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Catalog Seed Catalog 2013 - Issue 1 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series

This catalog features our Peaceful Valley Seed Line: 300+ Certified Organic Vegetable Seed and 84 Open Polinated Flower Seeds. Unique variety descriptions are accompanied by planting, growing & harvesting tips for the species (also found on the seed packs). Plus check out the 20 varieties of organic seed potatoes that are generally available from October through March. You'll also find a broad overview of our categories of products featuring Tricia's picks.

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1 order your certified organic non-gmo seed before 12/31/12 for the best deal on shipping we provide the highest quality organic seed in award winning packs see our guarantee pg 20 fre e sh i ppi ng on al november hi i m tricia co-owner of peaceful valley farm garden supply for the past 16 years welcome to our all organic non-gmo seed catalog check out my selections for organic gardening within these pages new this year is our guaranteed to germinate seal of satisfaction groworganic and grow with confidence when you start with certified organic peaceful valley vegetable seeds seed packs expires 12/31 12 l brands of december pe ace fara nt gu«« ul v ««« 2 subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter get our latest how-to video delivered to your inbox plus you ll receive exclusive coupons and be the first to know about sales alley b ra n se e d p acks d see pg 20 ge rmin at ee d 3 check out our amazing resource center we re proud of the 100 how-to videos

tricia s tips product picks soil tests can save you money e more you know about your soil the better don t spend your money on fertilizers until you know exactly what you need test your soil you may be pleasantly surprised by your soil test scores our soil tests video shows you how to collect soil samples from different parts of your garden and send them off for soil analysis when the soil analysis results arrive in your mailbox our free booklet will show you how to interpret the results of the soil analysis and how to measure the amount of fertilizer you may need to improve your soil organic fertilizers to solve soil problems here are the organic ways to add these macronutrients to your soil nitrogen for vigorous leaves sources blood meal cottonseed meal pvfs liquid fish emulsion fish meal feather meal and powdered and pelleted fertilizers formulated for different kinds of plants phosphorous for flower fruit and root development sources soft rock phosphate bone meal and guanos

tricia s tips product picks sprout seeds at home for good flavors good nutrition it s not just about alfalfa sprouts unlock the nutrition in a smorgasbord of seeds when you sprout them and give your taste buds a treat with green crunch any week of the year join me in my kitchen in our how to grow sprouts video and you ll see that it really is as easy as 1-2-3 basically you re three days from homegrown sprouts nutritional benefits soaking seeds in water makes them uninhibited honest they lose an enzyme inhibitor and their nutritional value increases by leaps and bounds e washington state university extension uses mung beans as an example add water to one and you ll increase vitamin b2 by 515 percent find more info in our article that goes with the video food safety sprouts like any fresh live food could carry harmful bacteria nothing grown in nature is sterile we recommend that you only sprout seeds that have been tested and packaged for sprouting like mumm s brand e fda

broccoli soil and water broccoli should be planted in well-composted soil with good drainage and air circulation plants prefer a soil ph of 6.2-7.2 planting and growing start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost or seed directly 4 weeks before last frost or seed directly in late summer for fall crops harvesting and storage harvest when heads are tight before yellow flowers appear side heads may continue to produce for several weeks flavor improves with cooler temperatures use shade fabric to extend summer harvests did you know broccoli is rich in vitamins a c and k as well as potassium phosphorus and iron beet early wonder tall 48 days beta vulgaris crassa group biennial a favorite for home garden and market production the attractive arching tops on these beets are tinged with maroon and make excellent greens the beets are great for all uses including borscht slicing and pickling snv8017 200s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5025 6300 seeds $6 .99/¼ lb snv8018 200s eeds $2 .99/pack

eggplants soil and water well-drained warm soil in ph range 6.0-6.8 raised beds work well with added organic matter fruits develop best with generous watering and even soil moisture protect from chill planting and growing direct seed after the last frost or start indoors as transplants 4-6 weeks before last frost plants will benefit from mulching to cucumber suyo long 60-70 days cucumis sativus tender annual heirloom remarkable chinese variety produces quantities of long curvaceous fruits 10 16 long spiny skin protects the delicious nonbitter flesh almost seedless the fruits are burpless crisp and tender snv8349 25s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5437 1088 seeds $23 .99/oz cucumber tendergreen 64 days cucumis sativus tender annual conserve moisture and control weeds stakes for support may be needed if the plants become heavy with fruit harvesting and storage harvest when bright and shiny as dull skin indicates that seeds have begun to form early and regular harvesting will

