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® heavy duty modular drawers for clipper the cubic advantage with clipper® heavy duty modular drawers in shelving you can effectively utilize your storage space above as well as below the drawers by consolidating your bulk storage needs in the same floor space taken up by a conventional drawer cabinet unit you can increase your storage capabilities up to 40 or more heavy duty 100 full suspension allows full view of contents penco modular drawers can be installed at any level and can be moved if your needs change all heights and adjustments are on 1 centers drawers can be interchanged and switched 2-3 drawers replace a 6 drawer etc can be used in units with either hi-performance or standard flange shelves for 36 wide clipper shelving units available for 18 24 depths how to order modular drawers for shelving a select the drawer kit that matches your needs and then add the appropriate drawer interior subdivision b if you need to order from parts and accessories 1 select the size of mounting brackets 2 order drawer front sizes that add up to the bracket size 3 order one shelf closure strip per mounting bracket kit 4 order partitions dividers plus any accessories sized to fit your application c color drawers brackets and carriage are finished in putty 3 partitions are gray note we strongly recommend that shelving with drawers installed be floor anchored for floor anchoring clip order cat no 10006z not for use with shelving doors modular drawer advantages · 400lb.capacityperdrawer · improveinventorycontrol · increasedversatility · reduceinventorydamage · economythroughaccessibility · efficientspaceutilization drawer carriage rail mounting brackets drawer carriage 18