 packs 10 off 15-19 packs 15 off 20 packs 20 off mix match quantity discounts 20 21 22 23 24 dutch iris beautiful as cut flowers and long lasting in your spring

cover crops solutions chart use these charts only as a general guide to help you choose the best cover crop for your growing situation remember that this type of chart has inherent limitations for example although crimson clover is marked tolerates mowing you should not mow it in mid-late spring because it needs to grow during that time in order to re-seed itself information provided above is referenced from pfv&gs catalog and staff our vendors and managing cover crops profitably by sustainable ag network entire contents © copyright 2012 peaceful valley farm supply inc all rights reserved cold hardy down to 25° tolerates poor drainage germinates in soils 45°f somewhat drought tolerant tolerates mowing grazing good for forage or hay good weed competition helps control erosion nematocidal effects reported adds significant organic matter provides quick growth attracts beneficial insects easily established requires summer water california native since 1976 loosens heavy soils grow

topsoil protection erosion control mixes singles pv don t allow your precious topsoil to wash away in winter runoff soil conservation should be a top priority for all landowners high rainfall and bare soil will lead to severe erosion washing away your land s most precious resource its topsoil all of these mixes will re-seed at the end of their growing cycle to maintain the cover for future years though not required initial irrigations will hasten establishment on steep slopes the use of a thin straw mulch will also help the seeds get started many people use jute netting or burlap to stabilize the soil after the seed is planted h crownvetch seed natural fiber for erosion control on slopes anchor with ground staples see below mesh size approx 3/5 x 4/5 ec400 4 x 225 roll 75 lb $79.99 5­9 5 off 10­19 10 off durable multiple uses secure with ground staples use for erosion control shading wind frost protection and so much more gp961 80 x 80 sheet 3.5 lb 4.99

citrus $19.99 each pre-order citrus now for mid-sept shipment add a little zest to your garden citrus trees are potted evergreen semi-dwarf 1 ½-years-old pencil caliper 18 24 tall they will with good care produce fragrant self-pollinating flowers and wonderful fruit height 8 ­12 but can be pruned to suit in ground or in containers choose a sunny location in well drained soil sheltered from wind they are affected by below freezing temperatures and in many locales require cold protection most tender to most hardy bearss lime lemons orange tangelo grapefruit mandarin kumquat cannot be sold in fl tx az hi or counties of los angeles riverside san bernadino santa barbara fresno kern and tulare in ca generally available from september 15 march 15 ship weight 6 lb non-taxable variety description semi-dwarf on its own rootstock zones all year outdoor growing for temperate areas protect from freezing in colder zones fruit less acidic than eureka with a softer rind unique flavor versatile

dehydrate snack on dried fruit make your own dried soup mixes or dry your own spices for use all winter your dehydrator can also make yogurt and prepare raw foods at very low temperatures the possibilities are endless a a excalibur dehydrators yogurt recipe ingredients to make 1 quart 1/2 cup plain yogurt either from the store or a previous batch 1 quart pasturized whole milk candy thermometer stainless steel pot hm702 glass jars such as the weck jars hm505 directions heat the milk to 180°f in a stainless steel pot remove from heat and let cool to 110°f stir in yogurt until it is fully dissolved pour into clean glass jars either small or large and cover with a lid or foil the weck glass jars with their glass lids work perfectly place jars on the bottom of your dehydrator close the door and set the temperature to 115°f for three hours check to see if the yogurt has set as an additional 15-30 minutes may be needed optionally you can sprinkle dried fruits onto the top of the

grow mill grains in 100 sq ft you could grow enough wheat to bake bread twice a month for a year family grain mill hm405 grain mill w/hand crank base 6.00 lb $149.00 hm415 flaker attachment 3.00 lb $89.99 hm420 slicer shredder attachment 3.00 lb $89.99 hm425 meat grinder attachment 3.00 lb $89.99 e family grain mill is made in germany and is of very high quality best value and versatility of all grain mills on the market built on a modular system you can easily switch the various attachments on the hand crank base conical hardened steel burrs are totally adjustable adjust them just to crack the grain or grind it into a fine flour conical steel burrs shear grain without friction avoiding the heat created by most grain mills that can destroy many of flour s nutrients unlike stone grinders which are made of aluminum oxides that can end up in your flour steel burrs won t gum up or glaze and don t add grit to your flour e high

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately grow organic for life prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 pre-order now for dec shipment trees as low as $15.99 10 bare root fruit trees delivered to your door for $199 does not include multi-fruit nut jujube persimmon or potted pomegranate fig citrus or olive trees otherwise ship 10 bare root fruit trees or 5 nut or multi-graft trees in a single box for $35 anywhere in the continental u.s offer applies to $19.99 bare root fruit trees browse trees online 180 fruit nut tree varieties available flat rate shipping $35 trees come with a limited replacement guarantee we carry everything you need to grow organic for life!® an amazing selection of bare roots online