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Catalog Watering & Pest Control Catalog 2012

From fly traps to slug control, the pests are on the way and you'll be ready with this catalog! Have apples & pears? Be sure to set your coddling moth traps. With Summer heat around the corner, set-up (or test) your drip irrigation system. You'll save on your water bill and your plants will thrive with consistent watering.

tanglefoot pre coated sticky tree bands ez flo automatic fertilization system 1 lb into ft lb peaceful valley farm supply tree tanglefoot pest barrier water plastic shut off valve tanglefoot tangle trap sticky coating oak stump mosquito trap green cypress lime sulfur fungicide 25 gallon monterey garden insect spray male tee fit to female tee connecting tubing male end to male end staples and staples guns stainless steel male to female fitting staples and staples guns 35 tanglefoot pest barrier plastic water shut off valve deer and animal control water hose spray nozzles water pressure relief valve water pressure drop off valve high pressure pumps for water nozzles hot water shut off valves 0 15 water pressure gauges hot water temperature gauge volume of water tank wash dog outside with warm water electric water shut off valve the kinds of card catalog the kinds of card catalog and their uses what are the uses of a card catalog supply shut off valve air supply shut off valve thank you for the valleys pantry moth trap tanglefoot insect trap coating oak stump mosquito tangle trap insect coating ice cream maker hose end sprayer 10 gallon tank sprayer safers insecticidal soap drip irrigation system bulk vegetable seeds victors poison free flying insect spray hot pepper wax spray flat fan nozzle victor poison free back flow preventer hot pepper wax hand held magnifiers shower head shut off valve 24 gauge galvanized wire mesh shut off valve picture shut off valve ball

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weed flamer kills the weeds using high heat to burst the cellular structure beneficial insects can out compete pesky insects did you know ladybugs can eat up to 1,000 aphids a day see it in action barriers such as our uv stabilized deer fencing prevent pests from entering your garden pest control over 400 products at groworganic.com · organic pest control · animal bird control · organic fungicide · · · · · · · organic weed control beneficial insects pond supplies organic weed control mulch corn gluten flamers sheet mulching powdery mildew beneficial insects tomato diseases codling moth control fruit tree spraying organic insect control snails earwigs aphids etc organic mosquito control fly traps bird deer and gopher control groworganic.com/video · what s wrong with my plant · deer in my garden weeds of the west · natural enemies handbook pest id cards related books 4 control pests organically weed pest

plantskydd deer animal repellents repel browsing animals with the scent of predator activity products are all natural and the active ingredient is dried blood but the odor is not unpleasant nontoxic not harmful to animals or the environment deer rabbit elk repellent related books deer in my garden by carolyn singer always spray prior to browsing activity in the spring and fall being sure to cover all new growth after drying 24 hours remains effective for up to 4 months in summer longer during colder weather reapply to new growth will not wash off in the rain one pound of powder makes 4 quarts and treats 200­400 plants 1 tall 6-11 .10 off rabbit small critter repellent complete list of perennial and subshrubs vol 1 and ground covers and edgers vol 2 that deer simply do not eat according to its author s direct experiences gardening in the west softcover vol i bo155 1 lb $19.99 spray away motion detection vol 2 bo156 1 lb $19.99 pbr915 1 lb powder

organism type pests attacked amounts required when to release other notes mini wasp moth egg parasite mini wasp fly pupae parasite eggs of most species of moths butterflies pupae of many species of garbage manure breeding flies 40,000­200,000 per acre for horses goats cattle and sheep use 300­500 per week/month per animal for other animals please ask for recommendations 10 per sq ft as a preventative 20­50/sq ft depending on level of infestation 1 lacewing per 20 pests or 2 per sq ft 10,000­50,000 per acre at first detection of moths weekly releases as long as moths persist monitor with pheromone traps available march through august release every 1­4 weeks during all warm months apr­oct when temperature reaches 80°f best if started in early spring for later starts double the rates for the first 2 releases use in conjunction with pvf&gs fly trap as soon as the first adult fungus gnats appear preventative applications possible predator survives weeks without food sprinkle

a bcdefga hot pepper wax botanical insect repellent e monterey garden insect spray spinosad pbt750 pint concentrate 1.5 lb $10.99 pbt754 gallon concentrate 11 lb $36.99 b insect dust diatomaceous earth kills insects by dessication capsaicin the active ingredient in cayenne pepper is a lethal metabolic stimulant for many soft-bodied insects formulated with paraffin wax which sticks to insects and to plant foliage repelling aphids spider mites whiteflies cabbage loopers and beet army worms within 24 hours of contact also an antitranspirant and protects plants from summer desiccation does not affect the plant s internal flavor because it is not absorbed and any material left on the outside can be easily washed off with warm water so it can be used on the day of harvest this product is registered for use on vegetables and citrus apply with a sprayer not through irrigation systems repeat if necessary once a week for 2­3 weeks contains

