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IPM - Integrated Pest Management control pests in the most natural possible way. Major components of IPM are: Monitor, Identify & Control the Pests Biological Controls are natural enemies such as beneficial insects. Cultural Controls alter the environment so the pests can’t live easily (removing shelter, adjusting watering times). Mechanical and Physical Controls are traps that kill pests, or barriers that keep them away from plants (gopher wire, deer fencing, bird netting). Chemical Controls are pesticides. In IPM pesticides are a last resort. Combine all these controls for a long-term solution to your pest problem.

in lb to ft lb peaceful valley farm supply tree tanglefoot pest barrier oak stump mosquito trap green cypress lime sulfur fungicide 25 gallon monterey garden insect spray put your hand in the hand h and r 30 30 tanglefoot pest barrier deer and animal control flying insect control in garden peace of mind pantry moth trap oak stump mosquito tanglefoot tangle trap sticky coating tangle trap insect coating safers insecticidal soap hose end sprayer organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed hand held magnifiers 200 micron filter 200 micron filters 24 gauge galvanized wire mesh drip irrigation system 1 lb into ft lb sq ft to ft hot pepper wax hot pepper wax spray lawn and garden fruits and vegetables 20 gauge wire mesh roll 20 gauge wire mesh lawn and garden equipment 20 gauge wire digital kitchen scale 18 gauge galvanized steel wire we will meet you there pear and apple make your own male to male ft lb to in lb how to get them out kitchen and bathroom stainless steel spring testing has shown holes in wood 35 male to male university of california 1 x 12 stainless steel springs 1 to 1 12 male to male dc to dc check availability of an item m 10 10 nut in oz to in lbs

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new chef’n brand new cottage size henhouse w/run emulstir salad dressing mixer hm5535 $14.99 cottage coop for 2-4 hens ad345 $698 self sharpening pizza wheel hm5500 $17.99 gp700 $59.99 new cage-a-crop train your vegetable plants and flowers to grow upright and stable durable aesthetic longlasting can be used for virtually any vegetable plant or flowers expandable to any shape or size by adding multiple panels use this bait with the bait station 4 lb bait pab305 $39.99 a mini aquaponics system for your home self-cleaning fish tank that grows food just fill with water add fish plant seeds buttercup butter maker hm5545 $14.99 new ground squirrel bait new aquafarm new urbin grower a compact subirrigation organic growing system use it almost anywhere – a patio porch balcony or backyard pack of 5 15 panels gp517 $99.99 gp153 $29.99 new tower new vegetable new prop-a-crop free up some space in your garden by growing vertically perfect for beans and peas add much needed

send in the troops these are your pests natural enemies beneficial insects beneficial organisms attack pests not people plants or pets beneficials are not pesticides they need some lead time to work they should be used as part of an integrated system of pest management which also includes fertilizing hygienic cultural practices planting pest-resistant varieties intercropping proper irrigation monitoring trapping etc for maximum effectiveness beneficial releases should begin when pest densities are at low to medium levels if your pest problem is already severe it may be better to apply a safe short-residual pesticide to kill a portion of the pests and then introduce the beneficials our pest control solutions chart on page 28 gives a brief outline for the uses of these beneficials it is not meant to replace conclusions drawn from on-site observations of your pest problems all of our beneficials are sent with instructions for release insects cannot ship to hawaii puerto rico virgin

orchard mason bees  unit of 20 we ship the bees in tubes november 1st march 1st while they are in a state of deep hibernation when the weather warms in early spring the hibernating bees emerge from their holes they will need a nesting block with holes in which to live and breed contains 16 males 4 females pbe2000   1 lb $34.98 orchard mason bees–powerful pollinators bees are essential for pollination • mason bee colonies can do over 200 times the pollinating of similarly sized honeybee colonies • orchard mason bees are small black gentle bees • orchard mason bees build their nests in holes in wood not in hives for producing honey • native to most of the continental us they are not social bees like honey bees and will not bother humans or pets • invite them to stay have food flower pollen and a shelter for them to breed and live • mason bees are not recommended for humid gulf coast areas of tx la ms al and s fl mason bee

insect control traps and barriers traps pheromones pheromone traps are used to monitor and/or disrupt the mating activity of certain pest insects • a pheromone is a nontoxic species-specific scent produced by the female insect to attract the male • “lures” attract the male to a sticky glue trap pheromone confusion lures • highly effective confusion lures use pheromones to flood the orchard with female scent preventing the male from locating a female and mating traps are only needed for monitoring pheromone glue traps • used to “trap out” male insects thus preventing mating and reducing the egg-laying capacity of the female as monitoring • pheromone traps are most often used commercially to monitor and anticipate the mating activity of insects .com visit our organic gardening resource center extensive library of organic gardening knowledge videos codling moth keep the

