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recessed handle with built in lock assembly patriot gear and turnout lockers 2009 by penco products inc penco work bench fixed legs penco extra steel locker shelves lockers with no moving parts bench seat storage 36 wide post and beam connectors heavy duty penco pallet rack penco pallet rack beams penco locker doors penco guardian defiant ii lockers penco ada compliant locks penco color chart penco ada compliant door locks single tier lockers defiant ii latch locker room bench anti graffiti paint locker room bench seat channel lock grating ada compliant door handle wall mount locker room bench wall mounted locker room bench 822 regal blue 16 gauge steel foot locker 12 point flange nut 12 inch 18 gauge steel tube glides penco products aircraft modular products inc penco storage cabinets penco storage cabinet penco work bench fixed legs 31077 tubular products galvanized steel locker legs and bases room partitions and dividers post and beam shelving tee plate anchor for post and beam padlockable heavy duty lift and turn handle stainless steel lift and turn latch penco lockers penco stadium lockers penco shelving penco locker legs penco locker shelves penco locker latches penco locker latch penco locker parts penco 9620 wire basket used penco stadium lockers used penco lockers penco box shelf clip penco locker latches handle used penco shelving penco key lock plastic fasteners for penco steel lockers

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® defined clipper hi-performance shelving systems at the heart of the clipper shelving system is the ingenious penco clipper clip it is easily installed holds the shelf firmly in place can be repositioned at any time and actually helps make the shelving more rigid clipper® shelving features hiperformance® box beam shelves which offer an exceptional strength to weight ratio clipper shelving offers a wide variety of sizes and capacities too this gives you the flexibility to provide top quality storage for a simple back room area up to a sophisticated multi-level or high-rise application box posts front angle posts rear starter add-on 3 0 1/2 9 2-1/4 add-on 3 0 1/2 depth 5/16 3/8 growth showing penco hi-performance® shelves 3/8 3 0 1/2 angle posts front rear starter 3 0 1/2 add-on 3 0 1/2 9 1-1/2 add-on 3 0 1/2 depth 5/16 box posts front angle posts rear starter add-on 3 0 5/8 9 2 5/8 add-on 3 0 5/8 depth 5/16 3/8 growth showing clipper

® hi-performance® shelves a class 3 side shelf support pairs used to support center support in class 3 applications b class 3 center support runs left to right beneath the mid-point of the shelf for conversion to class 3 supported by side shelf supports class 3 side shelf support unit depth cat no class 3 center support unit width cat no 18 24 1h830h 1h840h 1h850h 1h860h 36 h13736c h13742c h13748c a 30 36 b 42 48 clipper hi-performance® shelves maximize load handling capacity through a design which shapes the front and rear flanges into rigid tubular box beams the box shape provides two vertical surfaces in each box-flange that inherently give it a high strength-to-weight ratio additional reinforcing bars or angles are not used with hi-performance shelves the shelves are efficiently manufactured from high strength cold rolled steel on a modern automated roll forming mill for additional strength front and rear flanges are welded to the underside of the shelf on 3 centers

® modular drawer interior subdivisions interior subdivisions for 18 deep shelving number of compartments 3 drawer front height cat no 4 drawer front height cat no 5 drawer front height cat no 6 drawer front height cat no 8 drawer front height cat no 6 8 15 18 1md013 1md019 1md025 1md031 1md015 1md021 1md027 1md033 1md014 1md018 1md026 1md032 1md016 1md022 1md028 1md034 1md017 1md023 1md029 1md035 interior subdivisions for 24 deep shelving number of compartments 3 drawer front height cat no 4 drawer front height cat no 5 drawer front height cat no 6 drawer front height cat no 8 drawer front height cat no 4 6 8 9 10 12 15 16 20 24 25 30 32 40 48 1md069 1md103 1md075 1md111 1md043 1md081 1md049 1md087 1md055 1md092 1md061 1md066 1md096 1md099 1md093 1md071 1md105 1md077 1md108 1md045 1md083 1md051 1md089 1md057 1md094 1md063 1md067 1md097 1md101 1md070 1md104 1md076 1md127 1md044 1md082 1md050 1md088 1md056 1md128 1md062 1md129 1md130 1md131 1md072 1md106 1md078 1md109

single rivet sizes and dimensions single rivet high density units 84 high unit width shelf depth shelf capacity 5 shelf cat no 6 shelf cat no 7 shelf cat no 8 shelf cat no 12 36 starter units 18 24 36 12 36 add-on units 18 24 36 12 48 starter units 18 24 36 12 48 add-on units 18 24 36 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 461315 461325 461335 461345 462355 462365 462375 462385 461415 461425 461435 461445 462455 462465 462475 462485 461316 461326 461336 461346 462356 462366 462376 462386 461416 461426 461436 461446 462456 462466 462476 462486 461317 461327 461337 461347 462357 462367 462377 462387 461417 461427 461437 461447 462457 462467 462477 462487 461318 461328 461338 461348 462358 462368 462378 462388 461418 461428 461438 461448 462458 462468 462478 462488 single rivet high density units single rivet high density shelving uses single rivet beams on intermediate levels and double rivet beams at the top and bottom for rigidity for

components shelving main aisle support to support decking across shelving or main aisle spacing between supports not to exceed 48 includes hardware to bolt to posts formerly called cross aisle support can be used with many decking types ordering information on page 44 grating planks penco channel-lock grating provides for sure-footed movement on aisles and upper level storage areas interlocking grating has male and female flanges that interlock with adjacent planks providing a continuous locked surface non-locking grating planks butt against one another ordering information on page 44 particle board decking penco 1-m-1 interior grade particle board is available pre-cut to fit or purchase from your local building materials supplier other types and thicknesses of deck may be desired based on load or use note check 5/8 particle board capacity for the unit you require shelf deck capacity may not carry the rating of the steel framing ordering information on page 45 if you are cutting

