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ur awesome seed line includes 300+ Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds, 80+ Open Pollinated Flower Seeds and 32 Organic Herb Seeds. All of our seeds are non-GMO. Find everything you need to start your seeds in the Seed Starting Supplies section, along with videos, articles and books packed with researched information on everything from seed selection to how to start a garden! Plus check out the 22 varieties of organic seed potatoes that are generally available from October through March.

on and on the seasons change peaceful valley farm supply candytuft dwarf fairy mix oregon sugar pod ii bloom closes at night 85 lb in into in lb again and again organic herb seeds organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed sweet corn northern extra sweet seed forget me not seeds popcorn seed for home garden garden seed catalog hot and cold water supply zinnia dahlia flowered melting sugar pea pods green leaf lettuce tomatoes san marzano baby blue eyes new england aster bell shape flower blue eyed grass flower black eyed susans blue lake black bean ping pong balls forget me nots forget me not johnny jump up pink and white flowers nevada city ca long sleeve shirts 5 watt 120 volt light bulb t5 5 watt 120 volt light bulbs 9 watt 120 volt light bulb red white blue we will meet you there bread and cakes vitamin and minerals vitamins and minerals jack be little the hot house how to grow heat and frost how to get rich hard to start stainless steel tools how to get them out in lb to ft lb quick and easy dry how to make a money pink and white early in the morning color matters for the home 50 x 50

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save this catalog “seed” is the first in our series of 9 catalogs for 2014 save them all for our complete product line seed • growing • fertilizers • weed control tools • watering • pest control • homestead • fall planting • bare root you asked for better shipping rates and we listened $9.99 flat rate shipping per 40 pound box expires 1/4/14 our online shopping cart will calculate the weight of your items number of boxes before you place your order that’s right shipping is now only $9.99 per box weighing 40 lbs or less delivered anywhere in the continental usa some exclusions apply • some items have other flat rate shipping rates which will take precedence over this offer ex $20 per box for bare root trees $10 25 for mini farmboxes and a few other select products • please note that we reserve the right to combine multiple boxes weighing 40 lbs or less charged at $9.99/box into one larger box

more seed per pack cabbage soil and water:  cabbage prefers rich fertile soil with a ph of 6.0-7.5 water heavily from planting to head formation then water moderately to prevent splitting cabbage is a hardy crop grown best in cool spring and fall temperatures planting and growing:  start indoors 8 weeks before last frost or outdoors march through june fast growing or stressed cabbages tend to split and bolt cutting into the root system will slow growth and prevent splitting provide transplants with cutworm shield collars harvesting and storage:  early types of cabbage grow and mature quickly and must be harvested promptly to avoid splitting heads store well in cool 32°f-40°f moist locations for 5-6 months did you know?  cabbage is high in vitamin c folate and antioxidants h cabbage express red 60 days brassica oleracea capitata group biennial express red s uniform heads grow to approximately 3-4 lb on a compact frame with few outer leaves this early

eggplants soil and water:  well-drained warm soil in ph range 6.0-6.8 raised beds work well with added organic matter fruits develop best with generous watering and even soil moisture protect from chill planting and growing:  direct seed after the last frost or start indoors as transplants 4-6 weeks before last frost plants will benefit from mulching to conserve moisture and control weeds stakes for support may be needed if the plants become heavy with fruit harvesting and storage:  harvest when bright and shiny as dull skin indicates that seeds have begun to form early and regular harvesting will encourage continued production cut fruits leaving some stem attached did you know?  eggplant is native to india and is a relative of tomatoes potatoes and tobacco gourd bottle 120 days lagenaria siceraria tender annual this gourd variety produces large bottle-shaped attractive green and tan gourds 12 14 high and 5 wide they re great for crafts rattles bowls

romaine lettuce h h lettuce freckles 50 days lactuca sativa hardy annual heirloom this romaine lettuce has green leaves splashed with red the red darkens as the lettuce matures freckles is a tender and long standing heirloom it makes a beautiful addition to any salad snv8078  500 seeds $2.99/pack snv5275  65,250 seeds $19.99/¼ lb lettuce little gems 45 days lactuca sativa hardy annual this romaine lettuce grows 6 high with a thick sweet heart it s perfect for individual salads and sandwiches this popular variety is easy to grow and holds well for a prolonged harvest snv8079  500 seeds $2.99/pack snv5277  65,250 seeds $14.99/¼ lb h parris island cos 28 days new lettuce jericho 28-58 days lactuca sativa hardy annual heirloom grow jericho as baby or mature lettuce heads heat tolerant romaines are always handy and jericho is renowned for its sweet flavor too resistant to heat stress tip burn and mosaic virus jericho is not very susceptible to

hot spicy peppers more seed per pack more seed per pack h pepper anaheim 80 days capsicum annuum tender annual this historic chili was developed over a hundred years ago by dr fabian garcia this chili was selected to have a milder fresher flavor than most chilis with thick meaty walls and large peppers up to 8 long you will see it roasted fresh dried and canned it is most often used when it is dark green but it will become hotter and turn bright red as it matures snv8405  50 seeds $2.99/pack snv5492  3500 seeds $11.99/oz more seed per pack more seed per pack more seed per pack h h pepper ancho poblano 90-110 days capsicum annuum tender annual high-yielding bushes produce 3 6 heart-shaped peppers that are dark green and ripen to a deep red or brown poblano peppers are a favorite for stuffing because of their thick walls and mild flavor they are called ancho when dried these peppers are a favorite for making chile relleno snv8406  50 seeds $2.99/pack

