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masonry level 3 continued repair and restoration 20 hours estimating 25 hours stone masonry 15 hours commercial drawings 25 hours site layout – distance measurement and leveling 20 hours fundamentals of crew leadership 20 hours trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-409843-2 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-409851-7 module id 28303-14 details techniques for identifying and repairing common masonry problems of weathering settling stain etc explains tuckpointing the removal of efflorescence and stains and crack repair includes sections on how to repair foundation walls water intrusion and localized problems as well as fireplace and chimney repair trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-409842-5 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-409850-0 module id 28304-14 explains how to read and identify drawings for commercial structures using previous experience from structural drawings as a baseline describes requirements for these drawings as well as how to interpret and create plans for architectural structural and shop drawings to order call 1-800-922-0579 trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-409841-8 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-409848-7 module id 28305-14 describes how to estimate building materials such as brick block grout mortar joint reinforcement and masonry ties details multiple methods for estimating as well as how to estimate for masonry elements such as openings and lintels trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-409857-9 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-409847-0 module id 28306-14 covers the techniques needed to produce and read site plans and topographic maps describes the use of measuring devices such as tapes range poles plumb bobs total stations leveling instruments and field notes also discusses the construction of batter boards and how to ensure correct measurements stay connected trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-409856-2 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-409846-3 module id 28308-14 focuses on the application of natural stone in masonry construction describes types of stone and how stone is cut finished and stored discusses equipment and tools for handling stone details how to estimate and install stone using anchors and mortars and explains how to install stone veneers trainee $43 isbn 978-0-13-409855-5 instructor $43 isbn 978-0-13-409860-9 module id 46101-11 second edition covers basic leadership skills and explains different leadership styles communication delegating and problem solving jobsite safety and the crew leader’s role in safety are discussed as well as project planning scheduling and estimating includes performance tasks to assist the learning process 45