pallet rack one piece beam design pallet rack beams penco has engineered its roll-formed one piece beams to achieve the highest possible strength-to-weight ratios in the most frequently desired load ratings through the use of efficient design and high strength steel beams are offered in eight basic styles with different vertical profiles and steel gauges beam step heights of 7/8 and 1-5/8 are available for a wide variety of accessory use both the overlapping seam and the beam end connector are securely mig welded for strength the face of the beam has an m-design recessed configuration for added strength protecting the locking key and to accept pressure sensitive labeling each beam is stamped with an identifying letter referring to the load bearing capacity beams are finished in 710 safety yellow for high visibility beam selection clear span capacity per pair cat no per pair capacity per pair cat no per pair capacity per pair cat no per pair capacity per pair cat no per pair

lockers defined penco has been building lockers for decades that last for decades and has become a part of the fabric of american life look in any school and chances are you ll find penco s lockers in the athletic department field house faculty break room and of course lining the corridors school lockers may be penco s foundation but the spectrum of products doesn t end there penco has locker solutions for recreation centers health clubs hospitals back office and industry break rooms while at the same time delivering the widest range of solutions to serve first responders in the military law enforcement and fire and rescue profession single tier lockers include a shelf classic iii recessed handle standard full-loop 5-knuckle design hinge friction catch door pull continuous hinge available on all lockers other than vanguard vanguard die-cast handle defiant ii single point latch terms used in this catalog kd knocked down or lockers that are shipped unassembled for assembly and

sizes and dimensions all-welded 1 tier lockers standard cat no defiant ii latch opening height unit width unit depth 60 72 60 72 all-welded 2 tier lockers standard cat no defiant ii latch overall height opening height 60 30 72 36 60 30 72 36 12 9 15 18 12 15 12 18 21 24 12 15 15 18 21 24 12 15 18 18 21 24 18 24 21 24 6wp100 6wp101 6wp102 6wp103 6wp104 6wp105 6wp106 6wp107 6wp108 6wp109 6wp110 6wp111 6wp112 6wp172 6wp173 6wp113 6wp114 6wp115 6wp116 6wp117 6wp118 6wp120 6wp121 6wp122 6wp123 6wp124 6wp125 6wp126 6wp127 6wp128 6wp129 6wp130 6wp131 6wp132 6wp182 6wp183 6wp133 6wp134 6wp135 6wp136 6wp137 6wp138 6wd103 6wd104 6wd105 6wd109 6wd110 6wd111 6wd172 6wd173 6wd113 6wd114 6wd115 6wd116 6wd117 6wd118 6wd123 6wd124 6wd125 6wd128 6wd129 6wd130 6wd131 6wd133 6wd134 6wd135 6wd136 6wd137 6wd138 unit width unit depth 12 15 12 18 21 24 12 15 15 18 21 24 12 15 18 18 21 24 18 24 21 24 6wp203 6wp204 6wp205 6wp206 6wp207 6wp208 6wp209

patriot® at a glance gear and turnout lockers double doors and a cremone-style turn handle are standard equipment on all gear models · knockeddownorfullywelded construction · widevarietyofinterioraccessories · lockabledrawersonball-bearingglides · sizesupto48 wide · tops,bottoms,sides,shelfandframes are 16 gauge · doorsongearlockersare14gauge · backis18gauge add a lockable security box for securing important documents a laptop or personal property choose from more than a dozen accessories to design a locker that is custom tailored to the user and the application a wide variety of shelving configurations make each patriot locker a custom fit ventilation options diamond shaped s standard louvers o full louvers o the cremone turn handle as seen from locker front mini louvers o solid door o door handle options organize miscellaneous items or file important papers in the patriot s optional drawer units heavyweight ball bearing extension glides ensure smooth durable operation

steel lockers accessories extra steel locker shelves extra locker shelves can be added to k.d lockers to meet special user requirements most lockers have extra holes already punched into side panels for mounting in some cases shelf mounting holes may need to be drilled please consult your penco sales representative for shelf mounting requirements pictured single tier vanguard locker with 5 shelves recess trim recess trim is 3 wide and bridges the gap between lockers and wall and/or soffits when the lockers are recessed into a wall side trim for left hand lh and right hand sides rh are different side trim comes in three types 1 for use with lockers with no legs 2 with 6 legs and 3 for use with bottom recess trim the soffit is to be constructed by general contractor face of soffit must be flush with face of locker there should be 1 between top of locker and bottom of soffit the recessed trim extends 3/8 from face of soffit front view of locker with recessed trim lockers must be stack it store it secure it established in 1869 penco products inc is based in skippack pa with manufacturing facilities in north carolina and utah penco is a leader in the design and fabrication of a wide spectrum of storage products ranging from industrial shelving pallet rack and work benches to lockers for every need penco s products are available through a nationwide network of distributors serviced by a team of district sales managers penco s mission is to provide customers with value in the form of the finest storage products available whether you need to stack it store it or secure it you can put the load on penco metal fabrication group offices 2024 cressman road skippack pa 19474 800.562.1000 manufacturing facilities eastern united states north carolina plant 1301 penco drive hamilton nc 27840 western united states utah plant 4080 west farm road salt lake city ut 84088 quickship distribution centers northeast pennsylvania quickship 3820 hempland road