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® shelving components box posts a high strength roll formed tubular box section usually used at unit fronts permits full access to shelf width designed to be used in common between units or at row ends permits vertical shelf adjustment on 1 centers using clips or nuts bolts internal flange is punched on 3 centers to accept side sway bracing or closed side panels unit height box posts 14 gauge cat no 16 gauge cat no 39 48 75 87 99 123 147 1b4039 1b4048 1b4075 1b4087 1b4099 1b4123 1b4147c 1b6087 offset angle posts a roll formed high strength post which permits 1 vertical shelf adjustment using clips or nuts bolts can be used at rear of units or at front and rear offset recess adds rigidity and allows for independent shelf clip adjustment ends of flanges are punched on 3 centers to accept sway braces or closed panels offset angle posts unit height 14 gauge cat no 16 gauge cat no 39 48 75 87 99 123 147 1a4039 1a4048 1a4075 1a4087 1a4099 1a4123 1a4147c 1a6087 closed upright assemblies steel end or intermediate panels are used to close the sides of 87 tall shelving units and are securely welded to posts for rigidity which reduces installation time and costs small components a b clipper clips one piece 14 gauge compression clip inserts into either box or offset angle posts to hold shelf securely part a for hi-performance shelves part b for standard flange shelves c post splice used to join box or angle posts for high-rise or multi-level shelving applications d floor anchor clip foot plate heavy gauge device punched for fastening posts to floor bolts to upright posts 14 gauge clipper post capacities pounds unbraced length max space between shelves box post capacity single angle capacity double angle capacity bolted on12 centers 9 12 15 18 21 24 6740 lb 6450 lb 6070 lb 5630 lb 5090 lb 4480 lb 3760 lb 3490 lb 3130 lb 2700 lb 2180 lb 1680 lb 8270 lb 7670 lb 6880 lb 5940 lb 4790 lb 4460 lb closed upright assemblies box post 1 box post 1 angle post 1 side panel unit depth unit height cat no e floor protector used to distribute unit load and protect the floor for box and angle post not for use on high-rise or multi-level shelving f anchors used to secure post to a concrete floor unit description 12 18 24 87 87 87 15412cc 15418cc 15424cc offset angle post 2 offset angles 1 side panel small components letter code cat no 12 18 24 87 87 87 15412ac 15418ac 15424ac a b c d e f f clipper clip hi-performance clipper clip standard flange post splice floor anchor clip foot plate anchors 3/8 x 2-1/4 anchors 3/8 x 3-3/4 shim 11 gauge 10002z 100001z 10030h 10006z 10007z 9280 9281 10011c box post intermediate 1 box post 2 offset posts 1 side panel 12 18 24 87 87 87 15412bc 15418bc 15424bc 12