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pallet rack defined penco pallet rack penco pallet rack is a carefully engineered system designed to provide highly efficient storage of palletized items combining design and excellence with the use of high strength steel to achieve a superior strength to weight ratio penco pallet rack can handle nearly any storage job you can give it the basic components of penco pallet rack are upright frames and beams each is manufactured to exacting tolerances to provide many years of dependable service at their rated loads the following pages detail the wide range of sizes capacities and accessories that make penco rack one of the best values for your storage dollar foot plate frame protector optional welded upright frame beams pallet rack plus penco pallet rack plus is engineered for use in areas where high seismic activity or other severe conditions exist to learn the seismic rating where your pallet rack will be in use contact your penco representative plus beam end connectors the plus beams have 4 connectors for a stronger connection between the beam and the upright post in conditions with greater lateral forces the beam is welded 3 down from the top of the connector so loading is evenly distributed across all four connector prongs the beam locking key is the same as used on standard beams plus upright frames with large footplates each plus upright frame has two 5 x 7 x 3/8 thick footplates with four 9/16 diameter anchoring holes the extra holes provide the installer with more choices for floor anchoring available in 21 colors see page 94 standard footplate plus footplate 46