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signal person modules signal person all of the modules listed below are included in the trainee guide and the instructor’s guide the following isbn and pricing information is for ordering individual modules only coming soon crane communications 10 hours curriculum notes • 50 hours • revised 2018 second edition • downloadable instructor resources that include module tests powerpoints® and performance profile sheets are available at www.nccer.org/irc paperback trainee guide $49 instructor’s guide $49 isbn 978-0-13-518800-2 978-0-13-515920-0 the following are modules for signal person 2nd edition coming in spring 2018 ordering information for the first edition is available on www.nccer.org/bookstore 66 to order call 1-800-922-0579 trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-498800-9 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-498814-6 module id 53101-18 describes the communication process between the signal person and the crane operator covers electronic communications as well as the standard hand signals in 29 cfr 1926 basic principles of cranes 15 hours module id 21102-18 from mobile crane operations level one trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-498816-0 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-498815-3 crane safety and emergency procedures 25 hours module id 21106-18 from mobile crane operations level one trainee $20 isbn 978-0-13-498819-1 instructor $20 isbn 978-0-13-498818-4 stay connected www.nccer.org/instructors