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single rivet high density units penco single rivet beam high density shelving is designed to provide for maximum vertical clearance between shelves access to stored item from all sides is possible because side and back cross braces are not necessary for stability add-on units assemble quickly without special tools by using a common tee post between units finished with an attractive baked powder coat finish to order page 5 for units page 18 for components deck material must be ordered separately

double rivet bulky storage units penco rivetrite bulky shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage of retail wholesale or industrial goods installation can be done without special tools in a minimum amount of time all steel parts are finished in attractive baked powder coat enamel starter and add-on units are combined to form economical rows of shelving each add-on unit includes a pair of tee posts which are used in common between units this reduces assembly time and the number of parts required begin each row with two angle posts from the starter unit and join the desired number of add-on units to complete the row finish the last unit with a pair of angle posts from the starter unit · 48 to 96 wide beams · access to stored items from all sides · choice of beam capacity to meet your storage requirement · easy assembly without special tools · units available in 84 and 120 heights to order page 7 for units page 18 for components deck material must be

record storage shelving rivetrite record storage units will aid in records management by providing an organized solution to high density archive storage two types of units are available one that utilizes particle board decking to support the boxes and an all steel unit with specially designed box supports particle board must be ordered separately see the table on page 11 fire insurance premium savings may be realized by using units with steel box supports check with your insurance carrier · assembles without special tools · records can be retrieved from both sides · units can be added as needed · two shelf types available particleboard and steel box supports add-on units utilize a common tee post between units to save time during assembly to order page 9 for units page 18 for components deck material must be ordered separately

inventory systems tire storage rack penco rivetrite® tire racks provide for the neat organized storage of standard automobile or light truck tires specially designed beams with a 30o flange on the top securely cradle the tires available in singlerow 12 deep units with 9 wall ties and double-row two 12 deep units separated by 18 double row spacers unit depth shown includes wall ties/row spacers deeper units are available to accomodate larger suv tires hanging tailpipe rack designed specifically for the storage of automotive and light truck tailpipes assembles in minutes without special tools stored items are visible and easily accessible inventory cart the penco inventory cart transports supplies orders merchandise tools or files from point to point with ease the cart is easy to assemble and additional shelves can be quickly added shelves can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of load sizes providing greater flexibility than traditional carts the penco inventory cart delivers the

rivetrite two-level storage ® the structural integrity of rivetrite lends itself to the construction of two-level storage facilities for applications where maximum utilization of overhead space is required expanding in an upward direction instead of outward keeps your personnel in closer proximity to each other and stored material for more efficient operation using standard components for support economical units may be constructed with an open deck-over upper level or additional shelving in either case savings are realized because · you virtually double the amount of storage space in a given floor area · you utilize existing heat and air conditioning within the building deck-over unit provides an unrestricted work area shelving on both levels for high density storage

rivetrite components angle post standard duty 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 used as upright post for standard rivetrite units ordering information on page 18 single rivet shelf beam standard duty primarily used as an intermediate shelf support when maximum vertical space between levels is needed furnished as standard on high density shelving units ordering information on page 18 double rivet channel beam angle post heavy duty 1-7/8 x 1-7/8 when maximum capacity and stability are essential the heavy duty angle post is the proper choice ideally suited for two level shelving storage deck and high rise shelving applications ordering information on page 18 3 x 1 channel is designed to provide maximum left to right stability and higher capacity than standard or heavy duty beams cannot be used at floor level the top flange has holes for fastening decking ordering information on page 18 single rivet shelf beam heavy duty manufactured to provide maximum capacity with very little loss of usable

rivetrite components flue spacing components foot plate to allow nominal 6 spacing between rivetrite units to satisfy nfpa national fire protection agency safety recommendations the component pictured below is for use with rivetrite angle posts or to join tee post units back to back catalog no 46rt06 page 18 includes hardware for use in anchoring angle and tee posts to the floor note foot plate cannot be used if there is a double rivet channel beam at the lowest point ordering information on page 18 beam cleat an economical way to add on units not recommended for heavy loads ordering information on page 18 left record storage box support right includes hardware used in place of particle board to support boxes and maintain neat organized storage supplied with nylon button fasteners ordering information on page 18 slotted angle cleats for use where slotted angle pieces must be joined such as special grating supports and top ties ordering information on page 18 the component pictured

