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Peg Perego, the Italian company founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego, revolutionized the market by designing carriages and strollers using “rubberized fabric” instead of sheet metal and wicker which were commonly in use and providing everyone with child care products that until that time had a limited market due to high costs.

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A Family Company The story of Giuseppe Perego and his entrepreneurial adventure, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

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from the kitchen garden to america a homemade business it was not only product ideas to come from the family but also the first the 1960s also saw another of giuseppe’s winning ideas which remains invaluable staff giuseppe’s sister severina a talented seamstress who highly current today international development gianluca recalls «dad dedicated herself to fabric coverings another sister matilde and his learned german during the war i remember that starting in the 1950s sister-in-law mariuccia were the first administrative staff members in the every sunday evening dad would go by train to munich and i often drove meantime the business grew and bit by bit took over the home of his in him to the milano train station he was going to germany to sell his products laws who found themselves as its proud custodians without having ever and would return to arcore on monday evenings» the company’s first made a conscious decision to be so foreign factory opened in munich

one of the company’s first employees the early versions of the logo 1949 1949 1956 1956 1949 1985 1956 1962 1962 1962 parasol and bag 1998 1965 1965 1999 1965 giuseppe perego in venice with ines adriana and silvia 1966 1966 1966

sales and acquisitions the company goes back to the family the 1970s were marked by the success of the umbrella-style collapsible baby stroller the innovative bye bye model «dad was directly involved in product creation on sunday evenings» recalls lucio perego «i remember him at home in his armchair he would pull out a pigna notebook and start drawing freehand over the next few days he would discuss his ideas with his collaborators he was a hard worker and extremely creative» the new decade was a difficult period for italy the energy crisis and the austerity plan interrupted a seemingly inexhaustible cycle of economic growth begun after the war the fall of 1969 brought political and social tensions in 1971 giuseppe decided to sell 50 of peg to credit suisse «it was a painful decision» says michele «but necessary for facing those years with less anxiety having a big bank as a partner guaranteed access to credit and stability ensuring survival not least a 50

sales and acquisitions the company goes back to the family something seldom done if the partners disagree you risk paralysis dad was did not yield the expected results instead they put peg’s stability at risk as always trusting and all went well» shortly after selling 50 of the company therefore giuseppe perego decided to pull out of both within a few years the giuseppe perego asked lucio to move to the united states to reassure the production of steel tubes was sold to the steel entrepreneur steno marcegaglia company’s new financial partner guaranteeing the family’s direct involvement in a friend to whom giuseppe perego was forever grateful while the cardboard the management of the delicate american side of the business «he said to me manufacturing company was sold at a later date «the lesson “we need to if you get married you can go to the united states with your wife and so we concentrate on what we do well and always strive to do it

sales and acquisitions the company goes back to the family the buy-back «at that time» explains gianluca «it was not an economically advantageous decision it was the worst moment for a reacquisition since the company had reached a high market value but dad did not want to leave without placing the company completely back in our family’s hands therefore despite the unfavorable timing he said “even if it seems difficult when something ought to be done you do it” and closed the deal the relationship with credit suisse was always very positive for both parties and marked by mutual trust in those years the swiss bank had invested in a number of italian businesses but i think peg was their best investment» as part of the transation peg perego took over a company owned by the swiss bank ampatoys of san donà di piave in veneto factory that remains one of peg perego’s strengths today after having “put all things in order” giuseppe died in

michele’s birthday naturally the highchair is by peg perego peg perego appears on tv with its baby walker baby carriage and infanseat on the show girotondo bye bye was the first stroller with an umbrella-style closing

looking toward the future with an eye on the past since his death in 1984 the lessons and example set by giuseppe perego have been a constant guide for his children who take his giuseppe perego with his wife ines teachings as their inheritance his first-born gianluca and lucio took the helm of peg perego sharing tasks and responsibilities «from the beginning» explains lucio «we have tried to apply all that he taught us ines perego at the inauguration of the san donà factory at work and in our private lives dad was a humble person he never put himself on display in addition to his work which he was passionate about and kept him very busy as soon as he could he dedicated himself to his family spending lots of time with us he was always present but also very serious a few months ago we found a letter from mom that described him as courageous and optimistic but also constantly worried he never pulled back but he always felt the weight of responsibility if i had to describe him

looking toward the future with an eye on the past optimistic eternally preoccupied» and the future of the four historic companies of the arcore area gilera falck molteni and peg the perego family business is today the most vital his children’s approach to work is still the one that giuseppe taught and looks with optimism at the years to come with the third generation them by example first get to the office early in the morning “and having already joined the company «the future» states lucio perego arrive well-rested ready to work effectively” explains michele then without hesitation «will require lots of effort and lots of work that is what “get involved and do things” dad taught us and it is what i hope to pass on in turn» «he would get angry» lucio and gianluca recall «when he heard someone saying “we need to get someone to ” he would say “if you italy remains the company’s main market and is where most

looking toward the future with an eye on the past business burigotto in 2001 which under michele’s leadership has become a market leader it took enormous effort but “even if it seems difficult when something ought to be done you do it” as their father giuseppe taught them the giuseppe perego daycare center opened in arcore in memory of ines who recently passed away it will become giuseppe e ines perego daycare center april 16 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of giuseppe perego the company decided to commemorate its founder with a sculptural work designed by the artist francesco cento and made at the laboratorio ceramiche san giorgio di albissola this art work comprises many terracotta tiles on a wooden base and it is now installed at the company headquarters one hundred years to

« it is important to place trust in others» «if you spend your life controlling you are not working» « we need to concentrate on what we do well and always strive to do it better» «even if it seems difficult when something ought to be done you do it» giuseppe

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