sprinklers come in a variety of sizes from this claber turbospike to the raintower which waters 5000 sq ft timers allow you to set it and forget it and give your plants the consistent water they need to thrive irrigation over 300 products at groworganic.com · · · · · drip irrigation water dechlorination spray nozzles water timers quick connection fittings fertilizer injectors sprinklers watering cans lead-free garden hoses · drip irrigation save water · organic fertilizer fertigation groworganic.com/video watering wands · drip irrigation for every landscape related books gently water your seedlings with fine watering heads found in our new dramm line need help making a drip diagram · groworganic.com/irrigation/drip-irrigation.html · download sample diagrams with connectors pdf 30 watering

set it forget it electronic timers the best investment for any garden never miss a watering or over water again irrigation timers come in many different configurations below are some of our picks from our extensive collection see all we have to offer online at groworganic.com claber products come with a 2 year manufacturer s guarantee gardena products come with a 25 year manufacturer s guarantee a gilmour electronic timer this new generation of patent pending electronic timers features easy to read user interfaces and removable electronics removable electronics allow for more comfortable programming or removal for security swivel nut aligns timer perfectly on faucet full flow outlets for more sprinkler performance daily clock option of 12 or 24 hours skip cycles for 2nd or 3rd days manual or timed onoff settings angled display for easier reading time countdown on screen during watering backlight in screen for better visibility requires four aa alkaline batteries not included wot531

when meandering moderate water coverage is needed pressure compensating emitterline emitterline with 12 drip spacing or 6 drip spacing on 1/4 line is great for pressure regulated meandering total cv pressure compensating non-draining emitterline use in-line drip emitter tubing for coverage where meandering line is appropriate such as landscape plantings of shrubs and perennials continuous polyethylene tubing with pressure compensating emitters installed internally welded to the inside diameter of the tubing tubing is .600 i.d x .700 o.d .58 gph flow rate/emitter 12 spacing pressure compensating over a range of 15-60 psi innovative cascade labyrinth emitter design reduces clogging with its continuous self-cleaning design use with our standard 1/2 fittings this emitterline has a gpm of approximately 1.0 per 100 10 psi minimum recommended screen filter is 150 mesh irp700 1/2 x 100 roll 6 lb 4 can ship together $24.99 5-9 .5 off 10-19 10 off 20

quality tools the right tool for the job quality garden tools are a sound investment for your garden the right tool for the job saves time and effort from tiller wheel hoes to hand tools we have what you need to succeed with your garden or farm tools that last peaceful valley carries only premium quality gardening tools for your organic garden gardening will be more efficient and enjoyable with the right garden tools we ve tested our garden tools we ve talked to organic farmers and growers and we ve selected only the best to offer to our customers save yourself time and money and invest in top quality garden tools more info and products www.groworganic.com order toll free 888 784­1722

soil blocker the environmentally friendly zero waste soil blocker creates cubes of soil that air prunes seedling roots smart pots we offer many pots including smart pots which are made of a felted material which has the ability to air prune roots and prevent root circling see it in action growing over 600 products at groworganic.com · · · · · · · · · · seed starting greenhouse coldframes frost protection plant support erosion control growing mediums grow lights shade fabrics field meters seed starting shows trays soil blockers direct seeding frost protection shows agribon growing a fall garden shows shade fabric tomatoes planting growing shows trellis growing potatoes or blueberries shows smart pots groworganic.com/video redwood greenhouses grow beautiful plants in any season and get a jump on your veggie garden with these great looking greenhouses · the vegetable gardener s bible · winter harvest handbook four season harvest · gardener s a-z guide vertical gardening

preserve dairy in delicious ways whether you raise goats or cows or simply buy your milk at market making yogurt cheese and ice cream are all wholesome rewards gourmet home dairy cheese kit with this kit you can make 12 varieties of soft cheeses and other treats such as cream cheese sour cream yogurt fromage blanc creme fraiche mascarpone lemon cheese herb cheeses buttermilk kefir panir and queso blanco recipe booklet includes easy instructions for making cheeses with the yogotherm and 44 recipes using these cheeses in cooking kit makes up to 30 lbs of cheese plus 40 lbs of other dairy products contents yogotherm bpa-free dial pocket thermometer 2 yd re-usable butter muslin fromage blanc ds ricki s sour cream ds tangy yogurt ds buttermilk ds kefir creme fraiche ds herbs de provence 2 oz recipe booklet hm615 13.00 lb $89.99 30 minute mozzarella/ricotta cheese kit make fresh and tasty mozzarella and ricotta cheese in the comfort of your own kitchen kit contains enough

since 1976 time sensitive material postmaster please deliver immediately prsrt std u.s postage paid peaceful valley farm supply grow organic for life p.o box 2209 mail 125 clydesdale ct ship grass valley ca 95945 order 888 784-1722 www.groworganic.com we carry everything you need to grow organic for life!® deer fencing u.v stabilized strong yet lightweight easy to install pg 10 gopher wire humane effective for barring gophers from plant s roots pg 12 codling moth trap prevent wormy apples pears with lures traps pg 19 organic insecticide keep the bugs from eating your dinner organically pg 22 organic seed potatoes last chance until october organic seed potatoes as low as $2.99/lb browse potatoes online over a dozen varieties available