pest wizard® seven way stored product trap captures the 7 most common indoor insect pests both moths and beetles of stored products indian meal moth mediterranean flour moth raisin moth tobacco moth almond moth cigarette beetle warehouse beetle no separate lure is required the multi component lure is evenly distributed in the glue which allows you to separate the trap into smaller units simply peel the butcher paper off of the adhesive and deploy trap is perforated to create 3 equal segments for easy folding and/or separation into 3 smaller traps can be used flat and slid under cabinets or on edge suspended folded in a “u” shape or formed into a delta shaped trap traps last about eight weeks pit140 2 baited traps/2 hangers  33 lb $12.99 10-49 10 off 50 20 off stored product moth trap kit    lures and traps grain moths  effective against the main pests of stored grain beans and flour indian meal moth mediterranean

insecticides some natural alternatives keep the bugs off natural insecticides natural insecticide glossary bacillus thuringiensis bt  • bacillus thuringiensis bt is a naturally occurring bacteria with many powerful insect-specific strains like other biologicals bts biodegrade in sunlight and may require reapplication biological insecticides  • “biologicals” are naturally-occurring insecticidal organisms usually bacteria which attack only specific pests • highly effective insect-specific biodegradable and nontoxic to humans animals beneficial insects and the environment botanical insecticides/fungicides  • made from plants which are shown to have pesticidal qualities • safer to the user and the environment than chemical pest controls yet very strong and should be used as a last resort neem extracts  • this botanical insecticide is extracted from the seed of the tropical neem tree • used for centuries

mycotrol o  biological beauveria bassiana this biological insecticide contains the fungus beauveria bassiana which works to control aphids armyworms thrips cutworms leafhoppers loopers mites whiteflies psyllids mealybugs borers beetles weevils grasshoppers flea beetles and more it works primarily through ingestion and contact action therefore proper application is essential treat plants when pest populations are manageable and before extensive damage occurs this should provide control through a cessation of feeding within hours of application but may take 7-10 days for the fungus to totally kill certain insects and before full effect occurs on the pest population works best in moist humid conditions labeled for a wide variety of crops including vegetables fruits berries and nuts vines lawns and ornamentals as with any broad spectrum pesticide use sparingly to avoid harming beneficial insects use rate is from .25 to 1 qt per acre for smaller scale use a quart in 100 gal of water

natural disease control actinovate lawn garden  contains a high concentration of a patented beneficial microorganism streptomyces lydicus when applied the actinovate microbe grows on the plant’s roots and leaves living off the plant’s by-products while at the same time attacking harmful disease causing pathogens this natural product effectively suppresses controls a wide range of foliar and root diseases 2 oz size treats up to 550 plants or 5000 sq ft of turf pfm1000 20 grams  1 lb $11.99 pfm1001 2 oz  25 lb $19.99 actino iron  actino-iron is a unique granular soil additive that combines the actinovate organic fungicide with organic iron and humates actino-iron is a professional product that is used by thousands of commercial greenhouses nurseries and landscapers for controlling root diseases and providing long term greening 10 lb size treats 2500 sq ft of lawn or 2 cubic yards of soil or compost operator id

keep them out with barriers and repellents gopher mole vole control gophers make a horseshoe-shaped mound with their exit hole on one side of the mound moles make a circular volcano-shaped mound with the hole in the center field mice and voles do not usually make mounds just holes gophers do not make runs near the surface moles do gophers actually eat your plants moles only disturb the roots by eating grubs and insects in the soil rolls of gopher wire 20 gauge galvanized wire w 3/4 mesh perfect for laying under your raised beds to protect from tunneling pests rolls of wire are double galvanized and have an 8-10 year life pbr518  3 × 100 roll  40 lb 5 ship charge $99.99 10 10 off pbr519  4 × 100 roll  52 lb 5 ship charge $129.00 10 10 off getting rid of gophers how to get rid of moles root guard gopher baskets  humane and effective these sturdy baskets are

bird control netting  black polypropylene ¾” × ¾” uv protected netting will last outdoors for many years and it keeps birds and deer away from your crops thorough coverage is essential for good bird control pbr004 14’×14’   1 lb $9.99 pbr001 7’×50’ 2 lb $39.99 pbr025 28’×28’ 2 lb $39.99 pbr006 14’×50’ 3 lb $54.99 pbr015 17’×50’ 3 lb $64.99 pbr016 17’×100’ 9 lb $119.00 pbr007 14’×300’ 16 lb $199.00 pbr008 14’×500’ 33 lb $249.00 pbr017 17’×300’ 17 lb $239.00 bird-be-gone diverters new bird-b-gone diverters are visual deterrents used to scare pest birds away from trees patios gardens and more when birds see the “mock” predator eye and shiny reflective surface they will be

return policy • special orders drop-shipped items custom mixes custom cuts i.e greenhouse poly shade cloth etc live plants nursery stock bargain items broken bags and beneficial insects are not returnable or refundable under any circumstances • it is also important to note that pvf&gs does not offer a satisfaction guarantee accordingly we do not accept returns of items that were used as we can’t resell them as new and/or return them to vendors simply because they didn’t meet your expectation • our return policy for food processing items is different from our standard return policy due to hygiene concerns even if an item has not been used if the box has been opened we will assess a 15 restocking fee as we must re-sell the item as an ”open box” at a discount • within 30 days of purchase or delivery whichever the latter you can return any non-perishable item for a full refund excluding shipping provided 1 you have your receipt or the