leaf lettuce lettuce black seeded simpson 42d ays lactuca sativa hardy annual heirloom this leaf lettuce with large loose light-green lightly crumpled leaves is a popular standard among green-leaf lettuces its inner leaves blanch nearly white the plant is large and upright and is slow to bolt it withstands heat drought and frost one of the most deeply curled loose-leaf lettuces beautiful magenta leaves with light green bases mild flavor cut and come again sow spring or fall snv8236 500s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5272 80,000 seeds $23 .99/¼ lb lettuce dark lolla rosa 45-75d ays lactuca sativa hardy annual lettuce flame 50d ays lactuca sativa hardy annual snv8083 500s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5271 65,250 seeds $14 .99/¼ lb snv8077 500s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5274 65,250 seeds $22 .99/¼ lb heirloom this leaf lettuce has distinctly bright-red color throughout the leaves and stem the broad frilled leaves hold color well flame matures early and is slow to bolt this variety was

pumpkins soil and water pumpkins prefer loam or sandy soil high in organic matter to hold large amounts of moisture the plants require heavy and even water for best development preferred soil ph is between 6.0-7.0 planting and growing start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost or sow seed directly when soil temperature reaches 70°f to begin growing earlier use mulching plastics and row covers to warm the soil harvesting and storage for immediate use harvest when the skin loses its sheen for storage harvest pumpkins when fully mature cut the fruit from the vine leaving 4 6 of stem cure for storage by setting in a warm dry location for 1-2 weeks did you know pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamin a pumpkin howden1 05d ays cucurbita pepo tender annual radishes soil and water radishes prefer well-drained soil with plenty of added organic matter they have low nutrient requirements especially avoid excess nitrogen to promote good root development preferred soil ph is

slicing tomatoes continued new tomato black krim 75 days lycopersicum esculentum tender annual tomato cherokee purple 85 days lycopersicon lycopersicum tender annual snv8446 25s eeds $2 .99/pack snv5533 9375 seeds $29 .99/oz indeterminate heirloom hailing from russia black krim beefsteak gains more fans every year with its deep slightly salty flavor the plant produces 3 4 fruits in dark red and green colors a good choice for containers or small gardens indeterminate heirloom the short vines of cherokee purple produce purple-pink-brown flattened globes weighing 10-12 ounces the tomatoes are delicious with a pleasantly sweet rich flavor with thin skin and soft flesh the fruit is somewhat perishable this variety is reputed to have been grown originally by the native american cherokee tribe tomato evergreen 72d ays lycopersicon lycopersicum tender annual tomato great white 75 days lycopersicon lycopersicum tender annual indeterminate heirloom evergreen produces firm solid

great gifts for your organic farmer or yourself our 13 month calendar greeting card 5 pack or 12 x 36 poster our customers loved our award winning seed pack art so much they wanted to frame it so we decided to make it easy 99 each only 4 © peaceful valley farm garden supply inc colored pencil over pen ink drawings by randy griffis organic heirloom tomato mix organic rosa bianca eggplant organic rainbow carrot mix organic black hungarian pepper .com april 2013 organic gardening tips · set up a drip irrigation system or check your current one for clogged emitters · transplant seedlings to the garden and protect them from frost with floating row covers or a cold frame · fertilize indoor seedlings organically with liquid fish or kelp extract · set codling moth traps lures out in the orchard to prevent wormy fruit · sow cool loving crops like peas carrots beets lettuce directly in the ground edible garnishes organic borage bachelor buttons dwarf jewel

nasturtium dwarf jewel mix tropaeolum majus annual penstemon rocky mtn penstemon strictus perennial swf116 4.3g seeds $2 .99/pack swf115 $4 .99/¼ lb swf2230 $14 .99/1 lb open pollinated a low growing border plant with bright colored flowers in yellow orange and red flowers and leaves are edible and taste similar to watercress add them to salad for a punch of color prefers cool mild conditions easy to grow and blooms quickly thin to 6 12 apart pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast open pollinated perfectly suited for adorning dry areas tall erect bluishpurple flowers bloom almost all year round the dark green leaves form an attractive mat of foliage and turn purplish in winter pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast thin to 12 apart when plants reach 2 tall california poppy eschscholzia californica tender perennial queen anne s lace ammi majus annual swf715 .3g seeds $2 .99/pack swf401 .7g seeds $2 .99/pack swf400

a organic potatoes full descriptions at organic russet potatoes $299/lb a russet rio grande fp828 late season 100­130 days b new russet burbank fp240 mid -season 80 days bcdeft organic white potatoes $299/lb s c new kennebec white fp881 mid-season 80 days g organic yellow potatoes $299/lb d yukon gold fp870 early season 60-80 days e yellow finn fp850 late season 80-100 days f german butterball fp885 mid season 100­120 days g bintje fp888 mid to late 100­120 days h new yukon gem fp878 mid season 80 days r organic red potatoes $299/lb i colorado rose fp880 mid season 80-100 days j all red fp816 mid season 80-100 days k desiree fp817 late season 80-100 days l new dark red norland fp818 early season 65 days h organic purple potatoes $299/lb m all blue fp800 late season 80-100 days 99 i q red white blue mix $2 /lb n red yellow and purple mix fp860 80-100 days 99 organic yellow fingerlings $3 /lb o la ratte fingerling fp282 mid to late