tomatoes soil and water:  tomatoes love fertile soil rich in organic matter add plenty of compost prior to planting soil ph between 5.5-7.0 is preferred mulch to preserve moisture avoid wetting the foliage when watering planting and growing:  sow seeds in flats 6-8 weeks before the last frost and thin to 2” apart after the first true leaves appear before transplanting after the last frost harden off the slicing tomatoes more seed per pack h tomato aunt ruby german 80 days lycopersicon lycopersicum tender annual indeterminate heirloom aunt ruby is a large green beefsteak-type tomato with a sweet spicy flavor its 12-16 ounce fruit turns light green when ripe with a hint of yellow and pink blush this heirloom is from ruby arnold of greenville tennessee snv8185  50 seeds $2.99/pack snv5375  13,000 seeds $29.99/oz more seed per pack h tomato pink brandywine 85 days lycopersicon lycopersicum tender annual indeterminate heirloom the original

peaceful valley herbs herbs are delightful  in the garden as well as the kitchen whether you’re looking to spice your meals or create home remedies we offer a wide selection of organic openpollinated untreated non-gmo herb seeds to select from growing information for each herb variety  can be found at as well as on the back of the seed pack specialty medicinal herbs  are available from horizon herbs at limitation of remedy we warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the seeds or plants sold hereunder are as described on the label within recognized tolerances no other warranty is given expressed or implied 1 of the merchantability or fitness of the seeds or plants for any particular purpose or 2 against loss due to any cause we cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions soil preparation fertilization weed and pest control temperature control irrigation etc that

gloriosa daisy tricolor daisy rudbeckia gloriosa perennial usda zones 3-10 full sun height at maturity 24 30 this tender perennial produces large blooms in deep orange yellow or red that reach 6 8 in diameter the flowers have a long vase life lasting up to 2 weeks this is a cultivar of north american native rudbeckia swf166  .3g seeds $2.99/pack swf165  $11.99/¼ lb chrysanthemum carinatum annual usda zones 4-10 full sun height at maturity 12 24 also called painted daisy large tricolored daisy-like flowers in white pink and yellow are easy to grow and are long blooming swf186  1.4g seeds $2.99/pack swf185  $9.99/¼ lb flower seed packs cover 10 sq ft if broadcast blue flax scarlet flax linum perenne lewisii perennial usda zones 3-9 full sun height at maturity 1 3 perennial blue flax grows erect like grass but is covered with sky blue flowers in summer plant in mass and allow to naturalize to create a meadow

specialty wildflower mixes clay soil native wildflower mix annuals and perennials california perennial wildflower mix annuals and perennials open pollinated designed to provide color in california gardens year after year one annual and thirteen perennial flowers contains blue flax evergreen plantain mexican hat dwarf blanketflower gazania moss verbena double dwarf coreopsis california poppy white evening primrose snowin-summer silver white chrysanthemum beach evening primrose showy evening primrose and white yarrow thin to 1 between seedlings when they are 3 tall swf976  1.4g seeds $2.99/pack swf975  $13.99/¼ lb butterfly wildflower mix annuals and perennials open pollinated attract butterflies to your backyard with this mix contains crimson clover sweet sultan purple coneflower mexican sunflower tricolor daisy thoroughwax sweet william mexican lupine love-in-a-mist blanketflower calendula shasta daisy lance-leaved coreopsis indian blanket prairie

greenhouse kits floating seed starter systems the latest in seed starting styrofoam floating trays constantly wick via capillary action to keep seedlings perfectly hydrated fill floating trays with gro-plugs preshaped spongy plugs of stabilized rooting media provide the optimum growing environment made of coco fiber and small amount of a synthetic polymer note may not be acceptable for all organic certifiers floating trays can work with other potting mixes but requires experimentation to put together your floating system order a greenhouse tray and dome lids a floating tray and gro-plugs floating trays do not come with gro-plugs all components are sold separately greenhouse tray shown with floating tray grow plugs and two inch dome lid greenhouse tray 10½ w x 22 l x 2½ h tray is durable reusable and long lasting watertight no drain holes holds ten 6-packs gp322 or a 55-cell floating tray 9½ w x 20 l x 2 h cells 1½ dia floating trays do not come with gro-plugs gp360

since 1976 prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 free browse trees online shipping 175 fruit nut tree varieties available for each full box of 10 bare root trees .com free shipping to the continental us excludes potted fruit trees nut trees and multi-graft trees count as 2 trees when calculating box capacity guaranteed see our nursery stock guarantee on pg 57 fruit trees a selection guide most just $1999 each pre-order now for late december shipment 50 off now is a great time to plant free calendar with online orders over $50 while supplies last hurry get your seed supply order in today no coupon necessary just add “bo913” to your cart before checkout organic seed garlic while supplies last our customers loved our award winning seed pack art so