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It is tempting to water your plants or garden daily during warm weather, but this can result in plants with shallow root systems that are water dependent and unable to cope with drought. Deep, less frequent watering can result in deep root systems and allows the soil surface to dry between watering. A dry soil surface prevents many fungal diseases from spreading, and discourages moisture-loving pests such as slugs and sow bugs. Watering requirements should be adjusted throughout the growing season, as warmer temperatures may require more frequent watering; longer, deeper watering -- or both. Be sure to water the entire root zone. Dry, surrounding soil can wick the water away from the plants roots. To retain soil moisture, a thick layer of mulch can be applied around the plants (keeping it slightly away from the plant stems to avoid stem rot).

the use of the library h and r 30 30 peaceful valley farm supply how to calculate water pressure in pipes ez flo automatic fertilization system ball valve shut off sq ft to ft step by step instruction water plastic shut off valve tube to tube connection tube to tube pvc pipe and fittings the name of the ships water shut off valve plastic water shut off valve water pressure gauges water pressure gauge hot water shut off valves water flow control 0 15 water pressure gauges volume of water tank water pressure relief valve electric water shut off valve water use in waste water management water filter on water wells color code for water supply shut off valve thank you for the valleys drip irrigation system organic vegetable seeds organic vegetable seed roma sauce maker food strainer hm100 hose shut off valve shut off valve corn gluten meal brass shut off valve shut off valve ball shut off valve picture hose repair kit plastic shut off valve gallons per minute faucet to hose adapter garden seed catalog gallons per minute gauge flat fan nozzle garden hose thread 150 mesh screen centrifugal water pump standard plastic ball valves male by female coupling plastic ball valve low battery indicator lawn and garden how to build a greenhous how to build a greenhouse

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you might also be interested in hoses hoses reels claber rotoroll automatic rewind your hose in a snap this automatic hose reel has an exclusive patent the softblock® system that locks the hose when it’s dropped or rewinds too quickly this system helps ensure personal safety and protects against damage to plants and flowerbeds wear and tear on fittings failure of internal parts and casing and defective running and locking action this unit comes with 33’ of 1/2” hose set in a molded glass fiber reinforced plastic housing with an anti-friction surface that is shockproof weather resistant and uv stabilized the 3 layer braided hose is treated to make it easy to move and rewind as well as resistant to high water pressures bursting pressure 445 psi working pressure 145 psi equipped with a rust proof aluminum wall bracket that swivels 180 allowing the hose to be unrestricted from any angle includes 6.5’ of lead hose “quick click” connectors a spray

from a fine mist to a jet stream wands dramm watering wand heavy duty aluminum this reasonably long wand is easy to handle and is designed to use with dramm’s heads the simple lightweight but sturdy aluminum design has been a staple for commercial growers since it was invented the comfort rubber grip full flow for quick watering professional grade materials and a lifetime guarantee make it especially nice in a garden setting of any size made in the u.s.a contains lead we recommend using with any of the 3 dramm heads we carry wot3216 16”  5 lb $8.99 wot3236 36”  75 lb $10.99 on the cover linnie uses the dramm watering wand throughout our nursery peaceful valley’s nursery specializes in edibles perennials water wise plants california natives and deer resistant plants for our local clientele we also have organic veggie and herb starts for fall or spring planting in bare root season we have

galcon 7101 water timer/valve   new a timer and valve that is packaged in one the 7101 is a battery operated controller with an inline irrigation control valve and associated dc latching solenoid controller is a completely waterproof user-friendly battery operated automatic controller based on the latest waterproof technology and specifically developed to perform in all weather conditions for optimal irrigation control including inside an underground valve box we do not recommend leaving the controller outside in freezing weather if it is left outside we recommend strongly to “blow out” the system to make sure that the freezing water will not damage the valve ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens farms and commercial use when installing the controller in the irrigation system a filter must also be installed between the main irrigation system valve and the controller uses one 9v alkaline battery sold separately working pressure 0.5-8 bar 7-115 psi

set it up and watch it grow how to connect a drip system to your water supply how-to-connect diagram irf175 flushable filter prevents your drip system from clogging easy to clean ng bi tu ly po ” prevent backflow contamination of your water source ½ irf1000 vacuum breaker irh950 or irh951 “y” connector with shut-off irh720 brass hose swivel adapter this diagram shows the proper assembly of parts you need to connect your drip system to your water source use the following charts to find all the parts you need to complete your set-up we recommend installing a “y” connector as it will allow you to connect a hose to your water source as well as the drip system to check your water pressure use the orbit water pressure gauge pg 15 irh725 brass adapter irh820 pressure regulator prevent bursting popping most systems only need 5-15 psi wot526 mechanical timer irc735 powerloc inline valve save time money water before dawn to prevent evaporation additional

