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Storage and Work Area Products 2009 by Penco Products, Inc.

Catalog: Storage and Work Area Products 2009
Company/Brand: Penco Products, Inc.

floor anchor in Storage and Work Area Products 2009 by Penco Products, Inc.

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or multi-level shelving applications d floor anchor clip foot plate heavy gauge ... device punched for fastening posts to floor bolts to upright posts 14 gauge clipper ... panel unit depth unit height cat no e floor protector used to distribute unit load ... and protect the floor for box and angle post not for use on ... high-rise or multi-level shelving f anchors used to secure post to a concrete ... floor unit description 12 18 24 87 87 87 ... clip standard flange post splice floor anchor clip foot plate anchors 3/8 x 2-1/4 ... anchors 3/8 x 3-3/4 shim 11 gauge 10002z ...
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your bulk storage needs in the same floor space taken up by a conventional drawer ... that shelving with drawers installed be floor anchored for floor anchoring clip order ...
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accessories-frontbases,an chors,shims,floor anchor clips use an open clipper basic ... end kit box posts offset angle posts floor anchor clip shim concrete floor anchor ...
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we recommend that wide span uprights be floor or wall anchored available in 21 colors ...
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beam ordering information on page 44 zb anchors used to secure posts to the floor foot ...
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foot plate includes hardware for use in anchoring angle and tee posts to the floor note ...
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footplates with four 9/16 diameter anchoring holes the extra holes provide the ... installer with more choices for floor anchoring available in 21 colors see page 94 ...
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with the top or as close as 9 from the floor step down design upright column upright ... 7 square inches and two holes allow for floor anchoring from either side of the frame ... each bay excluding the pallets on the floor a bay is the space between two upright ...
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210 216 222 228 234 240 concrete floor anchor to anchor pallet rack upright ... frames to a concrete floor 1/2 diameter x 3-3/4 cat no 9580 ... 5ar548 5ar554 5ar560 frame protector anchors to floor at front of post provides ...
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with your requirements bollards easy floor mounting with no concrete work needed ... 8 angle with predrilled mounting holes anchoring hardware included post protectors ... constructed of 1/4 thick plate with 4 anchoring feet hardware included overhead door ...
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punched for tops stringers shelves and floor anchoring fixed height legs are ...
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strongly recommend that all lockers be floor and wall anchored vanguard single tier ...
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area for 16 coats when wall mounted the floor below is kept clear for easy cleaning ... wall anchors are not included can also be se on ... accommodates 16 users in only 69 of floor space includes a 45 wide coat rod ...
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raise lockers without legs 4 off the floor when there is no concrete or wood base ... in the front and a concealed flange for floor anchoring at the rear a special 4 high ... row 24 30 36 72 continuous zee base anchor to floor at 24 o c unit depth zee ...
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add permanent comfort and order to the floor plan arrangement penco offers a choice ... non-skid bumpers to prevent damage to floors for stainless steel pedestal only ... bench only is included pedestal must be anchored to the floor order two or more per ... in the bottom are provided for optional floor anchoring or for attachment of non-skid ...
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