rivetrite components sizes and dimensions rivetrite® components item desc size 36 48 60 72 84 angle posts 96 108 120 144 168 192 216 36 48 60 72 84 tee posts 96 108 120 144 168 192 216 anchors post splice 3/8 x 2-1/4 3/8 x 3-3/4 1-3/8 x 1-3/8 12 15 single rivet shelf beams 18 24 30 36 42 48 12 15 18 24 30 32 double rivet angle beams 36 42 42 48 60 69 69 72 84 96 standard cat no 46as03c 46as04c 46as05c 46as06c 46as07c 46as08c 46as09c 46as10c 46as12c 46ts03c 46ts04c 46ts05c 46ts06c 46ts07c 46ts08c 46ts09c 46ts10c 46ts12c 9280 9281 46ps0h 46ss12c 46ss15c 46ss18c 46ss24c 46ss30c 46ss36c 46ss42c 46ss48c 46sb12c 46sb15c 46sb18c 46sb24c 46sb30c 46sb32c 46sb36c 46ab42c 46sb42c hvy duty cat no 46ah08c 46ah09c 46ah10c 46ah12c 46ah14c 46ah16c 46ah18c 46th07c 46th08c 46th09c 46th10c 46th12c 46th14c 46th16c 46th18c 46hs36c 46hs42c 46hs48c 46hb48c 46hb60c 46ab69c 46hb69c 46hb72c 46hb84c 46hb96c foot plate double row and top ties tire rack

21 designer colors 021 gray ash 028 gray 073 champagne 723 light putty 012 tawny tan 701 spray green 952 turquoise teal 924 peacock 812 hunter green 715 lake blue 826 slate blue 806 marine blue 822 regal blue 783 iris 710 sagebrush yellow 720 mandarin orange 722 patriot red 767 cardinal red 736 burgundy 848 january white 949 jet black note colors shown are as close to actual finishes as the printing process allows do not make your final color selection based on the color shade shown on this page penco color charts are available for a more accurate color match exposure to high humidity chlorine salts abrasive cleaners germicidal cleaners and acids can damage the finish and will void the guarantee for outdoor applications or other harsh environmental conditions contact your penco representative standard colors to assure rust resistance and paint adhesion all rivetrite shelving receives a state of the art pre-paint conditioning that includes a thorough cleansing by a hot spray washing

penco storage products industrial shelving penco products manufactures a wide variety of shelving products clipper® and erectomatic® hiperformance® shelving feature adjustable strong box beam shelves and post systems capable of supporting high-rise and multi-level installations wide span shelving specializes in storing goods that are wide high and bulky with extreme ease of assembly rivetrite® boltless shelving s simple design offers an economical solution to most storage problems from the small back room to the multi-level archive storage system shop furniture penco s products in the shop furniture line can make your work environment more comfortable and efficient various configurations of work benches carts and stools can be combined to help organize any work area for maximum productivity lockers penco va nguard tm lockers have been a standard in the industry for decades they have spawned many other locker models suitable for school corridors athletic teams employees health

www.pencoproducts.com stack it store it secure it established in 1869 penco products inc is based in skippack pa with manufacturing facilities in north carolina and utah penco is a leader in the design and fabrication of a wide spectrum of storage products ranging from industrial shelving pallet rack and work benches to lockers for every need penco s products are available through a nationwide network of distributors serviced by a team of district sales managers penco s mission is to provide customers with value in the form of the finest storage products available whether you need to stack it store it or secure it you can put the load on penco corporate headquarters 2024 cressman road skippack pa 19474 800.562.1000 manufacturing facilities eastern united states north carolina plant 1301 penco drive hamilton nc 27840 western united states utah plant 4080 west farm road salt lake city ut 84088 quickship distribution centers northeast pennsylvania quickship 3820 hempland road mountville