1⁄2” soaker hose  installation spacing depends on your soil texture but a general guideline is 18” apart with maximum run 100’ flow rate is 60 gal/hr per 100’ of hose at 10 psi i.d .590” o.d .820” irp660 100’ roll  10 lb $39.99 irp665 500’ roll  65 lb ships by itself add $5 ship charge $129.00 10+  500’ roll 10 off 1⁄4” soaker hose  use on short runs on level sites to evenly water over the entire length of the tubing maximum run length off 1⁄2” tubing should be no more than 15’ always use a 25 psi pressure regulator flow rate is .4 gpm per foot of hose use standard 1⁄4” fittings to connect to 1⁄2” poly tubing see pg 28 i.d .13” o.d .300” irp650 100’ roll  2 lb $14.99 10 10

versatile and efficient 1/4” 1/8” poly tubing connectors  ¼” and ⅛” poly is used to branch off of ½” poly tubing to serve as a supply line to individual plants avoid using ¼” poly tubing to feed several emitters along the same line of tubing with the excetion of inline emitters as water flow at the end of each emitter will be reduced below stated output flows to each emitter when separately branching off 1⁄2” poly are more consistent irp250 1⁄4” poly tubing 100’ roll  2 lb $6.99 irp255 1⁄4” poly tubing 500’ roll  9 lb $29.99 10+  500’ roll 10 off irp200 1⁄8” poly tubing 100’ roll  2 lb $6.99 part picture irr642 12” irr648 18” description 1⁄4” riser tubes 1⁄4 riser tubes raise level of o-jets can be cut to any size 0.025 lb price 12”

drip by drip emitters flag emitters  where water delivery to an individual plant is needed emitters attach to 1⁄4 poly to deliver water to landscape or garden flag emitters are flushable and easy to clean part gph out by removing the flag end install pointed 1 end into water supply the end where the water ire201 black comes out can either be placed onto the ground ire202 blue 2 not stuck into the ground or installed next to 4 the plant with the help of a short stake see pg ire204 green 28 recommended pressure of 15 psi all flag emitters  0.001 lb 0.29 50-99 20 off 100 25 off 10-49 10 off mini-flo inline emitters  where customized emitter spacing 10 psi 15 psi 20 psi 25 psi part is needed inline emitter with two 1⁄4 ire401 .5 gph .6 gph .7 gph .8 gph yellow barbed ends which can be installed along ire402 1⁄4 poly tubing 1.0 gph 1.1 gph 1.2 gph 1.4 gph black distances between emitters may be

seed starting tray new rigid design allows these flats to be used without a carrying tray re-engineered for improved de-nesting and uniformity diecut centered drainage holes square plug flats can be used with most automatic seeders and transplanters indexed notches are standard for greater automation compatibility 100 plug flat sheets per case 98 square cells per sheet gp030 21.25” x 11.25” x 2” tray  3 lb $2.99 additional seed starting trays online groworganic.com net pots new excellent quality 2” diameter net pots are thicker and more heavy-duty than most others on the market we chose these net pots for their wider rim with better support the smaller mesh allows the grower to use virtually all types of grow media gp1320 2” high pots case of 25  0.3 lb $4.99 dura-skrim liner new dura-skrim liner is made of virgin outer layers of white high-strength polyethylene film laminated together with a black layer of molten

pvfs liquid fish best choice in liquid fish enzymatically digested using a low ph low heat process which insures that the natural organic compounds are left intact while eliminating bacterial breakdown produced on the northern ca coast recycling by-product fish waste into a rich fertilizer which was once dumped into landfills f1335 1 gallon  10 lb $12.99 10 20 off pvfs organic liquid kelp powdered pelletized fertilizers peaceful valley brand since 1976 grow organic for life cold-processed liquid kelp enzymatically digested concentrated liquid extract of california bull kelp internationally recognized for its high concentration of active compounds that greatly stimulate the growth and productivity of plants and harvested from kelp beds in the pacific ocean off the northern coast of ca f1330 1 qt  3 lb $9.99 f1331 1 gal  10 lbs $19.99 10 20 off pvfs compost tea brewer as seen in our video “compost

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